Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech: an A-to-Z FAQs List

Texas Tech University offers a variety of general and merit-based scholarship programs to help ease the cost of your education at the university. One of the most generous scholarships provided by the institution is Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech, aimed to help incoming freshmen’s education.

Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech
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It is very advisable that you start applying for the opportunity as you enter your senior year in high school. To increase your chances of an academic award, applying to Texas Tech University as soon as possible is highly recommended.

What are some cool perks that students can earn by applying for the scholarship? How can you secure a spot and win the award? Find everything about Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech through this A-to-Z FAQs list.

What is a Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech?

Presidential Scholarships are awarded to entering first-time freshman of Texas Tech University who show exceptional academic ability through superior test scores and class ranking.

The annual award amounts of the scholarship pay one-half toward fall and one-half toward spring terms.

If the applicants are non-resident awarded a Presidential Scholarship, they will also qualify to pay in-state tuition. All merit awards are guaranteed for students admitted by April 15th; hence admission after this date is limited only by the availability of these scholarships.

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How do I qualify for a Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech?

If a student is eligible to receive one Presidential Scholarship from the TTU Presidential Scholarship program, the Presidential offer replaces any other Presidential scholarship offers.

Presidential Merit Scholarships Texas Tech applies only to Texas Tech University programs of study. Texas Tech University scholarships do not transfer to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), Texas Tech Costa Rica, or Angelo State University.

Please note that the opportunity to be considered for TTUHSC scholarships will be available when you apply for admission to a TTUHSC program of study.

In addition to test scores and class rank, to be eligible for the Presidential Merit Scholarship, you must be an incoming freshman, first-year college student (college credits earned through dual-credit, CLEP, or AP do not disqualify you) of Texas Tech University.

You must meet the following requirements throughout your TTU academic career:

  • Maintain cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Maintain full-time enrollment in a Texas Tech University academic program and accumulate at least 30 TTU hours per year (checked in May).
  • Keep addresses, including email addresses, current on MyTech.
  • Write a thank you letter to the scholarship donor when and as directed by the Texas Tech University Scholarship Office.
  • Attend required donor events.

Again, TTU Costa Rica Students are not eligible for scholarships.

Can I upgrade my scholarship?

If you take the SAT or ACT again and receive a higher score, or the combination of section scores from two different SAT test dates or ACT test dates would increase your scholarship, it is your responsibility to contact the TTU Scholarship Office to confirm eligibility for a higher scholarship by April 15th.

The deadline for scholarship upgrades is May 1st prior to fall enrollment.

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How can I accept the scholarship?

To secure your scholarship offer online, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “MyTech” tab.
  3. Click “Student Financial Aid and Scholarships”, then “View/ Accept Aid Package”.
  4. Select academic year and submit.
  5. Click on the “Terms and Conditions” tab for award descriptions, messages, and scholarship requirements.
  6. Scroll down to view and accept your scholarship.
  7. Scroll down and click on the link listed under “Thank You Letter” to access Texas Tech’s online thank you letter system.

What do I say in my “Thank You Letter”?

Follow these structures to write your own “Thank You Letter” for the Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech’s donors.

1. Tell the donor about yourself.

  • Hometown
  • Family Background & Information
  • High school and other experiences that led you to choose Texas Tech

2. Tell about your present situation.

  • Classification and major at Texas Tech
  • Things you enjoy or anticipate about college
  • Organizations in which you participate or plan to participate

3. Tell about your future plans.

  • What you hope to accomplish while at Texas Tech
  • Future career plans

4. Tell how the scholarship has helped you.

Some additional information worth to remember are:

  • The letter will be limited to a minimum of 1000 characters and will not allow you to exceed 4000 characters.
  • The body of the letter needs to be typed directly into the text box.
  • Select your electronic signature that will be attached to your letter.
  • Make sure you use proper grammar and correct spelling. (You communicate your intelligence through your letter and how well you use grammar, punctuation, and spelling.) If your letter does not meet collegiate level quality, it will be returned for revision.
  • You may choose to include your address or email so the donor may write you back if he or she chooses.
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Where do I submit my letter?

Financial Aid and Scholarships documents should be submitted on the Double T Dashboard.

When should I apply for the Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech?

The merit awards are guaranteed for students admitted by June 1st. Admission after this date is limited only by the availability of these scholarships.

How soon will I know if I get a scholarship?

Scholarship offer letters are sent after application deadlines (March-May for fall terms and December for spring entrants). Be sure to accept your scholarship by the deadline specified in your offer letter.

Can my scholarship get canceled?

The remainder of your scholarship will be canceled if any one of the following occurs:

  • Your GPA falls below a 2.0 for a semester
  • You break enrollment
  • You fail to meet the requirements of their scholarship probation
  • You fail to submit your donor thank you letter prior to the 20th class day of the semester.

For study abroad students, if they complete a student abroad program within a fall or spring semester, their grades and hours will not be available during grades and hours checks, resulting in scholarship cancellation.

How can I appeal for continuing my scholarship?

If a Presidential Scholar had extenuating circumstances affect their ability to successfully meet their scholarship requirements in a semester and that results in scholarship cancellation, the student may file an appeal within 30 days of cancellation by emailing the appeal and any supporting documentation to

In your appeal, please include:

  • Name
  • R#
  • Explanation of extenuating circumstance and how it affected your ability to meet your requirements for the semester
  • Attach any accompanying documentation

The Appeals Committee will consider possible your appeal and you will be notified of the outcome via email from the Scholarship Office. If the committee approves your appeal, students are asked to meet with a member of the Scholarship Office in person to go over and sign a contract prior to scholarship reinstatement.

Whom should I contact for questions regarding the scholarship?

Send your questions to:

Texas Tech University Scholarship Office

2500 Broadway, West Hall Room 205
Lubbock, TX 79409-5005
Phone: 806.742.3144

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