7 Norway Scholarships in 2024 for International Students

Norway, a land renowned for its scenic beauty, cultural vibrancy, and esteemed educational institutions, continues to draw international students seeking a world-class academic experience. In 2024, Norway reaffirms its commitment to providing an exceptional educational environment by offering an array of scholarships aimed at removing financial barriers and nurturing global talent. These scholarships span diverse disciplines and academic levels, solidifying Norway’s position as an inclusive and excellent study destination.

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1. University of Bergen Free Masters

The University of Bergen pioneers a program providing tuition-free master’s degrees to both domestic and international students, promoting accessibility and affordability in higher education.

Explore opportunities at University of Bergen – Free Masters.

2. Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme

The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme offers financial aid to eligible students from developing countries pursuing higher education in Norway.

Check your eligibility at Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme.

3. University of Oslo Scholarships

The prestigious University of Oslo extends scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs across various fields, recognizing academic merit and fostering talent.

Explore opportunities at University of Oslo – Scholarships.

4. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scholarships

NTNU offers scholarships for international students pursuing master’s and PhD programs in science, technology, and related fields, empowering future innovators and researchers.

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Find your path at NTNU – Scholarships.

5. BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships

BI Norwegian Business School provides scholarships for international students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Learn more at BI Norwegian Business School – Scholarships.

6. NORAM Scholarships

Funded by the Norwegian American Fulbright Foundation, NORAM scholarships support American students pursuing academic research or graduate studies in Norway, fostering cultural exchange and academic collaboration.

Discover your opportunity at NORAM Scholarships.

7. International Summer School Scholarships

Experience Norwegian culture and academic life through summer school scholarships available at various universities.

Explore your options at International Summer School Scholarships.

More than Scholarships

Norway stands as an embodiment of both natural splendor and academic distinction, beckoning aspiring scholars and seekers of cultural enrichment from across the globe. Nestled amidst stunning fjords, awe-inspiring landscapes, and vibrant urban settings, Norway’s allure extends beyond its picturesque scenery. This Scandinavian gem is home to a constellation of world-renowned universities adorned with cutting-edge research facilities and a diverse spectrum of programs meticulously crafted to foster academic brilliance. Students traversing its academic landscape can expect a transformative educational journey underpinned by globally recognized standards of excellence. However, Norway isn’t solely defined by its academic pedigree; it embraces an inclusive society, fostering a multicultural and tolerant environment that warmly welcomes international students, ensuring they feel embraced and valued within its diverse tapestry. Moreover, unlike many of its European counterparts, Norway boasts relatively affordable living costs, making it an attractive destination for students seeking both quality education and economic feasibility. This unique fusion of academic excellence, natural grandeur, inclusive society, and cost-effectiveness elevates Norway as an irresistible destination for those craving an exceptional educational experience intertwined with the captivating essence of its surroundings.

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Norway offers more than just financial assistance to international students.

  • World-class education: Renowned universities with cutting-edge research facilities and diverse programs ensure students receive a high-quality education recognized globally.
  • Stunning natural environment: Immerse yourself in Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, from majestic fjords to vibrant cities, fostering a unique learning experience.
  • Welcoming and inclusive society: Norway boasts a multicultural and tolerant society, making international students feel welcome and embraced.
  • Affordable living costs: Compared to other European countries, Norway offers relatively affordable living costs, especially for students.

Tips to Maximize Your Chance

By leveraging the available scholarships and Norway’s supportive educational environment, international students can unlock their academic potential and pursue their educational aspirations in this vibrant and welcoming nation. To maximize your chances:

  • Research thoroughly: Explore scholarship websites and university programs aligned with your academic goals and financial needs.
  • Meet deadlines: Familiarize yourself with application deadlines and ensure all required documents are submitted well in advance.
  • Seek guidance: Contact scholarship program coordinators or university representatives for assistance and clarification during the application process.

Norway awaits, offering a transformative educational experience enriched by academic excellence, cultural diversity, and breathtaking landscapes. Take the first step and embark on your journey of academic and personal growth in this remarkable land.


In conclusion, Norway, with its blend of academic excellence, stunning natural landscapes, and commitment to inclusivity, emerges as an unparalleled destination for international students seeking educational opportunities in 2024. The scholarships offered by Norway’s esteemed institutions not only alleviate financial burdens but also pave the way for academic growth, cultural exchange, and personal development. Its renowned universities, equipped with cutting-edge research facilities and diverse academic programs, promise a world-class education recognized globally.

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