6 Scholarships in Brazil You Didn’t Know Before

Brazil is home to some of the best universities in the world, in spite the fact that it is a country with a developing economy. Many of its best higher education institutions have climbed significantly in the QS World University Rankings over the past few years. There are over 2,300 higher education institutions in Brazil that are recognized by Brazil’s Ministry of Education (MEC). This leads to attractive opportunities for international students who wish to study in Brazil.

In addition, Brazil also has a number of scholarship opportunities to offer, both to Brazilian and international students. International scholarships in Brazil are available for all levels of study including undergraduate, masters, doctoral and PhD / post-doctoral study levels. Many of the international scholarships are also available for research activities in Brazil.

International Scholarships in Brazil
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Here are the top 6 international scholarships in Brazil that you must try to apply for if you wish to study or conduct a research in Brazil.

  1. OAS Brazil Scholarship: The ninth consecutive edition of the Brazil Scholarship PAEC OAS-GCUB 2019 offers 513 scholarship opportunities to outstanding citizens of OAS Member States to pursue master’s or doctorate programs in Brazilian universities. This Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC) between the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Division of Educational Topics and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) is open now and the deadline to apply is August 7, 2019. Scholarship recipients will benefit the following from the scholarship program:
    • Full tuition waiver (program cost)
    • Partial monthly stipend for living expenses, taking as reference the value of CAPES as the minimum (covered by host universities). The monthly stipend does not intend to cover all living expenses, the student must be prepared and have the necessary funding to compliment all living expenses.
    • A one-time grant of $1,200 USD to be disbursed once the student arrives at the university to the first 150 ranked candidates
    • Free Portuguese language support
    • The benefits are available for up to 24 months for Master’s and 48 months for Doctorate degrees

Only students who are citizens and/or permanent residents of any OAS Member States except from Brazil are eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity. These OAS Member States are (excluding Brazil):

Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Applicants must not have received other academic scholarships from the OAS or from Brazil for the same level of studies as that for which they want to apply. Applicants must also hold a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) to apply to a Master’s and/or a Doctorate program. There is no Portuguese language requirement at the application stage. However, scholarship recipients must show proof of superior intern=mediate level of Portuguese before completing their studies in Brazil.

  1. PAPFE at the University of São Paulo: A support program for students attending undergraduate courses at the University of São Paulo, who are facing socioeconomic difficulties. The Program aims to help students to maintain and expand their academic activities in order to complete their studies – preventing dropouts and contribute to the full academic education. The Program provides grants and scholarships for students who are classified socioeconomically by the Social Services of all campuses, using the unified criteria. The grants and scholarships that make up the PAPFE / Graduation are intended for students enrolled in a full-time study mode at the University, for their first degree. Applications from graduate students are not accepted. Recipients of the grants and scholarships will receive housing support, books and living allowance, maintenance assistance (only for EACH / USP East students) and transportation allowance (only for students of the Campuses of the Interior).
  2. CNPq Scholarships: Various scholarships offered for study and research in the field of science and technology, in institutes, technological centers and vocational training centers, both in Brazil and abroad. The scholarships are available to all students, from high school to postgraduate students.
    • Junior Scientific Initiation (ICJ): Designed to encourage elementary, high school and professional students to build their potential talents by participating in scientific and technological research activities guided by a qualified researcher in higher education institutions or research institutes / centers. The scholarship consists of monthly stipend worth R$100 and the duration is up to 12 months (renewable).
    • Scientific Initiation (IC): Designed for undergraduate students to improve their talents by participating in research projects guided by qualified researchers. The scholarship is a monthly stipend of R$ 400 per month. The duration is up to 12 months and the scholarships are renewable.
    • Master’s Degree – GM: Master’s scholarships to support human resources training at postgraduate level. The scholarship is a monthly payment worth R$ 1,500, available for up to 24 months and is not renewable.
    • Doctorate – GD: Doctorate scholarships to support human resources training at postgraduate level. The scholarship is a monthly stipend worth R$ 2,200, and is not renewable. The duration of the scholarship is up to 48 months.
    • Sandwich Doctorate in the country – SWP: Support students formally enrolled in a PhD course for the development of their theses with another research group. The scholarship consists of a monthly stipend worth R$ 2,200, travel aid, and round-trip air tickets (for when students need to travel in a distance more than 350 km). The scholarship is available from 2 to 6 months and is not extendable.
    • Junior Post-Doctorate – PDJ: Supports students in internships and research projects conducted with groups and institutions of recognized excellence in the candidate’s area of expertise. The scholarship recipient will benefit monthly payment, monthly bench fee, installation aid, displacement aid, and round-trip air tickets for when the researchers need to travel more than 350 km. The scholarship is worth R$ 4,100 and is available for the duration from 6 to 12 months (extendable for up to 12 months).
    • Senior Post-Doctorate – PDS: Internship and research projects with groups and recognized institutions in the candidate’s area of expertise. This Program aims to consolidate and update the knowledge in the candidate’s line of research. The scholarship is worth R$ 4,400 and consists of monthly payment, monthly bench fee, installation assistance, displacement aid, and round-trip air tickets for when researchers need to travel over 350 km. The scholarship is available from 6 to 12 months and is extendable for up to 12 months.
    • Regional Scientific and Technological Development – DCR: Designed to encourage the establishment of human resources with experience in science, technology and innovation and to recognize professional competence in higher education and research institutions, public research and development companies, private companies and microenterprises working in scientific and technological research. The awards are worth from R$ 4,200 to R$ 6,200 (depending on the framing level) and are available for up to 36 months. The award consists of monthly payment, installation assistance, displacement aid, and round-trip air tickets for when researchers need to travel over 350 km.
  1. KODAK Student Scholarship Program: International scholarships for students studying in selected countries (including Brazil) to study film, film production or cinematography.
    • UFVF / KODAK Student Scholarship Program: Scholarships available to students with professional filmmaking talents and academic excellence. The selection will be based on professional filmmaking potential, academic excellence and the overall quality of the work submitted, with particular attention to expression, interpretation and construction of the visual image.
    • UFVF / KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award: Nominees will be evaluated solely on the quality of their cinematography skills. A world-renowned cinematographer will judge the final selection of Student Cinematography nominees.
  1. Afidavit Science and Law School Scholarship: Fully-funded scholarships for international students to pursue studies in Science and Law. The Program is an initiative taken by Afidavit Institute of Judicial Practice to sponsor international students from all over the world to study for free in any Science or Law school under 1000 QS University Rank. This fully-funded scholarship is open to undergraduate, masters and doctoral level students in Science and Law schools only. The scholarship consists of the following:
    • Undergraduate level:
      • Full tuition fee
      • Allowance for accommodation in University shared a dormitory
      • Health insurance funds allocation
    • Postgraduate level
      • Full tuition fee
      • Allowance for accommodation in University shared a dormitory
      • Health insurance funds allocation
      • Monthly living expense of USD 500 (first year – extendable based on performance)
    • PhD level:
      • Full tuition fee
      • Allowance for accommodation in University shared a dormitory
      • Health insurance funds allocation
      • Monthly living expense of USD 800 (first year – extendable based on performance)
      • One international conference traveling and accommodation allowance will be provided
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The total number of scholarship awardees depends on the total number of qualified applicants. The deadline to apply for the Law school scholarship is November 30, 2019 for the first session and June 30, 2020 for the second session.

  1. FAPESP’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Aimed at distinguished researchers with a recent doctorate degree and a successful research track record. The fellowship enables the development of research within higher education and research institutions located in the State of São Paulo. Candidates of the post-doctoral fellowship program are selected through international competition. Candidates should have completed their doctoral programs no more than 7 years prior to application and the proposed research project should be strongly linked to the work being developed by the proposed host group in São Paulo.

The post-doctoral fellowships are granted for 24 months and can be renewed for 12 months. When associated with FAPESP funded larger projects (e.g. Thematic Projects, RIDCs, Young Investigator Awards and the Biota Program), fellowships can last up to 48 months, provided it is within the term of the project to which it is linked. Fellowships are not awarded for periods shorter than six months.

The fellowship includes a monthly stipend of R$ 7,373.10 and research contingency funds that are intended for use in activities developed by the Fellowship holder, strictly related to the fellowship research project, during the term of the fellowship. The funds are equivalent to 15 percent of the annual value of the fellowship. Applications are accepted any time of the year.

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