Midwifery Scholarships and Financial Aids around the World

Choosing a midwifery career means you’ll enter a meaningful field with a positive outlook for job growth as well as increasing opportunities for progress. However, qualifying as a midwifery professional can take years of expensive education and figuring out how you’ll pay for school can be an overwhelming task. If tuition fees, books, and materials interfere with achieving your goals, you may find help by applying for a wide variety of midwifery scholarships. Even one award can make a decisive difference.

Midwifery Scholarships
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While there are requirements to secure any scholarship, don’t underestimate your opportunity to receive an award. There are scholarships open to all kinds of midwifery students, with many designed for applicants with specialties, cultural identities, military histories and other demographic features.

Whether you’re a freshman or a job professional looking for new direction in your career, these midwifery scholarships can be a valuable tool to help you pay for the education you need to succeed.

Benefits of Earning a Degree in Midwifery

Midwifery is a holistic approach to the health and childbirth of women. Midwives are caregivers and caregivers through a child’s birth, with emphasis on natural births and mother-care. There’s something so special about a baby’s birth, and those highly trained professionals are there to be a part of that particular event.

Unlike a conventional clinical setting, midwives are able to bring pre-birth care to the mother, postpartum care and follow-up care for mother and baby. Midwifery, like any medical profession, takes on talent, skill and dedication. The professionals who carry out this career are in for demanding and rewarding work. There are so many reasons that you should choose to become a midwife and below are just a few that you can consider.

Advanced training

A midwife has to take specialization. They are women’s health experts and obstetrics experts. Many midwives go to Nursing for a Master’s of Science, or an MSN. Just be sure to pass through an institution that is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). Another path you can take is getting your bachelor’s degree in nursing, and going on to a midwife graduate level training.

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Continued participation

It is extremely important to keep yourself up-to-date on new craft practices, as well as brush up on old techniques that you may not have used in a while. When you bring a new baby into this world, you have to feel confident in yourself and the parents have to feel that confidence. It makes everybody feel more confident. There are conferences that you can attend with lectures, debates and training skills to refresh your mind on the knowledge that you have learned. It’s a place where other midwife nurses can come together to share their knowledge and experiences.

Variety of location

Your location is constantly changing with midwifery. You can bounce around from house to house, glimpsing the lives of the people with whom you work. You get a better understanding of the people you get to share those moments intimately. You also get to work in several different hospitals, keeping friendships, without getting caught up in the politics of the work place.

Midwifery Scholarships for International Students

Students who wish to pursue midwifery degrees in another country can be awarded midwifery scholarships for international students by universities abroad. The terms “stipend,” “tuition waiver” and “grant” are interchangeably used by the colleges and universities mentioned in this article.

University of Salford Manchester Year of the Nurse and Midwife Scholarship

The Year of the Nurse and Midwife Scholarship is available for successful international applicants across a number of nursing and midwifery programs.

  • BSc Nursing Studies (Top Up): Available to offer holders on our one year nursing top-up programs. This scholarship will reduce the tuition fee to £10,000.
  • MA Nursing (Adult): Available to offer holders with a first or second class degree. This scholarship is worth £3,500 in year one only.
  • MSc Nursing: Available to offer-holders with a first or second class degree. This scholarship is worth £2,000.
  • MSc Midwifery: Available to offer-holders with a first or second class degree. This scholarship is worth £2,000.
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There is no separate application process for this scholarship. You will be assessed when you apply for your chosen program of study. If you are successfully offered this scholarship, to receive the funding you must accept your offer of admission and pay your tuition fee deposit by the deadline specified.

Bumi Sehat Peaceful Midwifery Scholarships

Bumi Sehat foundation international fundamentally believes in supporting the next generation of health care providers and teachers to ensure that traditional knowledge is not lost. It provides educational grants to teachers, midwives and nurses so that young women from poor families who wish to serve their communities have access to the education that will make this possible. The Peaceful Midwifery Scholarships are critical to improving health outcomes as much as generating peace, one midwife and one birth at a time.

The SA Premier’s Nursing & Midwifery Scholarships

The SA Premier’s Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships are open to all nurses and midwives working across South Australia including public, private, and aged care sectors. The scholarships will support nurses and midwives to embark on an overseas observational study tour to explore best practice and translate evidence into sustainable outcomes.

The scholarships are awarded as follows:

  • Six overseas study tour Scholarships up to the value of $10,000 each.

University of Canberra International Course Merit Scholarship

University of Canberra International Course Merit Scholarship is awarded to new commencing international students from the following countries who are applying for admission to a specific UC Bachelor or Master degree coursework as outlined below.

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Special criteria:

  • New Commencing students applying for a 2020 or 2021 course commencement
  • Students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Philippines, Latin America, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan
  • Bachelor Degree (Equivalent of 70% or higher in Year 12)
  • Master degree (GPA of 5 out of 7 or 65% or higher in Undergraduate study)
  • Full time student
  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • Bruce students only
  • Articulation and Sponsored students not eligible
  • Diplomatic students not eligible

University of West London Friends of Mary Seacole Scholarship

The scholarship is open to full-time Home/EU and International students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare. Selection is on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

John Academy Midwifery Course

The last is not a scholarship program. It’s a course. A simple way even highway to start your career as a midwifery with a few efforts. Yes, John Academy offers you to join midwifery course (postnatal care) with just pay them as small as your internet data spending! Start the course and get a certificate here!

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