15 Most Affordable Universities in UK for Master’s Degree

Graduate tuition in the UK is pricey enough if you’re a local student, please spare our foreign friends a moment. It doesn’t have to be all that costly though, there might be interest in our most affordable universities in UK for international students pursuing master’s degree from foreign students searching for a graduate study bargain. Remember that the costs are per academic year for students from abroad who pursue a full-time postgraduate classroom-based degree.

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1. Glasgow School of Art

For foreign students in the UK, the Glasgow School of Art offers the best postgraduate tuition for the cheapest classes starting charging only £ 5,580. Glasgow School of Art has postgraduate degrees in many fields including Interior Design, Architecture, Curating and Writing.

2. Durham University

Durham University has since the first publication finished in the Top Ten of the major league table year. Despite this continuous performance of excellence, finding that foreign students would pursue a postgraduate degree at only £6,400 may come as a surprise. Durham provides postgraduate degrees in a wide variety of subjects, from accounting to English to more interesting topics like Museum Objects to Conservation of Archaelogical. The costing of a degree varies according to what you’re learning.

3. Middlesex University

As one of the lowest fees for overseas postgraduate students in the UK, Middlesex University strives to provide you with the qualifications you need during your studies to easily pursue your career. Fees will be as small as £ 6,600 which ensures you will settle on your education as a foreign student without thinking too much about scraping your savings.

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4. University of Chester

Also featuring in our most affordable universities in UK for international students pursuing master’s degree, the University of Chester grants foreign students at any non-specialized institution the lowest tuition fees. Initially known as Chester Diocesan Training College in 1839, the institution did not achieve its institution status until 2005. It currently has about 19,850 students from more than 130 countries, including over 4,000 postgraduate students. By applying for the university’s grants, all applicants are automatically considered, ensuring you might receive even lower tuition.

5. City, University of London

The University of London, located in England’s bustling capital, has appealingly small fees as well as an appealing place. As a foreign student, this will inspire you, because you will have an abundance of industry ties at your disposal.

6. Royal Veterinary College

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) could be perfect if you are looking to study veterinary science or a similar subject at the minimum cost, being the best value for money of the other UK universities for postgraduate international students. Royal Veterinary College fees are just £ 9,470 a year, RVC has both a central London campus and a more remote location in Hertfordshire, so you can have the biggest bang for the buck and have the opportunity to work with a fantastic animal variety during your time there. RVC is a University of London constituent institution, and is the country’s biggest and oldest vet school. Postgraduate degrees at RVC include a variety of Master’s degrees taught in subjects such as Livestock Health and Production, One Health (Infectious Diseases), Veterinary Epidemiology, Wild Animal Biology and Wild Animal Safety.

7. University of Suffolk

The price of UK-based postgraduate education drops with the University of Suffolk ever downward, offering the benefit for foreign students with £ 10,080 a year. This very new university (it opened its doors in 2007 and was awarded autonomy only in 2016) is located in Ipswich, and has partnered with East Anglia and Essex Universities in the past to earn its degrees. Suffolk’s foreign office hopes that international students can become part of a global community, as well as gaining from a variety of social programs for graduates.

8. University of Cumbria

With international postgraduate fees that are smaller than most colleges, and a environment that exists within the beautiful scenery of some of Britain’s hallmark, the University of Cumbria is undoubtedly an enticing option for those pursuing further education in the UK.

9. West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland has four campuses in the towns of Paisley, Hamilton, Dumfries and Ayr as well as a London campus in western Scotland. The university has a big international influence, there are more than 250 international postgraduate students from 25 countries around the world every year–it’s easy to see why with tuition of only £ 10,600 a year.

10. University of Bolton

With decent equipment, qualified approved courses and a stunning rural area, low fees aren’t the only factor you may be attracted to study at Bolton!

11. University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire was formed in its present form in 2006, also offering postgraduate degrees for less than £10,000 a year. The University has six branches, with the main branches in Luton and Bedford. Notwithstanding its name, it also has campuses in Buckinghamshire, a neighboring county.

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12. York St John University

Next in our most affordable universities in UK for international students pursuing Master’s degree is York St John University, that, like Chester, had its origins in the 19th century at a diocesan institution, which did not achieve university status until 2006. York itself is a large, vibrant and historic university town housing some 20,000 students.

13. Newman University

Newman University, one of the smallest UK universities with just about 2,800 students, is based in Birmingham’s Bartley Green district, and is also one of the few Catholic universities in the UK. This has some of the lowest postgraduate tuition fees nationwide, and accepts other religions and background employees and graduates. In recent years, Newman has also boasted high employment statistics for the students.

14. University of Plymouth

Plymouth University is an excellent choice for overseas postgraduate students, with a coastal setting and reasonable tuition as opposed to many UK universities. Plymouth is the largest city in the South West, where you can discover beaches, countryside where city life all in close proximity if you attend university there.

15. University of the Highlands and Islands

The last institution in our list of the most affordable universities in UK for international students pursuing Master’s degree is the University of the Highlands and Islands. It has an increasing variety of postgraduate courses, all of which take advantage of the university’s exceptional landscape, nature and community. The university has 13 schools and 8,400 students, and provides distance learning services as well.

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