Free Full and Partial Scholarships for Ghanaian Students

Scholarships are offered all around the world with different purposes including degree studies, short courses, research activities, teacher training and other sorts of professional training activities, exchange programs, and many more. People usually seek scholarships to ease their financial burdens and/or obtain recognition for their academic or non-academic achievements.

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If you are a Ghanaian who is looking for the perfect scholarship for your needs, read the following overviews of scholarships for Ghanaian students!

  1. GNPC Scholarship

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) is Ghana’s National Oil Company (NOC), established in 1983 to support the government’s objective of providing adequate and reliable supply of petroleum products and reducing the country’s dependence on crude oil imports, through the development of the country’s own petroleum resources. As much as the Corporation cares about the country’s development, it also notices the potentials in Ghanaian youth. Therefore, GNPC also provides support to Ghanaian youths by establishing GNPC Foundation. This Foundation provides financial support to the people in Ghana by giving out scholarships.

The GNPC Foundation Foreign Scholarship is a highly selective full scholarship offered to Ghanaians to further their studies abroad. The awards are for master’s and PhD studies. The scholarship consists of the following benefits for the recipients:

    • Approved airfare to and from the recipient’s home country to the country of study and back after the completion of studies
    • Approved tuition fees
    • Stipend (living allowance)
    • Book allowance
    • One-time warm clothing allowance, where applicable
    • Dissertation allowance
    • Provision towards the cost of fieldwork undertaken overseas (usually the cost of one economy class return airfare to the recipient’s fieldwork location), where approved

The scholarship is offered only to Ghanaian students who are permanent residents in Ghana. Preferred areas of study are Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Special-needs Education. Applicants for this GNPC Foundation Foreign Scholarship should have obtained admission to undertake a master’s or PhD program, but not already pursuing the study at the time of application, at the concerning institution of higher education abroad. Applicants holding offer from tuition-free universities are highly preferred.

  1. Tullow Scholarship Scheme

The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) is aimed at building capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries experience significant skills gaps, especially, but not exclusively, around these countries’ oil and gas industries. It is aligned with Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in countries where it operates. The Tullow Group Scholarships are vocational, technical and postgraduate scholarships available to individuals in Tullow’s operating countries in Africa and South America, and are entirely managed by British Council.

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Scholarships are available to those committed to making a contribution to their country’s development. The Scheme gives candidates a chance to receive a high standard of education from locally and internationally recognized institutions, which could then be applied in the scholar’s home country.

The TGSS sponsors candidates from various educational backgrounds through the following programs:

    • International Postgraduate Scholarships (Master’s and Postgraduate diploma): Successful applicants to this program will pursue courses in leading international institutions in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and France that meet the immediate and priority skills required by the oil and gas and supporting or auxiliary industries. The scholarship is opened to specific government or state agency personnel and the general public in accordance with the requirements, set rules and criteria of the scheme. The application and selection process is open, with transparent and comprehensive criteria, reaching those who would contribute to the economic growth in their own countries.
    • Tullow Technical Training Scholarships: This is aimed at increasing accessibility of the scheme to individuals in the targeted communities of the Western Region of Ghana. Successful applicants under this scholarship program will pursue a six month course at the Jubilee Technical Training Centre in Takoradi (Ghana) certified at UK NVQ level 2 by TTE Technical Training, UK.

Candidates who apply for the award are screened and assessed based on set criteria to be trained in courses including Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation. The sponsorship award is targeted at graduates from

    • Senior High Schools
    • Vocational/Technical Training schools
    • Polytechnics with Higher National Diploma or diploma certificates
    • Any other relevant professional qualification
  1. Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

The Scholarships Secretariat in Ghana is an organization under the office of the president that is mandated to handle and award government scholarships for human resource development and growth of the country.

    • Chinese Government Scholarship: Applications are invited from qualified Ghanaian students for the awards which are tenable in universities in the People’s Republic of China. The scholarships are for Master’s and PhD levels of study in the following areas:
      • Health (Biochemistry / Microbiology, etc.)
      • Science and Technology (Electronic and Electrical Engineering, etc.)
      • Agricultural Science
      • Social Sciences
      • ICT
    • Ghana Scholarships Secretariat – GIET Institutions, India: Full and partial scholarships offered to qualified Ghanaian students to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in relevant programs as listed below:
      • Undergraduate Bachelor of Technology Programs
        • Mining Engineering
        • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
        • Civil Engineering
        • Electronics and Communication Engineering
        • Mechanical Engineering
        • Automobile Engineering
        • Computer Science and Engineering
        • Petroleum Engineering
      • Postgraduate Master of Technology Programs
        • Compute Science and Engineering
        • Software Engineering
        • VLSI & Embedded Systems (ECE)
        • Power Systems (Electrical)
        • Computer Aided Design and Manufacture – CAD / CAM (MECH)
        • Digital Electronics and Communication Systems (ECE)
        • Structural Engineering (CIVIL)
        • Thermal Engineering (MECH)
      • Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Application Programs
        • Business Management
        • Computer Applications
      • Pharmacy Programs (Bachelor / Doctoral of Pharmacy)
      • Master of Pharmacy Programs
        • Pharmaceutical Analysis
        • Pharmaceutical Technology
        • Pharmaceutics
        • Pharmacology
      • Undergraduate Degree Programs
        • Bachelor of Science – Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
        • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
        • B.Com. (Computer Applications)
        • Bachelor of Business
        • Administration / Management
    • Russian Federation Scholarship: Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ghanaians who wish to be considered for scholarship awards tenable in institutions of higher learning in the Russian Federation. Eligible subject areas are:
      • Undergraduate: General and Clinical Medicine, Nuclear Science and Technology, Natural, Engineering and Computer Sciences and Technology, Agriculture and Agricultural and Sciences, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Electronic / Radio Engineering and Communication and the Social Sciences.
      • Postgraduate: Clinical Medicine (Residency Training), Nuclear Energy and Technology, Natural, Engineering and Computer Science and Technology, Overland Transport Technologies (Railways, Bridge and Subway Construction), Veterinary Sciences.
    • The Government of Ghana – Koç University, Turkey Scholarships: Scholarships offered to Ghanaians to study in various disciplines at the master’s and doctoral levels as follows:
      • Law, Social Sciences and Humanities
      • Engineering and Basic Sciences
      • Health Sciences
      • Business Administration
    • Mauritus – Africa Scholarship Scheme: Scholarships for full-time, on campus undergraduate studies in Public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Mauritus, offered to qualified Ghanaian students. Courses with these scholarships are to be taken at one of the following Public HEIs:
      • University of Technology, Mauritus (March and August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Mauritus Institute of Training and Development (March and August intake) – Undergraduate only
      • Polytechnics Mauritus Ltd. (March and August intake) – Undergraduate only
      • University of Mauritus (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Université des Mascareignes (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Fashion and Design Institute (August intake) – Undergraduate only
      • Mauritus Institute of Education (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Mahatma Gandhi Institute (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Open University of Mauritus (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
      • Rabindranath Tagore Institute (August intake) – Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    • Hungary Government Scholarships: Scholarships for Ghanaian students to study in various disciplines at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels in Hungary. Applicants for master’s and doctoral studies must have completed national service to be eligible for this scholarship.
    • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships: Applications are invited from qualified candidates for awards tenable in institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom. The awards are intended for Ghanaian men and women of high intellectual promise who will be expected to make significant contribution to the achievement of the overall development objectives of the country on their return from their studies. The Commonwealth Scholarships are for the master’s (one year) and PhD levels of study. The scholarships are offered under 6 development themes and all candidates must apply under one of these themes:
      • Science and technology for development
      • Strengthening health systems and capacity
      • Promoting global prosperity
      • Strengthening global peace, security and governance
      • Strengthening resilience and response to crises
      • Access, inclusion and opportunity
  1. GETFund Scholarship

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public trust that is mandated to provide funding to supplement government effort for the provision of educational infrastructure and facilities within the public sector from the pre-tertiary to the tertiary level.

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The Ghana Education Trust Fund is accepting scholarship applications for Master’s programs only. Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the GETFund administrator.

    • Application Letter
    • Copy of Admission Letter
    • Fee Schedule
    • Copy of Curriculum Vitae
    • Copy of first degree certificate
    • Copy of previous transcript
    • Copy of National Service Certificate
  1. Mastercard Scholarship KNUST

The Mastercard Foundation is an independent foundation based in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the largest private foundations in the world. Through its work with partner organizations, it provides greater access to education, skills training and financial services for people living in poverty, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at KNUST provides academically talented yet economically disadvantaged young people in Ghana and Africa with access to quality and relevant university education. the Scholars Program embodies an array of mentoring and cultural transition services to ensure the scholar’s academic success, community engagement and transition to employment opportunities which will further the goal of social and economic transformation of Africa. The scholarship includes:

    • Comprehensive financial support (full tuition, fully paid on-campus accommodation, learning materials, transportation and monthly stipend).
    • Regular group meetings with other scholars that focus on personal and professional development opportunities and activities tailored to build societal relationships and scholars’ capacity.
    • Continued academic support through academic mentoring, virtual learning, life and career coaching, and tutoring.
    • Opportunities to participate in leadership congresses, community services and mentoring, and uniquely sourced internships.
    • An academic environment where faculty and students engage with global issues.
    • The prestige of becoming part of the growing family of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Alumni and the Global Scholars Community.
    • The opportunity to be enrolled on an accelerated Master’s Degree after undergraduate studies with an CF Partner institution in the USA.

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