PEC Congress Scholarship: Applications are Open Now

It is a no longer surprising fact that tuition fee is expensive: if you are a student from a poorer background, accessing a higher education may seem impossible. This is one of the key answers to the question “why should I get a scholarship?” By receiving financial aid, particularly one from the PEC Congress Scholarship, it will facilitate you to get a more decent education and more opportunities that can change your life.

PEC Congress Scholarship
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No one should receive a limited education due to a lack of household income. Winning a scholarship gives you more than just a healthy bank balance. The PEC Congress Scholarship offers support to students who have won these scholarships, to help them get the most of their money.

This means that the PEC Congress Scholarship will help you experience the full benefits of the program, offering mentorship to help you with the program. This extra support can be of tremendous help to any new student, including you, and means that the college will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve the very best results you can.

According to Pakistani government statistics, nearly half of all students have a job to help them pay for their studies and living expenses. Getting a job can indeed help students financially, but they can also reduce the quality of student academic performance.

If you have to work more than 20 hours per week or more, will you be able to put any effort into your assignments? This is a harsh dilemma that most students have to face.

The main benefit of the PEC Congress Scholarship is that the need to work is eliminated. In fact, you can devote all of your time working on your academic projects. This will let you improve your grades and land a better job when you graduate.

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Moreover, when you apply for a job with a scholarship on your resume, it demonstrates that you not only studied hard in college, but that you’ve worked hard even before. If the college sees your potential and chooses you over thousands of other students, why shouldn’t employers do the same thing?

Therefore, the PEC Congress Scholarship can be an ideal problem solver for you. This program was initiated by the PEC Congress, Pakistan Engineering Congress which has been established since 1912. The PEC Congress was formed to promote the science, profession, and practice of engineering. Besides, this organization also aims to provide opportunities for its members to meet periodically, to discuss, propagate, and pursue matters of professional interest.

If you are a Pakistani student with an interest in engineering, you are encouraged to apply for this great opportunity. To find out more about the PEC Congress Scholarship, scroll to the end of this page. We have compiled a comprehensive guide covering the background to the design of this program, the requirements candidates must meet, application procedures, closing dates, and people you can contact for more information about the PEC Congress Scholarship.

Don’t forget to share this information with your colleagues who will also find this program helpful for their future studies.

PEC Congress Scholarship Program Overview

The PEC Congress Scholarship is an educational grant awarded to engineering students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The PEC Congress is looking for hundreds of outstanding students to receive this scholarship. Undergraduate students will receive an allowance of four thousand PKR per month, while postgraduate students will receive an allowance of six thousand PKR per month. You can use this advantage to pay for living expenses and all the necessities you need during the two or four years of college.

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The PEC Congress will certify one hundred undergraduate and postgraduate students each to receive the scholarship. It is hoped that once you receive the PEC Congress Scholarship, it will increase your morale and confidence in your ability to work for a better future. Rather than working in any minimum paying job to support you, choose activities that add more value to your degree.

Proceed to the next section to check if you are a worthy recipient of the scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the eligibility criteria that you must meet to win the scholarship. Failure to meet the following requirements may result in the disqualification of your application.

  • You are an undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in any engineering discipline.
  • You are not currently receiving any scholarships at the time of application for the PEC Congress Scholarship.
  • You must have a GPA of at least 75% or ¾ CGPA. If your score does not reach the predetermined limit, then you are not allowed to apply.
  • You are required to provide only valid and accurate information.

Next, learn how you can submit your application to win a PEC Congress Scholarship.

How to Apply

Before applying, it’s a good idea to prepare the following documents in advance.

  1. Attested Copies of CNIC & University ID Card
  2. Attested Copies of Last Examination Result Cards mentioning CGPA/%age & duration of the semester
  3. Bonafide certificate from the university that he/she may not be availing any other scholarship from any source etc
  4. Attested copies of B.Sc, F.Sc & Matric Certificates
  5. Attested Copy of Salary Certificate/Slip/pension slip of all earning family members
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Any other relevant document (s) necessary to support your application
  8. Domicile certificate

Then visit these links to apply according to your current level of education: click here for undergraduate students or here for postgraduate students. Here you will fill out a registration form which you will have to print out to send along with the documents that we have mentioned above.

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The information that you must include on the form includes:

  • Personal information (name, gender, CNIC, marital status, birthdate, domicile, mobile phone number, email address, mailing/postal address, permanent address, current employment status)
  • Family information (father’s name, status, professional status, designation, name of company/employer, gross monthly income)
  • Educational information (degree title, university, campus, current semester, degree session, last examination CGPA percentage, board/institution, discipline, obtained marks, total marks, division, percentage.

Click on the button “Submit Application” to save your data. Print the form by clicking on this link (for undergraduate students) or this one (for postgraduate students). Send your application by post or submit by hand to the Pakistan Engineering Congress Office. Please note not to provide false and inaccurate information.

Closing Date

Applications for the PEC Congress Scholarship will close on November 15th, 2020. Make sure you have submitted your application by the deadline. Late or incomplete submissions will be disqualified. Therefore, always make sure that you have provided the requested information and documentation.

Contact Details

Have questions about the program or feedback for the PEC Congress? Please contact the following representative.

PEC Congress (Khaqan Butt – Scholarship Coordinator)

PEC Building, 4th floor
97-A/D-1 Liberty Market, Gulburg III, Lahore

Tel.: 042-35784235

Official Website

Get the latest information on the PEC Congress Scholarship at Only visit the official website of this program periodically for the most accurate notification. Watch out for any type of fraud. Pakistan Engineering Congress never charges candidates any registration fee. A party acting on behalf of the PEC Congress and asking for a certain amount of money to be transferred as part of the registration procedure is something you should suspect.

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