ARES Scholarships for Master and Training Program In Belgium

Anyone that a national of a developing country, including those who comes from Asia and Africa, is eligible to receive ARES Scholarships. Preferable those that hold a Master’s Degree and having professional experience. The scholarships will enable them to further develop the skills in a development-related topic. In case if you feel interesting with this opportunity, then spare your time to watch the below explanation including to read the criteria and admission lists.

About The Scholarships

Each year, ARES grants an average of 150 scholarships as part of the master’s program, and 70 grants for training courses, to citizens from countries in the global South. This including those that study in Africa and Asia. The Scholarships for masters and training courses offer you the chance to pursue a one-year specialized master’s degree programmed or a 4-to-6-month advanced training course within a higher education institution of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium.

Basically, the amount of the scholarships is as below:

  • For a Master Scholarships, they will receive international travel costs, living allowance, indirect mission fees, arrival allowance, tuition, return fees, registration fees, insurance fees and a travel costs that part of inter-university training. Be noted that all must completed with receipt. Except that several fees are given flat to all successfull candidate.
  • For a Training Course Grant, they will receive international travel costs, living allowance, indirect mission fees, insurance fees, and travel expenses in the framework of inter university trainings. Some will be a flat rate, but some might require a receipt for completion.
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The call for ARES Scholarships applications for the academic year 2020-2021 is now open. Deadline is by 10 January and 7 February 2020. For information, there are several fields that eligible to apply in the scholarships. The details options can be seen in the official webpage at’s-programs-for-2020-2021.

Procedure To Apply The Scholarships

Applying for an ARES grant is totally free. ARES does not charge fees at any stage of the application or selection process. You may inform us via e-mail at of any problems with individuals or companies who claim to represent ARES and request any payment. Any application form containing payment will systematically be rejected.

Furthermore, before applying it is better to download the required criteria and the form. Then fill out the application form with specific concern as detailed below:

  • It must be carefully completed and sent to ARES (rue Royale 180, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) BY POST or EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE ONLY, which must have received it by 7 FEBRUARY 2020* at the latest (we do not take into consideration the postmarked date; we only consider application files received on our offices by the deadline, at the latest);
  • NO return receipt for applications will be signed nor delivered;
  • Only applications presented on the relevant forms will be considered, in the language in which the training course is given;
  • All elements necessary for the application file (application form AND additional information requested) must be included in the same mailing AND correctly stapled or bound so that no documents are lost. No additional elements for the application sent later will be considered;
  • All applicants selected and on reserve status will receive an e-mail when selections are made (June 2020). Applicants who are not selected will receive an e-mail by the end of June 2020 at the latest;
  • Documents submitted to ARES will not be returned to applicants;
  • No response will be given to applications that do not follow the admissibility criteria clearly mentioned on the website (certified diploma, age, professional experience, etc.).
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Admissible Criteria

It is important to note that for a request to be valid, there is an admissible criteria. Even though many of the applicants mostly forget this criteria, but in this case the applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of a developing country. To be eligible, applicants must be residing and working in their country of origin when they apply. The country including countries at Asia and Africa. Specifically, only nationals of the following countries may apply for grants from ARES: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia (only for training courses in English), Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Peru, the Philippines, the DR Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam;
  • Be under the age of 40 for degree programs, and under 45 for training courses, at the time the training is scheduled to begin;
  • Have earned a diploma comparable to a graduate-level diploma from Belgian university studies. Nevertheless, for certain training courses, different requirements may be requested, which will be specified below;
  • Possess relevant professional experience in a developing country of at least two years after graduate studies, or of three years after their studies if the applicant has earned a post-grad degree from a university in an industrialized country;
  • Have good mastery of written and spoken French. For training courses held in another language, it is essential to have a proper level in the course’s language, both written and spoken. We shall insist that the applicant commit to learning French in order to take part in daily life in Belgium;
  • Apply for only one training course.

It also important to understand that the application files will not be considered if they (are):

  • incomplete;
  • sent in by e-mail or fax;
  • arrive at ARES outside of the application period (indicated on this website within the section describing how to submit an application);
  • are not presented on the relevant form (downloadable from this website), and in the language in which the training course is given;
  • do not match a training course listed on this website as one of the international courses and training available;
    refer to more than one training course;
  • do not include items that are required attachments (certified copy of diploma, etc.). Photocopies or scanned copies of certified documents are NOT accepted;
  • do not follow one of the admissibility criteria that are clearly stated on the form (certified copy of diploma, age, professional experience, etc.).
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Application Form

Download the 2020-2021 application form in English (15 pages – 258 KB) (for specialized master’s degrees in English). Then fill in the form completed with the document. In case you need more assistance and information, don’t forget to email to the above address or visit the webpage.

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