SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students

SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore
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A*STAR stands for the “Agency for Science, Technology and Research”. It enables mission-oriented work that develops scientific breakthrough and information systems. The organization plays a big role in growing and developing talent and leadership. This addresses especially their research institutes, the wider research community, and market.

Significantly, Singapore’s work causes economic growth and employment. They operate as an association promoting science and technology. Consequently, the A*STAR bridges the research and development gap between industry and academia.

They are trying to incorporate the applicable strengths of their research institutes in this regard. In addition, they also work for positive and influential findings with the broader research community and other public sector organizations.

Accordingly, A*STAR builds industry sectors together with other public sector agencies by:

  • combining their impact-creating skills with Multi-National and Globally Competitive Corporations;
  • partnering Local Enterprises for productivity and gearing them for growth; and
  • sustaining R&D-driven start-ups by hosting for opportunities and driving progress.

Moreover, their work regularly leads to benefits to society, such as improving health care quality, urban living and growth. Which are for better life in and outside Singapore.

The vision of A*STAR is to become the world leader in research, technology and open innovation. A*STAR is a driver, enabler and convener of significant research projects within the research community in and outside Singapore. They work with collaborators in both the public and private sectors through a transparent approach, and use science and technology to help the economy and community.

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A*STAR Scholarships

The A*STAR Graduate Academy offers scholarships and grants to allow young aspiring scientists to explore their passion for science, and to train them for a fulfilling R&D career.

They also provide prizes and connectivity programs for pre-university students, in addition to offering grants and qualifications for undergraduate, PhD and postdoctoral research at top universities and labs globally and abroad.

They have created multiple opportunities for their academics in appreciation of the varied abilities, strengths, and ambitions of their PhD scholars.

After their first two years with A*STAR, A*STAR offers them with opportunities to develop and map their futures in business, engineering, spin-off firms, patent tests, technology transfer and project management.

SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore Overview

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA Singapore Scholarship) provides short-term academic attachments for A*STAR’s top international graduates.

It thus provides the rare opportunity for all successful candidates to encounter the dynamic research climate in A*STAR Research Institutes and Consortia. Furthermore, SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore recipients will also have a golden opportunity to work with respected and world-renowned researchers.

Specifically, the scholarship scheme covers some of the students’ needs while taking the research program, including:

  • Monthly living allowance of $1,500
  • Research attachment period should be a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months
  • Student’s have to submit a simple report detailing his/her experience and research project to A*GA in 3 weeks before completion of attachment

Eligibility Criteria

SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore is eligible for students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. In regard to this, if you are interested to pursue your PhD studies in A*STAR, we encourage you to apply for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) program instead.

Additionally, please pay attention to the other eligibility criteria as mentioned below.

  • Open for application by international students
  • Candidates are students majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Physical Science and Engineering related disciplines
  • All applicants are undergraduate students in their third or fourth year, or Master students

The eligibility criteria set out above are not exhaustive, though. A*STAR may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing policies for SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore. Occasionally, these policies may be amended without further notice.

How to Apply for SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore

The selection committee of SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore only consider nominations for attachments from May 2020 to April 2021. Hence, the limitation of attachments during this period would be at 4 months.

Please submit your nomination to the A*STAR Research Institute (RI) Coordinator by:

  • Attachment period of May to October 2020: on 29 February 2020
  • Attachment period of November 2020 to April 2021: on 31 August 2020

Students interested in pursuing an attachment under the SIPGA Scholarship at A*STAR Research Institutes (RI) will complete this shortlisting application form at the RI. Interested students can contact the following RI coordinators directly for placement for attachment opportunities at the departments below.

  • Bioinformatics Institute (BII)
  • Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), and/or
  • NanoBio Lab (NBL)

In uploading the application form / email you must also include the following required documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Educational transcripts or certificates

We do invite you to learn more about the RI’s work capacities and areas by reading the list below. The identified RI supervisor / HR will contact shortlisted students for nomination.

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Research Entities Capabilities

Biomedical Research Entities

  • Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC)
  • Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)
  • Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI)
  • Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
  • Institute of Medical Biology (IMB)
  • Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS)
  • Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB)
  • Singapore Biodesign (SB)
  • Bioinformatics Institute (BII)
  • Singapore Institute for Clinical Science (SCIS)

Science and Engineering Research Entities

  • Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES)
  • Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center (ARTC)
  • Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)
  • National Metrology Center (NMC)
  • Institute for Infocomm Research
  • Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  • Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)
  • IME  or Institute of Microelectronics

Natonal Platforms

  • National Robotics R&D Program Office
  • The Experimental Drug Development Center (EDDC)
  • National Supercomputing Center Singapore (NSCC)
  • Technology Center for Offshore and Marine Singapore (TCOMS)

Closing Date for SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore

Applications for the SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore for the period May to October 2020 close on 29 February 2020. However, you still have the chance to apply for the program for the period of November 2020 to April 2021. For the later, registration ends on 31 August 2020.

Contact Information

Furthermore, send your questions about SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore through the following email address:

Link to Official Website

Visit the official site to find out additional information about the SIPGA Scholarship in Singapore at

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