Chinese Government Scholarship at Nanjing University

Graduate by Hai Nguyen - Photo:
Graduate by Hai Nguyen – Photo:

Why Nanjing University

Taking its roots from 1902, Nanjing University is one of China’s leading public higher education institutions. The university has been playing a central role in the Chinese politics and society development. In 2019, Nanjing University was ranked 144th in the world. Currently, in the World University Rankings 2020, Nanjing is placed 91-100th. In Asia, Nanjing ranked 18th in Asia in 2019.

Nanjing University is a member of the C9 League. In short, C9 League is a group of 9 universities. The C9 League is acknowledged for 3% of the country’s researchers. The research grant accounted for 10% of national research budget. Collectively, the C9 League produce 20% national academic publications and 30% of total scholastic citations.

Nanjing University is located in Nanjing city of Jiangsu province. The university hosts over 30,000 domestic and international students. The university offers 86 undergraduate programs, 27 master programs and 23 professional master programs. And it also provides 43 doctoral programs and 1 professional doctor programs, and 38 postdoctoral research stations. The library holds more than 4.5 million volumes of collection.

The Nanjing University provides various multi-disciplinary courses. The university prides itself on areas such as the humanities study, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and management. These teaching-learning activities are spread across three different Nanjing campuses: in Gulou in the city center; Pukou, on the northern bank of the Yangtze River; and the Xianlin international campus, to the east of the city.

Why Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship offers students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research at Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase shared understanding and friendship between prospective nations. It would also bridge communication and cooperation between China and the other nations in the field of education, technology, culture and economics.

Adopting a credit system, Nanjing University (NJU) would require students to achieve a certain number of total credits. Students are also expected to defend their paper or Graduation Paper in the end of their study. For the master’s degree it requires 2-3 years. While for a PhD degree, it takes 3 to 4 years.

Scholarship Availability

  1. Master degree
  2. PhD degree, and
  3. Undergraduates (American applicants only)

Field of Studies

The list would give the complete list of available field of studies or majors. Please refer to the following list. Choose your preferred degree and filed of studies. And make sure you read the application procedure in the following sections.w

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List of the Majors.pdf


  • If you came from a country other than the United States, you could only apply for the above majors (master and doctoral degree)
  • If your nationality was American, you could apply for any major of NJU’s undergraduate (
  • Here are the complete list of Master and doctoral programs (List of the Master Programmes 2020.pdf and List of the Ph.D Programmes 2020.pdf)
  • If you could not find the major or field of study you are trying to apply at NJU’s online application system (, please inform the contact person at NJU
  • For further information, please contact the scholarship coordinator, whose contact information is listed at the bottom of this article.

Eligibility Criteria:

Please read thoroughly the eligibility criteria for the scholarship below. Applicants who do not meet the following will not be put into consideration.

  1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be healthy both physically and mentally.
  2. Applicants for a master’s degree must have acquired their bachelor degrees, and should not be older than 35.
  3. Applicants for a PhD degree must have acquired their master degrees, and should not be older than 40.
  4. Applicants for a bachelor’s degree must have acquired their high school diplomas, and should not be older than 25.
  5. For the graduates to obtain their degrees in 2020, they should submit a pre-graduation certificate to guarantee that they have the competence to complete their study and acquire the degree by July of 2020.
  6. Language requirements:

Requirements for the Chinese-taught programs:

  • Admission requirements:
  • Science: new HSK level 4; Liberal Arts: new HSK level5.
  • Graduation requirements:
  • Science: new HSK level 5; Liberal Arts: new HSK level6.

Requirements for the English-taught programs:

  • Admission requirement: IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 90
  • Graduation requirements: new HSK level 3.

Students who have been granted for other Chinese scholarship or funding or fellowship are NOT eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Allowance: In the scholarship duration, grantees will be provided with a monthly stipend of 3,000 RMB or around 431 USD for Master degree. And 3,500 RMB or around 350 USD for PhD degree students. The stipend for undergraduates is 2,500/month or around 359 USD.
  2. Tuition: The tuition will be waived during the study.
  3. Health Insurance: A health insurance will be provided to the grantee by CSC for the entire duration of his/her scholarship.
  4. Accommodation: A free accommodation will be provided to a grantee in the International Dormitory ofthe University for the entire duration of the scholarship.
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Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants should make TWO online applications: one on the CSC website and the other at NJU’s China International Student Service System,
  2. Afterwards, applicants should POST or by snail mail a hard copy of their application materials to the Institute for International Students, NJU. The specific procedure is as follows.
  3. Before posting the application, prospective applicants should register and apply at the CSC website (
  4. After filling in the online application form (for Agency No., please fill in “10284”; for Programme Type, please choose “B”), please click the “submit ” button and print out the application form.
  5. After the CSC application, please register and apply at NJU’s China International Student Service System (
  6. After filling in the online application form (for the programme type, please choose “CSC Scholarship”), please click the “submit ” button, print out the application form, and sign on it.
  7. Post a hard copy of the following documents to the scholarship coordinator (address below) of Nanjing University before the deadline. The submitted documents will not be returned.

Necessary Documents

Please read carefully all the necessary documents to upload and send through email. Here are the documents list.

  1. Printed CSC Scholarship Application Form;
  2. Printed Application Form for Foreign Students to NJU with a signature;
  3. Two original copies of academic transcripts;
  4. Two copies of the certificate of your highest diploma;
  5. Two letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors of the school you last attended;
  6. Copy of the new HSK test certificate (for the Chinese-taught programs) or IELTS/TOEFL test result (for the English-taught programs);
  7. Detailed proposal for study and research in China;
  8. List of papers published in professional or scientific journals & copies of representative papers or abstracts of articles (no more than 3 copies);
  9. Copy of the physical examination report ;
  10. Copy of the first page of your passport;
  11. Applicants for the PhD programs also need to supply the abstract of their master-program’s graduation dissertation.


  • The necessary documents above must be written in Chinese or English. Any document written in any other language must be attached with a notarized English or Chinese translation.
  • The documents should be arranged in correct order, and please do not attach them with glue or staples.
  • Please use DHL, FedEx or UPS to post your application materials from your current home country, and SF EXPRESS, if you are sending them in China. If you choose any other express companies, including EMS, there would be a very high possibility that your documents couldn’t be received.
  • Applications are accepted only from January 1st 2020 to March 15th 2020. And hardcopies of the application documents should also be posted before Mar. 15.
  • Notification of accepted applicants will be posted on the official website of the Institute for International Students, Nanjing University in June 2020. Admission notice and the form will be mailed in July.
  • The academic year will start at the beginning of September, 2020. You will find the detailed date of registration on the admission notice.
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Scholarship Term and Condition

  • Scholarship students who study an internship during the school year unless during the vacations. on full time at Nanjing University should obey the rules and regulations of the school, as well as the Codes for International Students at Nanjing University . Study, research, and thesis writing should be finished in the university.
  • No long distant education is permitted. And transferring school is not allowed either.
  • Once suspended from school, the qualification of the scholarship students will be cancelled and will not be regained.
  • Basically, students are not allowed to leave school, including visiting parents, referring to learning materials or doing
  • If an emergency situation occurs, students can leave school with the permission notice of their advisors and departments along with the approval of the Chinese Scholarship Council.
  • If a student violates the related regulations or leaves the university during the school year without any permission, his or her scholarship shall be suspended or even cancelled.
  • According to the regulations of Chinese Scholarship Council, all the scholarship students should take part in the annual assessment and evaluation of the scholarship qualification.
  • The time for assessment and evaluation is from March to May every year. After the assessment, those who are qualified can keep their scholarships; whereas those who are not will have their scholarships suspended or even cancelled.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Zhong Qiaorui

Scholarship Coordinator

Institute for International Students

514 Zeng Xianzi Building,

18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing 210008, China

Tel. +86-25-83593586;

Fax: +86-25-83316747


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