Awaji Youth Federation Fellowship Offers Working and Learning Opportunity in Japan

About Awaji Youth Federation

The Awaji Youth Federation (AYF) is a foundation that is established by the Pasona Group Inc. Started in the year 2017, it was developed in Awaji Island, Japan. The foundation strives itself on searching for the future’s best leaders who are committed to taking new challenges in this unique global environment. AYF is a creative platform that feeds itself of new solution that are provided by young innovators of the world. By bringing together youth from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and disciplines, AYF hopes that it is able to facilitate these young people into making use of their skills to come up with new solutions to global issues.

About the AYF Fellowship 2020

The AYF Fellowship 2020 is a program offered by the Awaji Youth Federation. This fellowship provides youths with the opportunity to work under Pasona Group Inc. The work opportunities employees will receive an opportunity to gain work experience and new skills by participating in Pasona Group’s several projects, it’s more than just a short course. Some significant examples of the projects include regional revitalization, overseas marketing, Japan inbound tourism plan development, advertisement, publicity, translation, interpreting, and information provision services.

Under the company, Pasona Group will also grants Fellows the chance to demonstrate their skills set and vast potential. The job description offered to Fellows will be under the proposals of the Fellow themselves. It will also be done under the conditions of the routine work that is asked of the corporate institution, which will be assigned based on compliance, rules, and regulations.

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Program Value

The AYF Fellowship 2020 program believes in financially supporting their fellows in order for them to be able to fully focus on their projects. Once candidates become an Awaji Youth Federation Fellow, you automatically become an employee of the Pasona Group Inc. Under their care, candidates are given generous benefits to make sure they have a comfortable stay during the entire period of their fellowship. These benefits include:

  • Salary
    • A gross salary of JPY 250,000
    • Government fees and taxes: approximately JPY 44,000/month
    • Net salary: approximately JPY 70,000/month (after Program, Accommodation, and Meals costs.)
  • Program
    • Expense: JPY 90,000/month
    • 5 days a week of working and learning
    • 10 days of paid leave available six months into the program.
  • Accommodation
    • Expense: JPY 26,000/month
    • Individual room with either a Japanese or Western-style interior
    • Utility costs including electricity and Wi-fi connection
  • Meals (Working Days only)
    • Expense: JPY 20,000/month
    • General buffet style meals
    • The AYF tries to accommodate fellows who have certain food allergies, special dietary needs, or religious dietary practices (e.g. Halal diet).


Applicants who are considering the AYF Fellowship 2020 program must oblige to these criteria in order to be eligible for the program:

  • Must currently hold either a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any field.
  • Provide proof of fluency in both written and spoken English for non-native speakers (e.g. TOEIC score of 800 or equivalent).
  • Preferably skillful in both written and spoken Japanese.
  • Passionate about making an impact to the projects held by Pasona Group.
  • Committed to helping the community by solving its on-going problems.
  • Ready to stay on Awaji Island after the year at AYF and committed to working on the local revitalization.
  • Values hard work, discipline, and compassion for the people around them.
  • Creative problem solvers, persistent, resilient.
  • Able to actualize their abstract ideas into concrete action.
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Future candidates of the AYF Fellowship 2020 program are required to develop a sense of social responsibilities that must be carried out during the entire period of the program. The four main social responsibilities are:

  • Entrepreneurship: establishing new businesses and finding solutions to issues experience by the local and global community
  • Regional Revitalization: revitalizing rural areas in Awaji or Japan with new sustainability-based projects
  • Creative Culture: establishing a name for Awaji Island as an “International Island of Art and Culture”
  • International Relations: creating strong global networks with a variety of channels from all over the world

In addition, selected candidates must prepare themselves for the intensive program that will come if they are selected. These programs include:

  • Orientation (2 months)
    • Pasona Group’s Mission
    • Explore Awaji Island
    • Program Basics
    • Japanese Manner, Culture and Language
    • Cross Cultural Communication
    • Goal Setting
  • Project Ideation, Training, and Work (4 months)
    • Lectures by Specialists
    • Marketing, Planning, and Promotion
    • Work Experience at major Pasona Facilities on Awaji Island
  • Project Implementation (6 months)
  • All-year-round Japanese Lessons
  • All-year-round Philosophy Learning

That’s not all! These programs are the opening gates to more pathways candidates can take, such as:

  • Regional Revitalization work on Awaji
  • Regional Revitalization work on Japan
  • Joining a corporation in Japan or abroad
  • Interning with an international organisation
  • Starting a business with social or technological innovation

How to Apply

Already interested in applying for the AYF Fellowship 2020 program? Follow these simple steps below!

  • Download the official AYF Fellowship 2020 Application Form. You can download it here.
  • Open the Application Form. There will be several important sheets, which include Explanation, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Application, and Questions.
    • Explanation: full instructions on how to fill out the AYF Fellowship 2020 Application Form.
    • Terms and Conditions: description of the terms and conditions that the candidate will have to agree on.
    • Privacy Policy: description of the privacy policy that the candidate will have to agree on.
    • Application: the actual application form that the candidate must fill in with their details.
    • Questions: essay questions that the candidate must answer.
  • Follow the instructions for each sheet.
  • Once you are all done with the entire application form, submit it to this email:
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Applicants must fill out their forms with complete details and follow all instructions clearly. Any incomplete application forms will automatically be dismissed.

Closing Date

Future candidates who plan on applying for the AYF Fellowship 2020 must take note of these important dates. Below is the official application timeline for the AYF Fellowship 2020 program:

  • September 2019: applications for the AYF Fellowship 2020 program begins.
  • 15 November 2019: application deadline for the AYF Fellowship 2020 program.
  • December-January 2019: Skype interviews with the AYF Fellowship staff.
  • January 2020: CEO and VISA administration.
  • April 2020: AYF Fellowship 2020 begins.

Official Contact

Need more information? Feel free to contact the Awaji Youth Foundation with your questions. Happy registering, fellow future candidates!

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