Seattle Times Announces Summer 2024 Internships

Seattle, WA – The Seattle Times is inviting ambitious journalism students to apply for its coveted Summer 2024 Internships, a remarkable opportunity for budding journalists to gain practical experience at a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper.

Founded in 1896, The Seattle Times remains a family-owned entity renowned for its independent, impactful journalism. Serving the Pacific Northwest, the newspaper combines traditional media’s values and integrity with innovative digital capabilities, reaching an established audience of over 2.1 million.

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Photojournalism Internship

Hands-On Experience in Journalism

This paid internship extends over 10 weeks during which interns will collaborate closely with experienced and award-winning professionals. Selected interns will engage in diverse real-world assignments, contributing significantly to both the print and digital platforms of The Seattle Times.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for this prestigious internship is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, including those graduating, from a four-year college or university, as well as graduate students. Preferred candidates should be journalism majors or demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in journalism, showcasing adept social media and digital skills. Previous internship experience in news organizations will be an added advantage.

Inclusivity and Diversity

The Seattle Times upholds the values of diversity and inclusivity in its newsroom. Applicants from underrepresented communities are particularly encouraged to apply, especially those who understand the significance of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences in media.

Essential Qualifications and Application Process

  • Access to Personal Vehicle: Required for the duration of the internship.
  • Photo Equipment: Applicants must provide their own photography gear.
  • Application Procedure:
    • Submit applications exclusively via the application link, with no mail, email, or telephone submissions accepted.
    • Resume and cover letter should adhere to the format: Internship-Document-ApplicantName.
    • Three references are necessary, including at least one from a current or former supervisor.
    • An online portfolio showcasing a range of works is crucial for consideration.
    • The application deadline is set for Friday, November 3, 2023, at 4 p.m. PST.
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Compensation and Benefits

Interns will be compensated at $19.97 per hour. Additional perks include paid holidays, discounted parking, public transit subsidy, and a complimentary subscription to The Seattle Times.

Selection Process

Following the application deadline, the selection process may take up to six weeks. Applicants are advised not to follow up; they will be notified of the decision after the review period. Queries related to application assistance can be sent to

For more details, to apply, or to request reasonable accommodations during the application process, visit the official application link or contact the Human Resources department at This internship is not just a job, but an opportunity to join a leading news organization committed to stories that matter.

Metro Reporter Internship

Internship Overview

This 10-week, hands-on internship program offers a unique chance to work alongside some of the most talented individuals in the journalism field, including Pulitzer Prize-winning staff at one of the Northwest’s most influential daily news media organizations.

Who Should Apply?

The internship is open to college sophomores, juniors, seniors (including those graduating), and graduate students. Ideal candidates will be journalism majors or demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in print or online journalism. Applicants should possess robust social media skills and be digitally savvy. Prior internship experience in news organizations will be viewed favorably.

Emphasis on Diversity

The Seattle Times values diversity in its newsroom and strongly encourages applications from members of traditionally underrepresented communities. Applicants are invited to share any unique skills or experiences that relate to the objectives of the Metro Reporter role.

Key Qualifications

  • Exceptional reporting, writing, and multimedia skills.
  • Availability of a personal vehicle for use during the internship period.
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Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted online via the this link.
  • Attach your resume and cover letter with the format Internship-Document-ApplicantName (e.g., Metro-CoverLetter-JohnDoe).
  • Include three references (at least one being a current or former manager or supervisor).
  • Submit up to five samples of reporting work, compiled into one file with accessible links, if applicable.

The application deadline is Friday, November 3, 2023, at 4 p.m. PST.

Compensation and Benefits

Interns will be compensated at an hourly rate of $19.97 and will enjoy benefits including paid holidays, discounted parking, public transit subsidy, and a complimentary subscription to The Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times Legacy

A cornerstone in Pacific Northwest journalism, The Seattle Times has a storied legacy of bringing impactful news to the community. As a family-owned organization, it remains dedicated to truthful, ethical journalism and a nuanced representation of diverse voices.

News Producer Internship

A World of Opportunities

Interns will gain first-hand experience working alongside the newspaper’s Pulitzer Prize-winning staff, taking on a multitude of real-world assignments that span both the print and digital realms of this leading Northwest daily news media organization.

Are You The Right Fit?

This internship is open to sophomores, juniors, seniors (including those about to graduate), and grad students enrolled in a four-year college or university. Ideal candidates are either journalism majors or have showcased their dedication to journalism, with a strong grasp on social media and digital tools. Having previous internship experience in other news outlets is an advantage.

A focus on diversity is paramount at The Seattle Times, and candidates from traditionally underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

An Immersive Internship Experience

The role of the News Producer Intern is crucial to the evolving nature of journalism. The intern will:

  • Delve deep into social media storytelling.
  • Prioritize audience engagement and subscriber acquisition.
  • Collaborate on innovative ways to boost audience engagement on social media platforms.
  • Understand the value of analytics in shaping publishing strategies.
  • Work on key Seattle Times channels, like the homepage, mobile app, and email newsletters.
  • Learn the nuances of subscription-driven publishing strategies.
  • Engage in inclusive coverage strategies and promote diverse voices in content.
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Key Qualifications

  • Passion for news and a keen interest in social media trends.
  • Proficiency with web publishing and analytics tools (WordPress experience is a plus).
  • Non-personal use experience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Strong grasp of AP style, news judgment, and journalistic ethics.

How to Apply

Candidates must:

  1. Submit applications via the official online portal.
  2. Use the format Internship-Document-ApplicantName when attaching documents.
  3. Provide three references and five samples of relevant work.

Applications are due by Friday, November 3, 2023, at 4 p.m. PST.

Compensation & Benefits

The intern will earn a competitive hourly rate of $19.97, along with benefits like paid holidays, public transit subsidies, and a complimentary subscription to The Seattle Times.

Join the Legacy

Founded in the late 19th century, The Seattle Times stands tall as a family-owned, Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper. It’s not just about news; it’s about making a genuine impact in the community.

Graphics Internship

About the Internship

The 10-week program is designed for students passionate about a career in journalism, specifically in the area of graphics and visual storytelling. Interns will collaborate with Pulitzer Prize-winning professionals, engaging in real-world tasks in one of the most respected metropolitan newspapers and websites in the industry.

Who Can Apply?

This internship is geared towards college sophomores, juniors, seniors (including those about to graduate), and graduate students. Suitable candidates are typically journalism majors or have shown a strong commitment to print or online journalism. They must also have proficiency in digital platforms and social media. Previous internship experience in news organizations is a significant plus.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Seattle Times remains steadfast in its commitment to diversity and inclusivity in its newsroom, strongly encouraging applicants from underrepresented communities. Candidates who can contribute to the diversity of perspectives and experiences are especially welcomed.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.
  • Strong capabilities in data visualization, drawing, mapping, and design.

Application Process

  • Apply directly via the designated online portal.
  • Resume and cover letter should follow the format Internship-Document-ApplicantName (e.g., Graphics-CoverLetter-JaneDoe).
  • Provide three references, including at least one current or former manager or supervisor.
  • Include a portfolio showcasing your graphics work, such as static/interactive graphs, maps, infographics, explanatory graphics, or illustrations.

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 3rd, 2023, at 4 p.m. PST.

Compensation and Benefits

Interns will be compensated at $19.97 per hour. Benefits include paid holidays, a public transit subsidy, and a complimentary subscription to The Seattle Times.

A Commitment to Quality Journalism

With a reputation for high-quality journalism and community service, The Seattle Times remains a crucial voice in the Pacific Northwest. Interns at The Seattle Times not only gain invaluable work experience but also contribute to a newsroom that values integrity, innovation, and diversity.

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