7 Reasons Why You Should Choose The PTE Test Over Other English Tests

There are many international English certificates to evaluate your competence in English.

Consequently, sometimes, you may be overwhelmed when picking the best one matching your demands. Why not take the PTE test?

Let’s have a look at 7 reasons why you should choose the PTE test over other English tests.

What Is The PTE Test?

PTE Test

PTE stands for The Pearson Test of English, which is an English test on computers.

The primary purpose of the test is to evaluate the competence in English of test-takers from non-English-speaking countries looking forward to joining universities in countries using English as their common language.

The PTE test varies in three levels, from the simplest to the international university-approved one: the basic Young Learners PTE, General PTE tests, and the PTE Academic.

This test is for people to prove their ability in English and apply for university courses abroad. Test-takers will be challenged to complete a set of tests assessing four skills Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading in three consecutive hours.

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All the tests will be displayed and interacted with via computer. This is an innovative point compared to other traditional international certificate English tests.

Why You Should Choose The PTE Test Over Other English Tests

1. Advantageous AI Scoring System

After you finish a PTE exam, there won’t be any human-being examiners grading your tests. On the other hand, the PTE system utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess the performance of the examinee.

You don’t need to worry about the precision of the computer-based examiner’s evaluation. Since the scoring system of PTE is rewarded with the GSE certificate, Global Scale of English, the scoring mechanism algorithm can reach human-like levels.

2. Enroll And Receive Your Results Quickly

Test-takers can register for a PTE test online with easy and simple procedures. More impressively, the PTE test offers examinees outstanding flexibility in the dates and avenues of taking the test.

You can register for a test within 24 hours before the test begins, which is barely seen in any other international English test. What’s more, you can choose any date from 365 days in the year to start your PTE test.

After completing the test, PTE will give you results within 48 hours from your finish. You can choose both the paper and digital results from PTE.

3. Various Chances To Improve Your Results

If you fail to achieve your desired PTE score on the first try, don’t worry; PTE can give you numerous chances to improve your result.

You can find hundreds of PTE mock tests and practice tests online, so it’s convenient to work out what’s going on with your failure and focus on it with daily practice and get better scores.

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4. Can Be Used For Migration And Visa Applications

Going to study abroad or seeking a high-paid job in a foreign country share the same foremost requirement, a certificate of a person’s competence in English for their education, work, and daily life. Fortunately, a PTE test with an internationally approved certificate can be a worthy quality for anyone applying for university courses in English-speaking countries.

The results can be approved for the application for visas and migration in many countries worldwide, especially in Australia and New Zealand. That’s not to mention the 3,300+ institutions that accept PTE Academic

5. Many Available Testing Venues

PTE is an international English proficiency test with branches in more than 70 nations globally. You can choose any center from over 400 centers providing PTE tests around the world. To identify the closest PTE testing center, search for the location on the official website.

6. Prepare All The Essential Knowledge At Home

People taking other international certificate English tests must pay thousands of dollars for extra courses. However, PTE test-takers can stay home but still equip themselves with all the notable and useful knowledge before taking the real test.

PTE provides examinees with sources of documents for revision and improvement of their English online. Although you must pay a small fee for the practice tests, it will be available for permanent use.

7. Innovative Test Format

The PTE’s test format is upgraded so that it will eliminate the external factor affecting the result of candidates. In detail, examinees in the Speaking test won’t have to respond to a human interviewer, but you only have to read the questions and speak your answers with a recorder, which is subsequently submitted to the examiners for grading.

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By doing this, candidates won’t feel shy while speaking with strange people, resulting in poor speaking test results.

What Is The Difference Between The PTE Test Vs Other Tests?

Versus IELTS

Everything is graded and assessed by computer, so the result will not be affected by the emotions of each individual. Human examiners are in charge of all the stages, so the emotional issue may sometimes impact their decision in marking.
Two hours required to complete the whole test. The speaking test may be held differently from the other three skills.
Know your test results in 48 hours and receive the official report within working days. At least 13 days until you know your test results.
PTE Academic test is available for test-takers daily. The test is held only once a week.

Versus TOEFL

48 hour for publishing results and no more than 5 working days for publishing the official score report. 6 days for publishing results.
PTE Academic examinees can take one test per day around the year. TOEFL examinees must wait 12 days between each test.
Unlimited sending of score reports to universities worldwide. It takes about 48 hours for universities to receive the report. You can send TOEFL score reports to 4 universities only. Universities must wait about 11 days to receive the report.


What Is PTE Vs IELTS Score Conversion?

30 4.5
36 5.0
42 5.6
50 6.0
58 6.5
65 7.0
73 7.5
79 8.0
83 8.5
86 9.0

How Popular Is The PTE Test?

PTE score report is accepted by countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, etc, as a means to prove a person’s adequate proficiency in English when applying for Visa and Immigration.

Furthermore, more than 3000 international universities allow students with a valid PTE score entrance report.

Bottom Lines

The PTE test is an internationally approved English certificate for people who want to apply for a visa and immigration to an English-speaking country.

We hope that 7 reasons why you should choose the PTE test over other English tests have convinced you of the importance of this test.

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