Founders Centennial Scholarship for Female High School Seniors

College can be costly. That is why women’s scholarships are so important. To begin with, they assist in lowering the expense of attending school, which is beneficial in and of itself. Second, they are solely open to female students, potentially reducing their competitiveness. If you are getting ready to head to college, here is the guide on the Founders Centennial Scholarship, one of the best scholarships for women.

Founders Centennial Scholarship
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About the Founders Centennial Scholarship

In honor of the sorority’s five founding sisters, the Centennial International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority will grant a significant scholarship to a new winner each year for five straight years beginning in the sorority’s Centennial Anniversary year of 2020.

The Triumphant Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful Centennial Scholarship, or simply the Founders Centennial Scholarship, is the name of the scholarship.

One outstanding female high school senior will receive a scholarship to pay educational costs. The award recognizes a female high school senior who demonstrates personal integrity and distinction through academic success and community service.

Additionally, the awardee must demonstrate a moderate to significant financial need for support in pursuing her post-secondary educational goals. The grantee may pursue undergraduate courses in any field at any authorized four-year college or university.

The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and the Zeta National Educational Foundation will conduct an international search to identify and honor the most deserving candidate.

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Program Benefits

The Founders Centennial Scholarship will pay college tuition and associated expenditures up to a maximum of $100,000.

This scholarship will cover a portion of the cost of tuition for a student. A receiver may request additional hours if she so desires, but she must compensate for them in some other way. Alternatively, if you choose to choose another major or pursue an advanced degree, you will need to secure additional funds.

The scholarship will also cover the cost of books. This can also be said of student fees. Those fees, which are used to fund student activities, are typically included in the tuition. Additionally, the Founders Centennial Scholarship will cover the cost of two or three meals per day at a college cafeteria.

The Founders Centennial Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Founders Centennial Scholarship, you must be a female high school senior who meets the federal standards for free or reduced lunch. However, this does not imply that candidates must get a free or reduced-price lunch. To put it another way, they merely need to meet the requirements.

Additionally, you must also be graduating in May or June of the award year and starting as a full-time student at a recognized college or institution the following fall. Also, you must have a moderate to significant financial need as well as a dedication to community service and involvement to be considered for the award.

Finally, it is not necessary to be a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority or any of its auxiliary organizations to apply for the program.

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The Founders Centennial Scholarship Application

Register for portal access then take the Eligibility Quiz to see if you are a match for the Founders Centennial Scholarship here. You can register with a Facebook or Twitter account or Gmail. The Eligibility Quiz will ask you the following questions:

  • What type of students are you?
  • What is your race/ethnicity?
  • Are you or will you be a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) attendee?
  • What is your GPA range (on a 4.0 scale)?
  • What is your anticipated college major?

Demonstrated financial need is one of the key applicant assessment areas for the scholarship. Female high school seniors can indicate financial need and be matched with the Founders Centennial Scholarship application by selecting “Yes” when asked “Do you qualified for free or reduced lunch based upon the U.S. Federal guidelines?” in the Eligibility Quiz.

In the meanwhile, the Zeta National Educational Foundation is aware that some schools do not participate in the federal school lunch program. The scholarship matching question on the Eligibility Quiz specifies “qualify” for that reason.

As previously mentioned, female high school seniors do not have to be eligible for free or reduced meals at the time of application. To be eligible for the program, they must meet or fall within the standards.

Therefore, if you are a female high school senior who can demonstrate financial need by providing specific information requested in the application (for example, your FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution), you should indicate that you qualify for free or reduced lunch and complete the scholarship application.

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Closing Date

The application for the Founders Centennial Scholarship will end on March 2. Students are encouraged to fill out and complete the application before the stated deadline to avoid crashing the website or other technical issues.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the program or experience any technical issues during the application, feel free to contact the site administrator at

The Founders Centennial Scholarship Official Website

Finally, apply to or learn more about the Founders Centennial Scholarship at Looking for more free financial resources for women? Check out our guide on Thee Don’t Stop Scholarship.

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