Here’s How to Win a Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship

Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship
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Black people in America, particularly in Hollywood stereotypes, are frequently viewed as inferior or just used for entertainment. For millennia, Black people have faced psychological and physical challenges to upward mobility due to this particular perception.

The Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship was established by three alumni of Xavier University of Louisiana in order to inspire young people of color to pursue high-caliber jobs other than those in sports or entertainment.

To help you win your own award, we have compiled all the need-to-know about the Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship, from application guidelines to clever tricks to increase your odds of winning.

What Is the Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship?

This award honors deserving high school and college students who are committed to serving their communities and who have leadership qualities and a spirit of perseverance. Each month, it is given to one talented African American student.

Max Madhere, Pierre Johnson, and Joe Semien, who founded the nonprofit organization Pulse of Perseverance with the mission of educating and inspiring young people from underrepresented groups to pursue their dreams, are responsible for awarding and presenting the scholarship.

Madhere, Johnson, and Semien were premedical students at Xavier University of Louisiana. Together, they put in a lot of effort and overcome challenges to become reputable, prosperous doctors. In their book, Pulse of Perseverance, they narrate the tale of their arduous road to achievement.

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By offering the scholarship, the founders hope to demonstrate to young black men that successful black people are not limited to athletes and entertainers. They also believe that a different future can be created by collaborating with nonprofits, educators, youth organizations, mentors, churches, and counselors.

Am I Eligible for This Scholarship?

Both high school and college students who are currently enrolled in a recognized U.S. institution are eligible for the scholarship. The best part about this scholarship is that anyone can apply, regardless of academic standing, leadership roles in school plays, or level of athletic prowess.

It is the perfect scholarship for students with low GPA.

What Information Do I Need to Apply to the Scholarship?

You are required to email the following documentation with your name in subject line to

  • Transcripts
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Proof of registration
  • College acceptance letter

How Much Money Can I Get from the Scholarship?

One eligible student will receive a $1,000 prize each month. The money can be used by a selected high school student to help families with costs associated with education, such as tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and application fees for colleges.

On the other hand, a college student who receives funding can spend it for books, fees, and applications for advanced degrees.

How Do I Apply for the Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship?

Before applying for the scholarship, you must first read the book “Pulse of Perseverance: Three Black Doctors on Their Journey to Success” which can be purchased here.

Next, write a 250-word essay focusing on how you are currently making a difference in your community and why you believe you have the “pulse of perseverance”. The essay should incorporate specific themes from the book that most resonate with you.

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You must submit a brief video explaining why you have the aforementioned pulse of perseverance and what the scholarship will mean to you in addition to the essay. The maximum length of the video is 60 seconds.

Email your essay, video clip, and supporting materials to with your name in the subject line. Every month, applications are due on the first.

When Do I Found Out Whether I Have Been Selected for the Scholarship?

You will be notified on the 15th of every month via email, and the winners will be announced through Pulse of Perseverance’s social media platforms and their websites at Then, the scholarship will be awarded during the college book tour (upcoming dates will be provided in the near future).

Following the public announcement of the scholarship winner, all payments will be mailed by USPS within three to five business days. If your name is mentioned as a winner, you must get in touch with Pulse of Perseverance through the website’s contact form to confirm your identity.

How to Raise My Odds of Winning a Pulse of Perseverance Scholarship?

As you have surely noticed, the essay is a significant component of this scholarship. You have the opportunity to present your case in the scholarship essay and convince the selection committee that you deserve to win. Additionally, it offers you the option to showcase your greatest achievements.

Make sure your scholarship essay stands out from the competition. Making extensive plans in advance is the first stage. It is possible that the quality of your essay will decrease if you wait until the last minute to write it. Give yourself plenty of time for brainstorming and editing as well.

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Then, stick to the directions and respond to the question. Although reading the instructions seems like one of the more straightforward scholarship essay suggestions, many applicants make their first mistake before they even start writing. Your prospects can be harmed if you go over or under the word limit because it indicates that you did not prepare your essay as well as other applicants.

Finally, to make your essay stand out from the crowd, incorporate examples from real life. Never be afraid to give specific instances from the real world that illustrate how you have improved your community. The essay prompt will elicit a largely consistent response from each candidate. Your moment to show off your individuality will therefore be through your unique instances.

What’s Next

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