Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea for Art Majors

Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea
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About K-Arts

Korea National University of Arts (also known as K-ARTS or KNUA) is a Seoul, South Korea, national university. The Korea National University of Arts was founded in 1993 by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the only national arts university aiming to serve as a leading institution that cultivates artists. It has 26 departments in six schools: Music schools, Drama schools, Film TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Traditional Korean Arts.

In 1993 Korea National University of Arts was founded by law. In 1990, Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a’ Ten-Year Cultural Development Project,’ and the founding of a national institution of the arts was the crucial provision of this project. There was no specialized university in Korea until the early 1980s which devoted its entire curriculum to artistic pursuits. Therefore, abroad went several aspiring artists who wanted to continue their creative journey by professional training.

The announcement that the National University of Arts was founded in 1993 was therefore the revelation and byproduct of creative growth in Korea. It is the only national university in Asia dedicated exclusively to the preparation of talented young artists for the professions of all artistic genres. Korea National University of Arts covers all arts disciplines including music, dance, theatre, film, television, animation, fine art, design, architecture, and traditional Korean arts.

The university is composed of six independent but quantifiable schools: Music School, Drama School, Film School, TV & Multimedia, Dance School, Visual Arts School, and Korean Traditional Arts School. K-ARTS continues to offer a bachelor’s and master’s degree program while at the same time offering pre-school training for talented young students.

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As of 2003, there were about 2600 students enrolled in K-ARTS, and more than 730 teachers and lecturers taught in the newest studios and classrooms.

Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea Overview

The objective of the Art Major Asian Plus (AMA+) Scholarship Program is to support students with artistic talents from developing countries for their conducting advanced studies and ability at Korea National University of Arts in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship among the countries.

The benefits of Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea are described as follow:

  • The grantees will receive an airplane ticket between their country and Korea economy class, for entrance and graduation
  • 800,000 won (KRW) for monthly allowance
  • 4-month intensive language training before entrance-full coverage
  • Full coverage of tuition (regular semesters only)
  • Limited coverage of medical insurance

All candidates should pay attention to the following schedule to apply for the Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea.

  • February – May 2020: Open call for submission
  • 31st May 2020: Application Deadline
  • July 2020: Final Notification of Admissions Decision
  • 31st October 2020: Entry into Korea
  • November 2020-February 2021: Pre-Course (Korean Language Training)
  • February 2021: Matriculation Ceremony

Countries eligible for Asian Plus Scholarship in Korea are mentioned below.

  1. Albania
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Algeria
  4. Angola
  5. Antigua & Barbuda
  6. Argentina
  7. Armenia
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Belarus
  11. Belize
  12. Benin
  13. Bhutan
  14. Bolivia
  15. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  16. Botswana
  17. Brazil
  18. Burkina Faso
  19. Burundi
  20. Cambodia
  21. Cameroon
  22. Cape Verde
  23. Central African Rep.
  24. Chad
  25. China
  26. Colombia
  27. Comoros
  28. Congo, Dem. Rep.
  29. Congo, Rep.
  30. Cook Islands
  31. Costa Rica
  32. Côte d’Ivoire
  33. Cuba
  34. Djibouti
  35. Dominica
  36. Dominican Republic
  37. Ecuador
  38. Egypt
  39. El Salvador
  40. Equatorial Guinea
  41. Eritrea
  42. Ethiopia
  43. Fiji
  44. Gabon
  45. Gambia
  46. Georgia
  47. Ghana
  48. Grenada
  49. Guatemala
  50. Guinea
  51. Guinea-Bissau
  52. Guyana
  53. Haiti
  54. Honduras
  55. India
  56. Indonesia
  57. Iran
  58. Iraq
  59. Jamaica
  60. Jordan
  61. Kazakhstan
  62. Kenya
  63. Kiribati
  64. Kosovo
  65. Kyrgyz Rep.
  66. Laos
  67. Lebanon
  68. Lesotho
  69. Liberia
  70. Libya
  71. Macedonia
  72. Madagascar
  73. Malawi
  74. Malaysia
  75. Maldives
  76. Mali
  77. Marshall Islands
  78. Mauritania
  79. Mauritius
  80. Mexico
  81. Micronesia, Fed. Sts.
  82. Moldova
  83. Mongolia
  84. Montenegro
  85. Montserrat
  86. Morocco
  87. Mozambique
  88. Myanmar (Burma)
  89. Namibia
  90. Nauru
  91. Nepal
  92. Nicaragua
  93. Niger
  94. Nigeria
  95. Niue
  96. Pakistan
  97. Palau
  98. Palestinian
  99. Panama
  100. Papua New Guinea
  101. Paraguay
  102. Peru
  103. Philippines
  104. of South Sudan
  105. Rwanda
  106. Samoa
  107. Sao Tome & Principe
  108. Senegal
  109. Serbia
  110. Sierra Leone
  111. Solomon Islands
  112. Somalia
  113. South Africa
  114. Sri Lanka
  115. Helena
  116. Lucia
  117. Vincent & Grenadines
  118. Sudan
  119. Suriname
  120. Swaziland
  121. Syria
  122. Tajikistan
  123. Tanzania
  124. Thailand
  125. Timor Leste
  126. Togo
  127. Tokelau
  128. Tonga
  129. Tunisia
  130. Turkey
  131. Turkmenistan
  132. Tuvalu
  133. Uganda
  134. Ukraine
  135. Uzbekistan
  136. Vanuatu
  137. Venezuela
  138. Viet Nam
  139. Wallis & Futuna
  140. Yemen
  141. Zambia
  142. Zimbabwe
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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Only those who hold a citizenship of the 142 countries (page 3) can apply for AMA.
  2. Have graduated or be scheduled to hold a high school/university degree by 28th Feb 2020. Applicants who apply for the master’s program must hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants who are expecting to graduate by 28th Feb 2020 must submit a certificate of expectant graduation when apply, and submit the official certificate of graduation (degree or diploma) to Karts no later than 28th Feb 2020.
  3. Have adequate health, both physically and mentally.
  4. Have no limitations in travelling abroad.
  5. Have outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills and an excellent academic record.
  6. Applicants should submit at least 3 recommendation letters. One recommended by the government, ministries, and diplomatic organizations, rector of public educational institution and/or head of government approved organizations could receive additional admission points.
  7. Applicants should enter to Korea by November 2019 and take Korean language training. Applicants who hold TOPIK level 6 and prove reasonable schedule could be exempted by an agreement with AMA manager.
  8. Specific Qualification, Portfolio and Requirement by each department and major. Applicants can make own portfolio package for majors with no reference information.

How to Apply

Application only by postal or in person should be submitted. Online submission is currently unavailable to be proceeded. Successful candidates will be informed through K-Arts website and personal contact.

Attn. AMA Manager

M505, Office of External Affairs 146-37, 32gil, Hwarang-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02789, Republic of Korea

Required Documents

Application package should be arranged by the checklist order in the form 1 as attached in the guideline that can be downloaded at Each document can be stapled, but do not staple all the documents together.

  1. Application [Form 1]
  2. Self-Introduction [Form 2]
  3. Study Plan [Form 3]
  4. Personal Medical Assessment [Form 4]
  5. 3 Letters of Recommendation [Form 5] (References signed within 6 months as of the date of submission only are available.)
  6. Copy of diploma or certificate of (expected) graduation with Appostille.
  7. Official Transcripts (the most recently attended from high school)
  8. A Hard Copy of Passport
  9. Certificate of Korean or English Proficiency
  10. Certificates of relevant work experiences, award and/or other achievement (optional)
  11. Portfolio (leave your name on each page or portfolio in case of missing)
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Please type or print clearly using black ink in Korean or in English.  Please state a Date in the following order: YYYY.MM.DD. Please remove the instructions and the directions in the blank before print. Don’t change anything in the form and extend the pages.

Closing Date

Submission Period : February 1, 2020 until May 30, 2020.

Contact Information

AMA Manager


M505, Office of External Affairs 146-37, 32gil, Hwarang-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02789, Republic of Korea

Link to Official Website

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