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Summer School 2020 in Canada
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About the Foundation

Innovative CREATE training course for university graduates (MSc and PhD), undergrads and grad students in Data Analytics & Visualization (DAV) offers interdisciplinary instruction in both statistical analytics and visual modeling methodologies for deriving value from big data for a wide range of industrial purposes.

The program is a multi-institutional, multi-sector partnership between York University (the founding institution), OCAD University, Concordia University, and the University of Toronto, with a number of leading Canadian high-tech companies focused on cloud computing, emerging communities, safety technologies, and smart cities projects in Toronto and Montreal.

Data analytics and visualization (DAV) attempts to address a range of explosive forms of data generated by a myriad of devices and systems, including in quantity, wealth and accessibility in:

  • Critical physical facilities such as transmission networks, power grids, wireless systems and motor networks;
  • Social and economic networks and;
  • Healthcare systems such as vaccination and networks of epidemiology, and the regulatory networks of molecules and genes.

Nevertheless, without concomitant growth in extractor technology for processing, understanding and visualization of the valuable information included in these results, the big data revolution is meaningless. Success requires a multidisciplinary approach, which combines signaling, math, statistical analysis and machine learning with cognitive science, visual and conception practice and knowledge.

The program graduates will take up permanent positions in industry, universities and government and will lead Canadian data analytics and visualization leaders in a wide range of applications.

You need to be committed by either of the nine mentors to be your instructor to participate in the CREATE DAV course. Please contact one or more mentors in your field of interest.

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After you have secured your endeavor, you will apply through your proposed supervisor to the CREATE DAV development program. Please note that if you apply for a postgraduate trainee in a single of the four participating institutions, you must be accepted into a postgraduate program in order to take part in a CREATE DAV program. Before formal admission in a graduate program, nevertheless, you can be pre-approved for DAV.

For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the program will last for two years. For shorter periods students can participate arbitrary. Potential student apprentices in one of the four involved universities must be approved for a graduate program. But before final entry to a degree school, they can be pre-approved for the CREATE Program.

Summer School 2020 in Canada Overview

In Toronto, York University, York provides an intensive, paid Summer school 2020 in Canada, the multi-établisher, interdisciplinary CREATE Information and Visualization (DAV) curriculum.

The session will include lectures given to current research topics in the Big Data Science by CREATE DAV faculty and industry experts and hands-on experience in York and OCAD U laboratories. Cursors include machine learning, data mining, signal processing, computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, robotic person simulation, sequence gaming, literature production, human understanding & intellect, animation & architecture and a broad range of research topics at CREATE DAV.

Summer School 2020 in Canada accepts candidates who are interested in a career in the Big Data Sciences. It is aimed mainly at students who plan to apply to graduate school by the end of 2020 and wish to study interdisciplinary research aspects of big data science. Nationals are eligible from all countries.

The Summer School 2020 in Canada pays transport costs (up to CAD $1,300) and provides accommodation and meals on site. It also provides accommodation on-campus at student residences and they discovered that people who are all on campus become even more away from summer school. Even so, if you live nearby or have friends in the neighborhood, you can find your own accommodation somewhere else.

The following locations are tentative. In case of an update of the Summer School 2020 in Canada please check again closer to the date on the official website.

  • Three days will be held at the Keele Campus, exact location TBD
  • One day will be held at OCAD U, exact location TBD

Summer School 2020 in Canada is a 4-day event. The dates are: May 19-22, 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria for eligibility to apply for a Summer School 2020 in Canada are necessary for all applicants.

  • A senior (year 3, preferably) undergraduate students that have a background in Computer Science, Math, Engineering, Psychology, and Data Visualization.
  • Current OCAD U’s senior undergraduate and prospective graduate students.

The majority of candidates are undergraduates, but any person who plans to apply for a degree or doctoral degree program can apply.

Summer School 2020 in Canada accepts applicants from every place, but only a part of travel expenses (up to 1.300 CAD) will be covered by the program. In other terms, the claimant is responsible for paying the balance of the travel expenses if the costs of transportation surpass the allotted number. Please consult your local Canadian embassy or consulate, whether you require a visa to travel to Canada. Summer School 2020 in Canada will provide all the documents that you need for a visa for the summer school period.

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Big data science and visualization are highly interdisciplinary and are encouraged to apply to anyone who has a background in computer science, math, engineering and psychology and has a strong interest in graduate studies. Since the admission is competitive, and most of our attendees have GPA’s in the A range. External abilities can, therefore, make up for average grades such as laboratory or outstanding quantitative skills.

Summer school 2020 in Canada only permits admitted students and CREATE DAV members to participate in the program in order to keep the group small and personal.

How to Apply

The application package consists of the following:

Decisions will be told by 30 March 2020 to successful applicants.

Reference letters can be sent by email to or by mail to Irina Kapsh, CREATE DAV Program, York University, 4700 Keele Street, LAS 1012J, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3.

Describe in your letter how the candidate feels about his or her career prospects and how he or she will profit from completing the summer school. Please ensure that your letter arrives by March 9, 2020.

Expired Dates

The Summer School 2020 in Canada dates are May 19-22, 2020. The application deadline is March 9, 2020.

Contact Information

For any question, comment or queries, you can submit it through the contact person below.

Irina Kapsh

Program Manager
York University
4700 Keele Street, LAS 1012J
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M3J 1P3
+1 (416)736 2100 ext. 44149
createdav [at]
Skype: createdav

Link to Official Website

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