Chick-fil-A Scholarship: Everything Student Should Know About

Since 1973, Chick-fil-A scholarship has helped over 59,000 team members reach their promising futures with a cumulative investment in scholarships of $92 million. For 2019 alone, the Chick-fil-A Foundation contributed more than $14 million to Chick-fil-A Team Members.

Chick-fil-A Scholarship
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If you’re hoping to fund some, or all, of your college career with scholarships, you’re in luck: this scholarship is currently available for you.

Keep reading to find out what the Chick-fil-A scholarship has to offer you, plus some other important things that you should know before applying to.

What is the Chick-fil-A scholarship?

Chick-fil-A scholarships started when Truett Cathy put a jar of mayonnaise on his first restaurant counter to help Team Member Eddie White fulfill his vision of a college education.

Eddie’s vision came true through donations from customers and Truett himself. Through a cumulative donation of $92 million in scholarships, Chick-fil-A has helped over 59,000 Team Members reach their amazing futures since 1973.

What kinds of scholarships does Chick-fil-A offer?

Chick-fil-A awards two types of scholarships to eligible Chick-fil-A team members:

Leadership Scholarship

More than 3,000 students will receive a scholarship of $2,500 and the opportunity to re-apply for up to four years. This amounts to a possible sum of $10,000 for tuition while working in Chick-fil-A. Such scholarships are awarded annually to Team members based on leadership, academic achievement and participation in the community.

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True Inspiration Scholarship

Twelve members of the Chick-fil-A Team will earn a one-time, individual reward of up to $ 25,000 each. These scholarships are focused on leadership, academic performance, engagement in the community and proven financial need.

Educational Assistance Opportunities

Chick-fil-A provides Team Members access to tuition rates and other educational opportunities at more than 85 colleges and universities around the country, in addition to scholarships. Those benefits can be paired with any of the scholarships listed above.

Opportunities and qualifications differ by school, but can give a discount of up to 30 percent and is effective immediately.

A hundred schools and colleges give Chick-fil-A Team Members tuition discounts and scholarships, and even their families too. The list includes private colleges such as Boston University and the Oglethorpe University; public educational institutions such as Purdue University; and other online universities and programs.

Check out the full list here.

If you are a Team Member and you’d like to have your school added to the list you can email to recommend a school to become part of the network.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Wondering if you are an eligible Chick-fil-A Scholarship candidate? The Leadership Scholarship, awarded annually, offers scholarships to individuals who work at a branded or associated Chick-fil-A- restaurant at the time they apply.

Here are the current requirements for potential scholarship recipients:

  • Be a current undergraduate or graduate student or a post-secondary student planning to enroll in college;
  • Be involved in community service in the year prior to applying;
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5;
  • Receive a recommendation from your Chick-fil-A Operator, Interim Manager, or Executive General Manager.
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A larger award, the True Inspiration Scholarship comes with more rigorous eligibility criteria, a greater reward. To qualify for this award, Chick-fil-A Team Members must:

  • Be a current undergraduate or graduate student or a post-secondary student planning to enroll in college;
  • Be involved in community service for the year prior to applying;
  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0;
  • Receive a recommendation from your Chick-fil-A Operator, Interim Manager, or Executive General Manager.

Both scholarship funds consider an applicant’s academic performance and awards when making decisions.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Qualified workers may apply online at or at for the Chick-fil-A scholarships. Individuals may apply for both the Leadership and the True Inspiration Scholarships with only one submission. Be sure to fill in all the details needed and thoroughly answer every question.

As well as meeting the GPA criteria for such distinctions, candidates need to be confident that they are fulfilling the duty to provide community service.

Although there is no fixed number of hours for service, individuals need to volunteer in the 12 months before applying. Accepted service organizations include, but are not limited to, organizations funded by Chick-fil-A, colleges, churches, and non-profits.

Where can the scholarship be used?

The scholarships are awarded for all levels of higher education, including vocational / technical colleges, undergraduate and graduate degrees. Recipients of the scholarship will have the option to transfer the funds to an online institution.

There is no provision relating to duration of service associated with qualifications.

When are scholarships awarded?

Chick-fil-A grants scholarships once a year. Recipients will be informed in the spring, and their funds will be submitted in the summer to their educational institutions to cover the tuition costs for the next academic year.

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How to win the Chick-fil-A scholarship?

You should take action to increase your odds of being awarded one of the Chick-fil-A scholarships. Here are a few tips on applying for the scholarships:

1. Check your answers

Students with incomplete applications for the awards are unlikely to be picked. Boost your winning chances by reviewing your application to ensure that you have addressed all the questions.

You should read your essays, in addition. Look for consistency, accuracy and originality, avoiding cliches and ambiguous responses.

Chick-fil-A also suggests sharing the essays with an operator or manager before sending their input.

2. Remember to ask for recommendations

You can’t win a Chick-fil-A scholarship without a recommendation from your restaurant Operator or Manager. Ask for a recommendation early on for better performance, so the Manager has plenty of time to fill out the paperwork describing the professional achievements.

Let the Operator know that they are going to receive an email message that tells them what to do.

3. Request your transcript

In the decision-making process for this award GPA plays a significant role. If you decide to apply for the scholarship, be sure to submit your transcript from high school or college early so that you have time to receive it and submit it online.

4. Start early

The college application process can be overwhelming, and the tasks such as writing essays and filling out forms sometimes overwhelm the students. Get started as early as possible if you want to give yourself the best chance at success.

Final thoughts

Studying should always be viewed as an investment to your future. While the tuition fees may trigger you to think twice, that’s exactly why you should start searching and applying for scholarships so you won’t struggle with a debt after graduation. Scholarships aren’t just for those with excellent grades. You have already seen what we meant in this article about Chick-fil-A scholarship.

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