Poland Government Scholarship Call for International Students

Poland Government scholarship
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Program Overview

Poland Government scholarship is an educational fund aid which is established to assist the socio-economic growth of developing countries outside the Europe and Central Asia countries by way of increasing the rate of education and professional qualifications of these countries’ citizens. It is a scholarship scheme established under the partnership initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA in the form of Polish developmental education aid.

The Poland Government scholarship advances a fund aid for foreign students, empowering all the applicants to finish full-time studies of Master’s degree in the fields of agricultural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, exact sciences and life sciences at higher education institutions administered by the minister excellent for higher education and science, within the regulation period of education. Moreover, at public higher education institutions of Poland, the program also proffers a full fee waiver of the cost of tuition fees for the whole of the academic period.

The financial situations of studies at non-public higher education institutions administered by the minister competent for higher education and science are also established by these institutions. In such cases, the issue of tuition fees should be granted on an individual basis between the successful candidates and the non-public universities which accepts them. The matter of exclusions from tuition fees persists within the competence of the accepting non-public universities.

However, the program itself does not provide scholarships for studies offered by institutions supervised by other ministries.

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On the other hand, the Poland Government scholarship proposal is addressed to international students, given to nationals of the countries below designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • Angola
  • Colombia
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Lebanon
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Philippines
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Senegal
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam

For the successful candidates, it is advised that they are required to take an obligatory monthly preparation course on scholarship conditions, foregoing studies in Poland. The objective of the course is to improve the students’ instruction of Polish language and culture, and their knowledge in the area of their chosen branch of knowledge to study in the selected university. Studies under the Poland government scholarship may be delivered in Polish or in another language. Settlements on the admission of candidates are decided by each of respective higher education institutions of Poland.

Expired Date

All the applications of the Poland Government scholarship will be accepted between 3 February and 16 March 2020, by 15:00 Central European Time (local Warsaw time), exclusively in electronic form through the Government of Poland’s ICT system accessible at www.nawa.gov.pl. Late applications obviously will not be accepted.

Then, immediately as the application is submitted in the system, its status is changed to “submitted” and the applicants will receive an email notifying about their application’s reference number.

Each applicant may only submit one application. In the event of submission of more than one application, only the first one will be evaluated, and the remaining ones will be rejected. Only fully completed applications will be evaluated.


International students who meet all the requirements listed below at the time of call for applications may apply for the Poland government scholarship for studies in Poland under the program. All candidates are highly required to:

  • not be Polish citizens and must not have applied previously for Polish citizenship;
  • be the citizens of the eligible countries for applying the Poland Government scholarship;
  • be the students of the last year of Bachelor degree in the fields of agricultural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, exact sciences and life sciences at the time of submitting the application for the scholarship or have obtained a diploma of completion of Bachelor degree in the above-mentioned fields not earlier than in 2017;
  • plan to start the Master’s degree or a preparatory course in the academic year of 2020/2021;
  • not have previously obtained a Master’s degree;
  • demonstrate the ability of spoken English at least at the B2 level; and
  • not have previously been awarded a Poland Government scholarship.

On the side note, if the system of Master’s degree is not universally in place in the country in which the students have obtained their Bachelor degree diploma, it is justifiable to welcome the applicants who hold a Master’s or equivalent diploma obtained no earlier than in 2017, as well as the applicants who are students of the last year of these studies, conducted in the fields of agricultural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, exact sciences and life sciences.

Additionally, all of the applicants’ language competences must be confirmed with a document, in which are approved by the scholarship scheme.

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How to Apply the Poland Government Scholarship

Applications are undergone within two procedures namely formal and content-related evaluation.

The goal of formal evaluation is to verify the application to ensure that it fulfills formal criteria specified in regulation of Poland Government scholarship. For the incomplete application, the applicants will be required to provide the missing documents within two weeks from the request to do so. For the applicants who fail to fulfill the requirements will result in the application not being further considered. The missing information is to be provided via the application system. It is only possible to provide the missing information once, within the time limit and the range specified in the notification sent through the system to the applicants’ email address.

Applications will not be considered in the cases mentioned below.

  1. If they are submitted past the deadline specified in the call for applications,
  2. If they do not meet the formal requirements specified in the call for applications for the Poland Government scholarship, including if they do not contain all the required documents.

Secondly, the content-related evaluation is conducted by team of judges from the database, based on the outline description of the planned Master’s thesis submitted by the applicants, and by the evaluation panel based on the GPA from the applicants’ Bachelor degree. GPAs received in countries with a grading system different than the Polish one will be recalculated into the Polish scale based on the international grade calculator. Each application, along with the required documents, is measured individually by one reviewer and the evaluation panel.

Link to Official Website

Should you need further information regarding the scholarship scheme, please refer to https://nawa.gov.pl/images/users/629/REGULATIONS_Lukasiewicz_2020_EN.pdf.

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