Top 13 Left-Handed Scholarships and Grants for Lefties

Are you left-handed? Particularly for lefties, there are so many left-handed scholarships available today. Here, you will learn more about grants for left-handed students and the criteria for eligibility for each left-handed scholarship in this guide. Besides, you can learn how to find and how to apply for those scholarships.

Left-Handed Scholarships
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For starters, you know you’re pretty special and very unusual, already. However, there’s a lot more to being left-handed than using your left hand well. In fact, the unique characteristics of lefties are present. Moreover, some individuals also say that left-handed individuals are more powerful than their right-handed counterparts.

Yet, it’s important to think about the features that make you special when you’re beginning your scholarship quest. Thus, these include your history, hobbies and talents, school interests, and even the fact that you are left-handed. Furthermore, since you’re a socialist, there are scholarships out there that you might earn.

Today, let’s take a look at what left-handed scholarships that students can get thanks to their uniqueness.

1. Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship

As a matter of fact, an elevated risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been associated with left-handedness. Thus, the Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship will include $2,000 for education and pre-paid coaching services from the Edge Foundation if you have been diagnosed with this neurodevelopmental disorder. In particular, candidates must be legal U.S. citizens to apply. Also, they have to be accepted into an accredited college in a two- or four-year post-secondary program. Moreover, they need to request medical reports from a licensed healthcare provider.

2. Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship

In honor of a Seattle animator who worked for ASIFA Hollywood before her untimely death, artistic left-handed students with unmet needs will earn the two-year Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship for $15,000. In particular, the Bainbridge Community Foundation seeks recipients living in Washington who are graduating high school seniors. Also, they are looking for students who are admitted into visual art programs at accredited U.S. institutes. Moreover, they have to achieve a minimum GPA greater than 3.0. Lastly, they also need to demonstrate exemplary artistic ability.

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3. James Beard Foundation National Scholarships

The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships are awarded to food-focused students who attend participating U.S. colleges to study culinary arts, food science, hospitality management, agriculture, and related majors for $20,000 annually as one of the most lucrative left-handed scholarships. Actually, from ten geographic regions across the country, one recipient is selected. Specifically, in the culinary world, the selection is based on leadership, community service, academic merit, and career objectives.

4. Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

In reality, six U.S. Presidents have been left-handed in the last century. If you have similar interests, the Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship will provide $5,000 to study political science, history, government, or economics. In particular, daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) selects two eligible U.S. citizenship college juniors and seniors per year who have financial need and academic merit to attend any four-year accredited university nationwide. Hence, you need to consider the Lucinda Beneventi Findley History Scholarship, too.

5. Pickard Parry PFAU Southpaw Scholarship

By granting the $1,500 Southpaw Scholarship to left-handed high school seniors and college students who pursue any major of excellent academic merit, the Pickard Parry PFAU attorney’s office supports higher education every year. In particular, eligible applicants must enroll in accredited colleges full time, have financial needs that are not met, and be U.S. citizens or legal residents. Also, they have to submit a short one- to two-minute YouTube video about being left-handed alongside their online applications.

6. Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

The Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund, valued at $2,500, is available from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) for left-handed seniors from high school. In particular, this scholarship is available for those who are admitted to study culinary or pastry arts at an accredited institution. Specifically, the requirements to apply for the scholarship are as follows. Firstly, it is open to exemplary candidates who hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and engage in culinary competitions. Next, they also have to volunteer and aspire to become an ACF registered apprentice. Thirdly, please submit two recommendations and show commitment to working as a chef. As a matter of fact, this is one of today’s few lucrative left-handed scholarships out there.

7. Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award

Truthfully, the American Association of Railroad Superintendents (AARS) grants some special scholarships. In particular, it is including the $1,000 Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award. Specifically, left-handers must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college in the U.S. or Canada to apply for the award. Besides, they need to have at least sophomore status and achieve a minimum of 2.75 GPA. Plus, they have to submit two recommendations and write a narrative statement as the application procedure. Additionally, students who are enrolled in majors related to the transportation sector are given priority.

8. Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program

The Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program provides 20 scholarships to student-athletes graduating from high school and seeking a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. university for $20,000. Actually, Foot Locker sponsors, funds, and administers the scholarship. Thus, if you are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, you should consider applying for it. Moreover, you should be actively involved in varsity sports or intramurals. Also, you have to hold an unweighted GPA of 3.0 and be highly motivated. Besides, you need to be enthusiastic about community service and not recruited by Foot Locker, yet.

9. Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship

Animal lovers who are left-handed will want to apply for the $3,500 Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship. Additionally, Human Society awards the scholarship annually. In particular, skilled candidates must be senior high school graduates, reside in New England, be admitted to an accredited U.S. college, possess a humane attitude, and be actively involved in organizations for animal welfare. Also, online applications must provide details of rescue operations related to animals. Besides, they need to provide three letters of recommendation as well.

10. Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

The Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship, launched by a personal injury law firm located in Last Vegas, is awarded to left-handed high school, college, and graduate students who are enrolled full-time at an accredited U.S. institution for $1,500 annually. Via a smartphone or digital camera, applicants must film a two-minute video explaining how left-handedness impacted their educational experiences. In particular, the committee will judge the applicants’ imagination, satire, enthusiasm, and overall quality.

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11. Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Ideally, lefties should apply for the $1,000 Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, especially those who have a deep commitment to community service. Additionally, applicants must be full-time high school seniors to apply, live in a neighborhood served by Comcast, demonstrate leadership skills, aspire to attend an accredited, non-profit college, be nominated by a principal or guidance counselor, and maintain a GPA of at least 2.8. The one-time $5,000 Gustave G. Amsterdam Leadership Award for students in the Philadelphia area is also here.

12. Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship

The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship, which was founded in 1979 at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, is one of the most popular left-handed scholarships. Worth $1,000 to $1,500 annually, this scholarship is reserved for lefties with top academic achievement above the 3.3 GPA level and campus leadership who have completed at least their freshman year at Juniata. Two personal references, documentation of financial need, and certification of grades must be included in applications.

13. Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship

The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship is sponsored every spring by the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) to grant $4,000 to full-time graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in moving image studies, information science, archival management, museum studies, film science, or related fields. Left-handers attending an accredited U.S. college can hold a minimum of 3.0 GPA, show the capacity for creative leadership, and write a 1,000-word essay on moving image archiving interests.

All in all, it is crucial to make sure that you submit your best application possible, as with any scholarship. Hence, you have to get ready and make sure that you have all the necessary documents beforehand. And, remember to submit everything you need on time.

As we know, each scholarship has numerous criteria for application. For example, several require you to compose an essay. In fact, a very significant part of the application is the essay. Thus, be sure to take your time on it. Also, have it read through by a few individuals to check for errors and inconsistencies. Most importantly, consider talking about being a leftie and its influence on your life in your essay.

Additionally, be sure to look for left-handed scholarships in particular. Thus, these include scholarships for individuals with distinctive characteristics or special experiences or interests. Lastly, as an extra point on why you’re exceptional and merit the scholarship, you can use your left-handedness.

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