The Best Marching Band Scholarships for Music Aficionados

Marching bands embody the essence of a university. Many colleges recognize this by providing financial assistance to marching band members who are leaders in their communities. These marching band scholarships might help you with your academic pursuit, whether it is musical or not. Some of these scholarships don’t even need you to stay in marching band.

The scholarships listed below are for students who are musicians or marching band members. We’ve also collected a list of several school-specific scholarships available from universities with renowned marching bands. If you are a dedicated marching band member, don’t be afraid to apply for several scholarships.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Marching Band Scholarships
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1. The University of Utah Marching Band Performance Scholarships

It is one of the most prestigious marching band scholarships in the country. Marching Band Performance Scholarships are offered to all University of Utah students. They are given out by the School of Music to students who will be joining the university’s marching band in the fall. The award varies each year.

All full-time University of Utah students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better are eligible to apply. Students who have previously participated in the university’s marching band are not required to schedule an audition. However, an audition is required for School of Music admissions and scholarships for music majors.

2. The University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band Scholarships

Marching band scholarships are available to all members of the University of South Alabama Jaguar Marching Band. All scholarships are renewable for a period of up to four years. Furthermore, students pay no fees in addition to the tuition price for the one credit hour class. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their talent and financial need.

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Students must be enrolled in at least 15 semester hours and have an institutional GPA of 2.0 or above to be eligible for the scholarship. Furthermore, scholarship recipients may take an imbalanced load as long as they complete 30 total earned credit hours per academic year.

3. The Baylor University Golden Wave Band Scholarships

Baylor University Golden Wave Band participants are eligible for a limited number of marching band scholarships. Several criteria are used to determine awards, including ensemble instrumentation requirements, musical skill, leadership potential, and student financial need. However, the majority of money made available for Golden Wave Band Scholarships are categorized as need-based.

Students who want to apply for a scholarship must have completed the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. They must also be registered for the Marching Band class. To be considered for the scholarship, new Golden Wave members must complete a rigorous application process. On the other hand, students majoring in music generally have scholarship money included in their scholarship packages for marching band participation.

4. Georgia State University School of Music Band Scholarships

Georgia State University’s School of Music provides numerous band scholarships to all students. The Panther Band Scholarship is a marching band scholarship accessible to all Panther Band members. In addition to the performance stipend, additional resources may be offered based on the audition and the ensemble’s needs. Concert Ensemble Scholarships are also available for students pursuing majors other than music.

Furthermore, the Georgia State University School of Music has several scholarships for exceptional music majors. It is not necessary to apply for these scholarships. Accepted music students are immediately considered for all available scholarships, including Undergraduate Musical Excellence Awards, Honors College University Assistantships for Music Majors, and Named Scholarships.

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5. Western Carolina University Marching Band Scholarships

Western Carolina University’s marching band scholarships were endowed by the generosity of family and friends in memory of Daniel Ledford and Mandy Buchanan. Both individuals attended Tuscola High School and were members of The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. The award is available to Haywood County music majors who are or have been active members of the university’s marching band.

The sum of these awards varies depending on the marching band director’s recommendation. Donations from outside the university have been made in acknowledgment of this ensemble’s remarkable performances. They are renewable if the student makes good progress toward a music degree and the music faculty recommends it.

6. Eastern Illinois University Panther Marching Band Scholarships

Outstanding potential Panther Marching Band students are encouraged to apply for a one-year scholarship of $250 to $1,000. All non-music majors are eligible for awards for their first year of Panther Marching Band participation. Students must post a short video showing various items in order to apply for Panther Marching Band Scholarships.

For instance, woodwind and brass applicants must perform a two-octave scale of their choice in quarter notes at a pace between quarter notes. On the other hand, percussion candidates must demonstrate two warm-up exercises in a 30-second period. Color guard applicants can upload a video of their high school or college marching band executing a full piece or a 60-second flag-based routine.

7. Michigan Marching Band Endowed Scholarship Funds

The Michigan Marching Band has many strategic endowments that provide annual funding that is critical to the band’s long-term success. The Betty E. Cummings Marching Band Scholarship and the Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship are two of the most desired marching band scholarships available.

Betty E. Cummings, retired University of Michigan Senior Research Administrator, founded the scholarship to be granted to a worthy member of the University of Michigan Euphonium Section.

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The Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship, on the other hand, was founded in 1989 by Connie’s family and friends. It is named after a young lady who overcame physical challenges throughout her life. The scholarship is given to a junior member of the band who demonstrates same determination, hard effort, and the capacity to overcome adversity as Connie.

8. Texas State University Band Area Performance Grants

Band Area Performance Grants are given to students based on their performance abilities, musical promise, and service to the School of Music’s Department of Bands. These marching band scholarships are restricted in number and vary in value depending on the need for a certain instrument in the ensembles and the student’s musical ability.

Grants for participation in concert ensembles are given to both music and non-music majors. Students must be enrolled at Texas State University to be considered for the rewards. They must be a part of either the Wind Symphony or the Symphonic Winds. Participation also necessitates a successful audition for placement. Most significantly, they should show musical progress and constructively contribute to the ensemble environment.

9. University of Colorado Boulder Golden Buffalo Marching Band Scholarships

The University of Colorado Boulder’s Golden Buffalo Marching Band gives scholarships to musicians in all sections. Enrollment is accessible to all University of Colorado students with prior instrumental music and/or colorguard experience, regardless of major. To put it another way, prior marching experience is not required. Aside from the drumline, colorguard, and feature twirlers, no auditions are required.

Members of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band who complete the whole marching band season by completing attendance and participation standards will be eligible for a $1,000 tuition reimbursement grant. The prizes will be distributed in two $500 payments. The first $500 will be awarded at the start of the fall semester, and the second $500 will be awarded following the successful completion of marching band season activities.

10. Texas Tech University Goin’ Band Scholarship

Goin’ Band Scholarship is granted to dedicated and talented students who value being involved in a band program rich in history, content, and fellowship. The scholarship is made possible by the generous gifts supplied by numerous benefactors, notably the Goin’ Band Association. Awards vary in amounts of $1,000 for one semester.

In order to obtain one of these scholarships, applicants must have been accepted into the university at the time of their application. Moreover, they must enroll in the Goin’ Band training and successfully pass an audition for the Goin’ Band.

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