6 Legit Nursing Scholarships for International Students

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Many of the world’s foremost colleges have established nursing programs, especially for international students. To educate foreign students these programs have an integrated approach. This includes, among others, teaching them the best international nursing practices, cultural diversity, and the practical application of theoretical concepts.

Nursing is deemed one of the top occupations. Numerous colleges and universities have established international student nursing scholarships. The colleges offering foreign students nursing scholarships have a close partnership with trusted partners working across the globe. International nursing students can enroll through the partners in these programs and take advantage of the scholarships.

Signing up for these advanced nursing programs is the perfect path for a nurse seeking to start their global career. Nurses will take advantage of the greatest benefit of nursing scholarships upon registration. These scholarships are applicable to foreign nursing students abroad.

1. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Scholarships

A relatively small amount of merit-based funds are set aside by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing for students who establish strong academic potential, leadership skills, excellent community service, and other personal strengths and achievements. Such merit awards are issued for achievement, not financial need. There is no specific requirement to qualify for a grant, with the exception of the Fuld Fellowship in Quality and Safety in Health Care.

Upon applying for admission each student is considered. Scholarships range from $7,500 to full tuition and are awarded to students who are accepted to an MSN or DNP program and study full-time. Students who are granted a scholarship must be enrolled full-time to earn the scholarship and stay in good standing. The amount given will be divided equally over the program: a percentage will be applied to the financial aid award given to the student every semester he/she is enrolled in full time.

Examples of scholarships offered by the School of Nursing are:

  • AmeriCorps Scholarship
  • Baltimore Talent Scholars
  • Conway Scholarship
  • School of Nursing Merit Scholarship
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Scholarship & Fellow Program
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2. Northern Illinois University School of Nursing Scholarships

Every year the students of Northern Illinois University School of Nursing earn $130,000 in scholarship funds.

Donor donations support over a hundred scholarships primarily for students and teachers of nursing. Because of academic achievement, financial need, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, faculty, and those doing study, there are scholarships given. And these are open to part-time students, veterans, and others who show a commitment to the ideals associated with a nursing career.

You can read more and apply for a scholarship with one easy method of application. For information and details visit MyScholarships.

MyScholarships is a campus-wide application system for NIU scholarships. You will be able to apply for multiple competitive bursaries in MyScholarships. Although most of NIU’s scholarships can be found in MyScholarships, you should consult with the corresponding academic department to see if they have any other opportunities that are not present in the system.

3. University of Alberta Scholarships

There are various scholarships available to study nursing at the University of Alberta. The following scholarships are part of the University of Alberta’s Faculty / Department Scholarship Competition in the area of nursing.

Ambassador Award

To be presented annually to a student enrolled in the BSc Nursing program, with a satisfactory academic standing. Recipients are chosen based on academic status. Recipient must be an active volunteer within the Faculty of Nursing, and display the qualities of integrity, caring/compassion, patience, empathy, ability to live with ambiguity, critical thinking, responsibility, and accountability that are important in the Nursing profession.

Anne Rieder Scholarship

To be granted annually to a superior academically qualified student entering the fourth year of the BSc Nursing program. The recipient will be chosen based on academic status, community health interest, and demonstrated financial need. Students who have an interest in representing the Aboriginal community shall be given priority. One can not earn this award more than once.

Class of September 1959 Nursing Scholarship

Given to a student with outstanding academic achievement who joins the third or fourth year of the BSc Nursing program. Beneficiaries are chosen based on academic performance and confirmed financial need.

Margaret Trevail Bridges Memorial Scholarships in Nursing

To be given annually to an Alberta student in the BSc Nursing program based on superior academic achievement. In financial need, a student will be given priority.

4. Queen’s University Belfast School of Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

A number of grants and bursaries are available at Queen’s University Belfast’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, giving students a variety of scholarship opportunities to pursue postgraduate courses.

The Patricia Napier Scholarships

The scholarships will be given to the best graduate students of a nursing or midwifery program (i.e. applicants with a recognized professional qualification in nursing, midwifery, or an associated occupation of health and social care and a corresponding primary degree 2:2 or higher or equal). The scholarship will cover tuition fees and enrollment fees.

New Cesi Funded Studentships

CESI is offering a number of funded Ph.D. Studentships via the School of Social Science, Education & Social Work (SSESW) Department for Economy (DfE). There will be a number of CESI Ph.D. studentships available via the School of Social Science, Education & Social Work (SSESW) Department for Economy (DfE) scholarships. The benefits of a CESI-related studentship are that you will become part of a vibrant transdisciplinary research community within the university, connect with the 40+ post-doctoral researchers who are based in CESI, and attend CESI events as a Student Fellow.

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5. International Medical University, Malaysia Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships are applicable at the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur to support in full or in part the tuition fees for the entire duration of a nursing degree. They are granted to both international and domestic students based on academic performance, extra engagement in the curriculum and qualities of leadership.

6. The Australian College of Nursing Scholarships

ACN provides a number of grants that are available to scholars and affiliates who wish to study further. The scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $30,000 and offer participants the opportunity to pursue further study at the diploma or master’s level. The ACN also links nurses with other nationally accessible scholarship programs.

Nursing scholarships currently available at the Australian College of Nursing are including:


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