$2,500 Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship Contest

Students seeking financial aid to pay for school or college are encouraged to apply for the Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship, an easy scholarship contest that awards $2,500 to one lucky winner.

Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship
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Are you trying to find a quick and simple scholarship application? Or perhaps you have had it with writing essays that do not win you decent scholarships. If so, sweepstakes scholarships might be the best option for you.

In fact, a lot of businesses and groups hold them frequently. Sweepstakes scholarships have the advantage of not requiring a lengthy essay, a high GPA, or strong test scores.

Cirkled In is one of the big businesses in the United States that regularly hosts scholarship contests. The Circled In No Sweat Scholarship, for example, is an easy sweepstakes scholarship that offers money for college tuition and expenses.

Keep reading to find out how to enter the contest.

About the Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship

The Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship is one of the easier scholarships for college. It is perfect for those who do not want to enter scholarship essay contests, who do not have financial need, or who do not have a high GPA.

According to The Cirkled In, the scholarship is point-based, thus the more points you get, the higher your chances are of being chosen. By finishing your portfolio and inviting your friends and teachers, you can gain more points.

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Based on the completeness of the profiles and total points collected, the committee will choose one winner. Additionally, no purchases are required to apply.

The Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship offers the advantage that it requires very little time and effort and that anyone can win, including you. All applicants for this scholarship have an equal chance of winning because everyone must meet the same requirements.

The scholarship is offered and sponsored by Cirkled In. Students can establish a positive online presence at Cirkled In. Without the social networking component, it is comparable to a social media profile.

Consider it a modern-day resume that combines text with photographs, videos, and links to student projects or news items. Along with information about your interests, activities, and employment history, you can also highlight your academic achievements.

Program Benefits

One winner will receive a scholarship prize in the amount of $2,500. The scholarship prize will be a cash scholarship, either handed over in person or in the form of a cashier’s check that will be mailed to the winner.

The winner can use the cash scholarship for any educational purpose, from books to summer camp. However, the scholarship recipient will be issued a 1099 tax form. Furthermore, after the scholarship is awarded to the winner, 1,000 points will be deducted from his or her accumulated points.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia;
  • Be at least 13-years-old; and
  • Currently enrolled in 8th to 12th grade in a school. Homeschool qualifies as well.
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Note that current employees, officers, directors, and agents of Cirkled In and its related companies, and members of their immediate families and those residing at the same address are not eligible to win. Also, international entries are not eligible.

If you can satisfy these requirements, keep reading to find out how to enter the contest.

The Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship Application

The application process for the scholarship sweepstakes is so quick and simple that you will not even break a sweat (no pun intended)! To enter the contest, create an account and write down your complete story through your profile.

There is a limit of one application per person. Make sure to fill the “About Me” section with your name and contact information, and a short original, previously unpublished written response to the scholarship topic.

Written responses that are obscene, pornographic, libelous, or otherwise objectionable will be disqualified. Also, be careful when filling out your application. No substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages will be accepted once you have submitted your original application.

Cirkled In is looking for eligible applicants who submit applications that have a Cirkled In profile in good standing. The potential winner will be notified by email, at which time he or she will be required to complete and return:

  1. An Affidavit of Eligibility
  2. A Publicity or Liability Release
  3. A Copyright Assignment

Also, Cirkled In will verify the requirements fulfillment by the potential winner. Hence, potential winner will submit appropriate documents for this purpose.

Closing Date

Submit a complete scholarship application online at Cirkled In’s website no late than October 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Your application will not be considered until the submission of all required documents. No materials will be returned and only the applicant whose application is selected will be contacted.

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Contact Details

Have more questions regarding the program that we did not cover here? No worries! Reach out to Cirkled In at contact@cirkledin.com for a spot-on solution. The answers you need will arrive in your email soon. Alternatively, call 425-954-5237.

The Cirkled In No Sweat Scholarship Official Website

Visit www.cirkledin.com to apply! Also, make sure to invite your friends or recommend the scholarship to those you think might benefit from the generous award.

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