What You Should Know about Coca Cola Scholarship Program

A bit history and philanthropic acts done by the Coca-Cola company might add more essential information in a bigger picture for those who are looking for funding be it for their education or their projects. Back in 1984 when Coca-Cola company started a Coca-Cola foundation (one of its is Coca Cola Scholarship) as a charitable organization to give back and implements projects to improve health for American communities. The Coca-Cola Foundation now works on a global scale helping the community around the world focusing on issues such as water sustainability, education, and youth development, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, and the climate protection program such recycling program.

34 years after its founding Coca-Cola foundation has given more than $ 1 billion to more than 2,400 organization worldwide and you can inquire and find more about specific region and location here.

coca cola scholarship

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Coca Cola Scholarhip Foundation

Coca-Cola Scholar Foundation is another charitable program launched by Coca-Cola company started in 1986 as the 100th years Coca-Cola anniversary gift to the communities in America. Do not confuse Coca-Cola foundation with Coca-Cola scholar foundation, Coca-Cola scholar foundation is focused on education and youth development within American soil.

Coca Cola scholarship program is an annual achievement based scholarship provided by Coca-Cola scholar foundation funded and under the direction of the Coca-Cola company.

Coca-Cola Scholar foundation has approximately given $3 million worth of scholarship and has supported more than 1,400 exceptional students annually. By the year 2015 alone this scholarship program has given $63 million worth of scholarships and have more than five thousand alumni’s since 1989. And for period 2018/19 as much as 97.715 applications have been submitted. Coca-Cola Scholar foundation not only focused on outstanding academic achievement, but it also gives appreciation to passionate young people that bring inspiration and influence others with their stories and making a positive change for the communities.

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Coca Cola Scholarship Program

The scholarship is awarded to senior highs school graduate who has been making an impact and contributes through their achievements to their schools and communities. 150 selected scholar will be awarded  $20,000 scholarship each year.

The requirements

The eligible applicants for this scholarship are high school student in the US, US citizen, US nationality, US permanent citizen, refugees, Cuban and Haitian Entrance and those who are eligible based on US Department of Education for Federal Financial Aid Eligibility, the applicants should and will receive high school diploma during the current academic year, and having the plan to continue their education at US university.

Coca-Cola Leadership of Promise

The scholarship program is provided to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society new member to help them financially while they enrolled in a full associate degree program at US university. Coca-Cola leadership of promise provide up to 200 scholarship each year with worth $1000,  25 of 200 scholarship will be marked for a current member of a military family. To apply the applicants must submit through Phi Theta Kappa web portal.

The requirements and eligibility

The recipient is only for US citizen and US permanent resident based on the guideline US Department of Education for Federal Financial Aid Eligibility, other requirements are currently enrolled in a full-time study program at US universities at the time of applications, Phi Theta Kappa member, achieve  minimum cumulative GPA 3.5 out 4.0, do not possess any associate or bachelor’s degree, hold permanent or temporary residency in the US or hold a visa that are considered appropriate by the college. You can find more detailed information here.

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Coca-Cola Community Academic Team Scholarship

The scholarship is an appreciation given to high-performance college student academically and also have leadership potential, wherein their enrollment demonstrates leadership capability and those who contribute more outside their obligation as a student and to apply the applicants must submit through Phi Theta Kappa web portal.

The scholarship program gives 200 awards each year worth up to $237,000 in total. The scholarship program will be categorized into Gold, Silver, and Bronze Scholars. The Century Gold scholar will be awarded $1,500 worth stipend, Silver Scholar will be awarded $1,250 worth stipend, ans Bronze scholar will be awarded $1000 worth stipend respectively. The state may have multiple Gold, Silver, or/and Bronze scholar.

The requirements and eligibility

The student must be nominated by their college and submit their application for the All-USA academic team. find more about All-USA academic team here. Other requirements are currently enrolled in a full-time study program at US university at the time of applications, achieve  minimum cumulative GPA 3.5 out 4.0, be on track to on their study to earn the associate or bachelor’s degree, do not have a criminal record, not the previous nominee for All-USA academic team or Coca-Cola academic team. You can find more detailed info here.

Coca-Cola scholar foundation for period 2018/2019 had been closed as an annual program you can inquire at their official website about the start date for the next period and you can also find information for the upcoming events here.

About Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is an international honor society started back in 1910  under the name kappa phi omicron at Stephen college Colombia and later in 1918 Stephen college unite with Missouri Junior College for Women to organize new honor society with a same common mission that gave birth to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as we know today.

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society provide opportunity and offer a scholarship program funded from many organization to their member as an effort continue developing ideas, ideals, leadership capability for fellowship scholar and now can be considered to be the largest honor society in the word.

How to be Phi Theta Kappa Member

The applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution that offers associate degree program, must completed minimum 12 hours coursework that may be applied to the program, have cumulative average GPA 3.5 (4.0), must receive membership invitation from the chapter where you are enrolled, have good moral and upstanding character, $60 fee for International phi theta kappa membership. you can find more detailed information here and FAQ’s about eligibility membership here.

For general information about Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, you can visit their official website.

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