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University of East Anglia or UEA is Campus University, 3 miles from Norwich city centre and 2 hours from London and central England. The place is easily accessible by public transport, bike and car. Every year the place provide several scholarships for international students of various countries, including from Asia and Africa countries. Of course, there are several overviews and details that need to understand by each applicant from the eligible countries above. Therefore, it is suggested to read further on the below information.

About The Scholarships

A full fee award may be offered to one international taught applicant on the basis of academic excellence (e.g. first class degree) and their personal statement. Including for students from Japan, South Korean and Sub Saharan African. Apart from that, an International Development Excellence Scholarships – partial fees awards may be offered on the basis of academic excellence and personal statement.

Eligibility: Japan (5 scholarships of £3,000), South Korea (5 scholarships of £3,000), Sub Saharan Africa up to 5 scholarships worth £7,000.

Further than the above information, the scholarships will including:

1. 50% Final Year Undergraduate Continuation Scholarship

2. Alumni Tuition Fee Discount Scheme

3. Donor-funded scholarships

4. International Postgraduate Taught Scholarships (Country Scholarships and UEA British Council GREAT Scholarship)

5. UEA School of Study Scholarships (Economics, Education & Lifelong Learning, International Development, Law, Norwich Business School, Psychology, Art Media and American Studies, Literature Drama and Creative Writing, Politics Philosophy Language and Communication Studies)

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Basically there are several subjects on the scholarships, including as follow:

  • Postgraduate Taught Course Admissions
  • Postgraduate Research Course Admissions
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (ClinPsyD)
  • Doctorate in Educational Psychology (EdPsyD)
  • The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • MA Social Work

Selection Criteria

Please note that all applicants are expected to have met the School’s English language requirements and been offered and accepted a place on the course by this date. Successful applicants will be contacted by the admissions department. The applicants will be eligible for a Scholarship if meet all these criteria: 

  • You are and will remain self-funded for the duration of an Eligible Programme; 
  • At the time you enrol on an Eligible Programme (as set out below) you have achieved a first class or starred first class undergraduate degree from the University of East Anglia; 
  • You proceed immediately to a Master’s programme or the first year of a Doctorate programme. Here, immediately means that your postgraduate programme start date is within six months of the date of your graduation from an undergraduate degree studied at UEA. 
  • All other General Terms & Conditions explained in the webpage.

How to Apply

All Japanese offer holders will be contacted in early March and invited to submit a formal application for a scholarship. All eligible offer holders from South Korea are automatically considered for nomination. Deadline for applications is by 28 February 2020.

All eligible offer-holders from Sub Saharan Africa are automatically considered for this scholarship without any separate application. This scholarship would replace any amount awarded for the Sub-Saharan Africa Postgraduate (Taught) Masters Scholarships. Eligible candidates holding offers by 16 April 2020 will be automatically considered for this scholarship.

This scholarship is applied as a reduction to international tuition fees. Applicants of Sub Saharan nationality and/or domicile, holding offers to enroll for a Master’s programme in the School of International Development in 2020 will be eligible for consideration.

Completing Application

It is important to understand further about the scholarships. Many applicants might find difficulties on completing the application. Therefore, first start your application by applying online. All candidates shall complete their online application according to the given instruction. Each subject might have different ways to apply. Hence, the best is to select the suitable major or subject first before applying.  International candidates whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence of a good command of English as part of their application. For a full database of PhD studentship and self-funded opportunities, research themes and advice on writing proposals, look at the Postgraduate Research pages in the website.

General Admissions Information

If you prefer to submit a postal application please contact or call +44(0) 1603 591515 for all Postgraduate Taught courses. If you are a Postgraduate Research applicant, please contact or call +44(0) 1603 591709.

Carefully read the details of your chosen course and make sure that you meet its specific entry requirements. You can easily access this information using our course search. All students must also meet UEA’s general entry requirements, so they’re worth a look too.

Please be aware that Chinese applicants using email servers, and may have difficulty receiving messages from the University of East Anglia. If you use one of these email providers and believe you should have received a decision please contact

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If your application is unsuccessful, we completely understand that you may want to know why your application wasn’t successful at UEA. You can apply to receive feedback by writing to us within three months of the date you received notification that your application was unsuccessful. Our Admissions Office will then provide personal feedback, in writing, normally within 15 working days of receiving your request, unless they notify you otherwise.
For more detail on this process, explore our Feedback Policy.

As long as your application has not been rejected on academic grounds, you can request a formal review in writing of the final decision made on an application. To do this, you need to email the Admissions Office and detail the reason(s) why you are making an appeal. The Admissions Office will then conduct a thorough review. They will ensure that all information within your application is taken into account: ensuring zero misinterpretations and 100% correct procedures. This takes 10 working days, after which you’ll hear whether the appeal has been upheld, or rejected.

You can cancel your application at any point in the process. To do so, please inform the University Admissions Office by emailing with the following details: Name, Application ID Number, Programme applied to. If you are an international applicant and have paid your deposit, our refund policy is available here.

Those information above is quite sufficient to bring a preliminary information for all applicants. In case of needed further details and terms and condition, kindly visit the official webpage at Hence, you will get more information regarding the application process and selection criteria.

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