7 Little-Known Scholarships in Monaco for International Students

Despite being the most densely populated country in the world – holding over 20,000 people in just 1.95 km2 – Monaco is a very diverse and interesting place to live and study abroad, with a large part of the country’s population being from foreign countries.

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Out of Monaco’s total of 10 higher education institutions, only one is a university, the International University of Monaco (IUM). All courses offered at IUM are delivered in English.

If you like studying in a diverse environment, and would like to have the opportunity to meet people of 125 different nationalities all in the same place, you might as well consider to study in Monaco. Below are some of the scholarships in Monaco for international students that you may not know, exist. These scholarships are intended to financially support your stay and study in Monaco.

  1. IUM Monaco Scholarship

    Different types of scholarships offered to assist students in funding their studies. When granted, the amount may range from €1,000 to €5,000. International University of Monaco (IUM) program acceptance criteria are based on merit and your financial situation won’t be taken into account when making the admission decisions. IUM offers a number of scholarships to assist you in funding your studies. In addition, some of the best financing options available to prospective students may also be found in their country of origin or residence. While some of IUM students receive aid from the University in the form of scholarships and awards, through sources in their home countries, or through sponsorship by their company, most use personal savings or take out loans in order to finance their tuition and living expenses while studying at IUM. To help access the financial obligations required to attend IUM, you must first acquaint yourself with the program tuition and fees and an estimate of living expenses. While the Office of Admissions will do its best to assist you in meeting your financial needs, the responsibility of financing your degree ultimately lies with you.

The IUM Undergraduate and Graduate Merit-based Scholarship will be awarded to applicants who show outstanding academic achievement, extraordinary leadership potential, and a significant contribution to the mission of the University.

  1. Papyrus Association Private Scholarships

    A number of various scholarships for study in Monaco.

    • The Paul Scholarship: Available to everyone for Literature Studies. The amount depends on the project.
    • The Marc Exchange: Scholarship awarded to students for Medical or Health education projects. The amount depends on the project.
    • The Tote Exchange: Scholarship dedicated to study projects abroad. The amount depends on the project.
    • The Stéphane Scholarship: Available to anyone pursuing studies in Management Sciences. The amount depends on the project.
    • Robert Grant: Rewards a project of studies in Law or Political Science. The amount of grant depends on the project.
    • Noah Stock Exchange: Rewarded to students pursuing studies in Marketing or Communication Sciences. The amount depends on the project.
    • Thomas Grant: Scholarships for studies in Engineering or Digital Science. The amount of scholarship depends on the project.
    • Jackleen Scholarship: Awards intended to support students in Artistic Studies. The amount depends on the project.
    • Handicap Award: Awards that support students and students with disabilities. It targets four main fields of action: secondary education, higher education, working life and social inclusion. This also applies to students with disabilities who wish to continue their higher education (BTS, IUT, CPGE, Universities, Grandes écoles, CFA, etc.) or active / inactive in search of vocational training degree. The amount of awards depends on the project.

To be eligible for the Papyrus Association Private Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Aged between 17 and 27 years old
    • Priority to young people in the PACA region
    • Priority to social attributes on academic attributes
  1. Foreign Language Development Grant from the Government of Monaco

    Offered by the Department of Education, Youth and Sport in Monaco, the Grant Program is available to those who intend to travel abroad in order to develop their foreign language skills. These grants are available to school pupils (aged 11 or over) and university students:

    • Monegasque national
    • Spouse of a Monegasque national
    • Dependent of a Monegasque national
    • One of whose parents is a civil servant
    • Resident for at least 10 years
  1. Monaco Government Grants for Work Experience Placement

    In this scheme, you can benefit from a grant for a work experience placement if you are:

    • Monegasque
    • The spouse of a Monegasque national, and not legally separated
    • Born of a Monegasque ascendant and resident in the Principally or in a neighboring department at the time of the application
    • From a household where both parents are Monegasque and resident in the Principality or in a neighboring department at the time of application
    • The dependent of a Monegasque national and resident in the Principality or in a neighboring department at the time of the application
    • Resident in the Principality for at least 10 years

At the time of the application for a grant, you must:

    • Either be following a course of study in a higher education establishment (general, professional or technological training)
    • Or have finished your training without ever having been in paid employment, apart from seasonal employment

You must be aged 30 or over at the time of application. No requests will be considered after the work experience placement has begun.

  1. Monaco Government Study Grants for Dependent and Independent Students

    Two types of grants offered by the Monaco government’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport for studies:

    • Grants for dependents in the parental home: Monegasque applicants can benefit from a greater contribution towards tuition fees for diploma courses run by top-flight educational establishments, a list of which has been drawn up by Ministerial Decree. In principle, for these establishments, the State now determines the amount of the study grant awarded based on actual tuition fees, with a percentage of the fees covered ranging from 40% to 100%, depending on the family quotient of the candidate’s household.
    • Grants for applicants in an independent household: A student living in independent accommodation in Monaco is classed as an independent household. Additionally, he or she must be an apprentice or a salaried worker, employed for more than 15 hours per week, or married to an apprentice or salaried worker employed for more than 15 hours per week. Monegasque applicants can benefit from a greater contribution towards tuition fees for diploma courses run by top-flight educational establishments, a list of which has been drawn up by Ministerial Decree. In principle, for these establishments, the State now determines the amount of the study grant awarded based on actual tuition fees. The percentage of the contribution will vary between 40% and 100% of fees, depending on the income and size of the applicant’s household.
  1. Subsidy for Canteen

    Pupils educated in state educational establishments in the Principality who fulfill the conditions below can benefit from a subsidy for canteen. This subsidy is intended to help pupil’s parents or legal guardians with the cost of canteen. Applications must be made before November 16 of the current school year. Pupils who belong to one of the categories below can request the canteen subsidy:

    • Pupils of Monegasque nationality, or, if they are foreigners, who have the right to opt for the aforesaid nationality
    • Pupils of foreign nationality born of a Monegasque ascendant; from a family where one of the parents is Monegasque; or the dependent of a Monegasque national
    • Pupils of foreign nationality who are dependents or orphans of a Government or Commune officials, or of an employee of a public institution or a French authority based in the Principality in accordance with the Treaty for at least five years, in employment or retired, and in the latter case, living in Monaco or one of the neighboring towns
    • Pupils of foreign nationality whose parents have lived in Monaco for at least 10 years

The parents must also fulfill one of the following conditions:

    • Be a widowed, divorced or separated father or a widowed, divorced or separated mother
    • A family in which both parents carry out a professional activity
    • A family with at least three children living at home
  1. Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Scholarships

    Dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale. The Foundation supports initiatives of public and private organizations, in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation and socially-aware practices. The Foundation supports projects in three main geographical zones and focuses its efforts on three main areas:

    • The Mediterranean basin, due to the geographic position of the Principality of Monaco
    • The Polar Regions, as privileged indicators of climate change evolutions
    • The Least Developed Countries (as defined by the United Nations official list), such as the countries in Sahelian Africa, which are severely impacted by the effects of climate change, the loss of biodiversity and water shortage.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Award rewards the figures who contribute to the preservation of the environment. Through the Prince Albert II of Monaco Scholarships, the Foundation offers a scholarship program for the Online Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change Management to impart higher-level skills and intellectual capital to local stakeholders in the least developed countries and those most vulnerable to Climate Change. This Program provides 20 students with advanced knowledge and skills in the science, economics and policy of climate change management. It trains them in the latest thinking in addressing global climate change, covering adaptation and mitigation solutions across a wide range of sectors and regions.

The scholarships provide the tools to mitigate the impact of climate change by influencing and informing policy development, developing local solutions, capitalizing on local knowledge and increasing understanding of the local effects of climate change.

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