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Study in Korea through Korean Government Scholarships 2019

Study in Korea

Study in Korea is an interesting thing to consider. Especially for developing countries who wish for better education opportunities. Completed with hundreds of national, public and private universities, Korea is one of the best candidates that promote and support education for all nations. Furthermore, currently Korea is top of the World’s chart of the Best World Study Abroad Destination. Making this country is one of the eligible places to count on. Therefore, for those who require on the scholarship’s opportunity, below are several related information.

It is a wonderful opportunity to get Korea as the study place. As one of the Best World Study Abroad Destination, applying student visa to this country is not difficult to perform. This is one of the reasons many international students prefer to study in Korea. Furthermore, Korea is well known with its specific culture and outstanding education programme. Which is equal to the universities listed in European or American countries.

It is also not a secret that Korean graduate is well respected throughout the world. Mainly for their specialization on engineering and information technology. Even 6 of Korean Universities were now parts of the top 400 world universities. This makes Korea as one of the admitted countries in the education world. By providing a scholarships fund for international students, the chance of experience an advance study with Korea education is no longer a dream.

korean government scholarships

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About Korean Government Scholarships

To promote and support education for international students, Korean Government is providing a study opportunity for many nations focusing on the developing countries. This also a part of strengthening Korea-friendly networks worldwide.  Therefore, to support with this commitment, Korean Government providing scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PHD for various developing countries. Through the scholarships, not only help the developing countries to get a better chance of education, but also to grow the friendship and bilateral relationship among the exchange students of each supported countries.

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Korean Government Scholarships Benefit

The scholarships are offered with many lists of benefit. Particularly, the scholarships will cover for the education tuition fee including all related necessary supports. Therefore, the scholarships receiver not only will be covered for their tuition fee, but also will get several benefits listed below:

  • Airfare cost return;
  • Stipend fee;
  • Medical insurance for student worth up to KRW 20,000 per month;
  • Settlement allowance depends on the study location and region;
  • Language course allowance up to KRW 800,000 per quarter;
  • Research supports funds worth up to KRW 240,000 per semester;
  • Printing costs for a dissertation worth up to KRW 800,000;
  • Completion grants up to KRW 100,000 which received once.

Be note that the scholarships will be completed with the Korean Language Course package. This is because the Korean Language is quite specific and needs time to learn. Therefore, every candidate who wins the scholarships will also receive below packages along with the studies:

  • Associate Degree will get 1 year of Korean Language Course and 2 years of study.
  • Bachelors Degree will get 1 year of Korean Language Course and 4 years of study.
  • Master Degree will get 1 year of Korean Language Course and 2 years of study.
  • Doctoral Degree will get 1 year of Korean Language Course and 3 years of study.

Korean Government Scholarships Criteria

In basic, the selection process is divided into three parts. The first step is to submit the application through the Korean Embassy or through partnering universities in the country. The second steps are to select the successful candidates through NIIED committee. The third process is to get admission from the selected universities. In summary, the selection process can be concluded as a tight process. Hence, the selected candidates can categorize as an excellent student among others.

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The selecting criteria also consist of several requirements. It is important to check on the specific criteria to make sure that your application will be processed accordingly. For further detail criteria of applying for the scholarships, check on below lists of points:

  • The candidates shall not hold Korean citizenship. This scholarship dedicated to eligible developing countries such as Libya, Sudan or Ruanda. Therefore, it is better to check whether your country is part of the listed countries first before applying.
  • The candidates divided into two groups of ages. The KGSP-G shall age under 40 years and KGSP-U shall age under 25.
  • In terms of health, the candidates shall mentally and physically healthy. This shall be proven with a relevant letter of evidence from the medical record or test. Therefore, the scholarship is only applicable to normal students, not to disabled.
  • The applicant shall also hold several categorize of degree. The KGSP-G shall hold at least a Bachelor or Master Degree. While the KGSP-U shall hold at least a high school diploma.
  • The candidates shall also hold cumulative GPA with a scale minimum of 2.64 of 4.00 or 3.23 of 5.00.

Korean Government Scholarships Application

If interest to apply for the scholarships, there are several steps to perform. Make sure to get the correct information related to the application process. Otherwise, the application may reject or not fill in the requirements. In details, the application process normally is listed below:

  • Through the Korean Embassy. Therefore, the candidates shall check the requirements that need to be submitted through the Korean Embassy. One of the important points is to provide the supporting documents and application letter.
  • Through the partnering universities in Korea. Therefore, it will be better to check your desired universities and asked for application information. Start from the needed documentation and including the selection dates. For information, the KGSP-G selection process started from around February and the final result usually announces in June. While for the KGSP-U selection process is held from September with the announcement of the result in December.
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Those all the complete information related to the Korean Government Scholarships 2019. Therefore, if wish to apply and get the opportunity, it will be better to prepare all the requested criteria accordingly. It will be great to have the chance getting the experience to study in this beautiful country. Not only get the chance of better education, but knowing Korean culture is also a pleasant moment. If the information provided here is not sufficient, please check the details on their webpage:

Happy applying!

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