Tesla Offers Product Management Internship 2023

Tesla is the world’s foremost electric vehicle maker. In addition, the giant produces solar roof tiles, battery energy storage devices, and solar panels. It seeks to assist the global transition to sustainable energy. For motivated people with the same aim, Tesla is offering Product Management Internships in 2023.

Tesla Product Management Internship
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The yearly product management internship is highly sought after because it is a competitive program. Past applicants were drawn to the internship at Tesla since it provides the most fulfilling tech positions, which can be quite beneficial for an intern.

This guide covers all the need-to-know regarding Tesla’s 2023 Product Management Internship. Read on to learn more about the program and some tried-and-true strategies to help you increase your likelihood of being accepted as the next Tesla Product Management intern.

About Tesla Product Management Internship 2023

Students from all over the world have the chance to collaborate with the brightest minds in the world during their internships at Tesla. The yearly Tesla Product Management Internship is one of the most esteemed programs.

The program’s hiring policy is positive in that it does not discriminate against interns based on their age, gender, color, or religious affiliation. Instead, they are equally chosen according to their talent.

Students will have a fantastic opportunity to hone their leadership abilities by overcoming the hurdles throughout this opportunity.

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Interns will be sat at the table making important decisions that will affect not just their team but also the overall success of the multinational’s mission rather than running errands and making copies. They will ultimately be highly likely to achieve a high level of confidence when it comes to promoting innovations.

Candidates that are chosen will play a significant role in the Industrial Product Management group, which is responsible for Tesla’s business-to-business (B2B) energy storage solutions. The group is in charge of the three main commercial and industrial product divisions.

  • Utilities
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Microgrids

Duration of the Program

The year-round program is anticipated to begin in Palo Alto, California, around May 2023 and run there through the end of the summer term (i.e., September) or into the following fall.

Most of Tesla’s internships require a minimum of 12 weeks of full-time work. Candidates must therefore take this into account when submitting their applications.

Before submitting an application, international students whose work authorization is through CPT should speak with their institution. Forty hours a week of employment must be possible for you. However, several students will only be able to work part-time due to their academic standing.

Program Benefits

Competitive pay, one-on-one mentoring, and full healthcare are provided to interns. Additionally, this internship offers transportation assistance, the chance to take part in the employee stock purchase program (when qualified), discounted merchandise, exercise programs, and more.

Only interns who live more than 50 miles from their place of employment are eligible for relocation stipends.

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Key Responsibilities

Interns will need to adjust to a hectic work environment as members of the Product Management team.

Internally, the team is in charge of speaking for Tesla’s consumers while simultaneously juggling priorities with business requirements for a variety of goods. Strong technical, analytical, and energy industry knowledge is essential for this multifaceted position.

Members of the team must also exhibit originality, passion, and a drive to pioneer new territory in a technological environment that is always evolving, in addition to having a strong work ethic and a strong sense of teamwork. Daily responsibilities include:

  • Supporting Product Managers directly on all core and critical team efforts.
  • Driving multiple independent and collaborative efforts to completion.
  • Supporting workstreams such as next-generation product spec and offering definition, new-market entry, service and maintenance topics, and more.
  • Performing market and customer research, presenting tradeoffs and opportunities, and driving conclusive decisions with key technical and commercial stakeholders.
  • Supporting the launch readiness of new products and offerings, by leading internal workstreams and creating and delivering collateral and training.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for Tesla Product Management Internship 2023, you must:

  • Be pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering and possessing a top-tier academic background in this field.
  • Demonstrate strong interest in energy systems or cleantech field.
  • Have excellent organization, communication, and documentation skills.
  • Possess outstanding verbal and writing skills.
  • Show interest in cross-functional work spanning technical, financial, operational, and a strong desire to develop a deep understanding of customer and market requirements.

Applicants with prior job experience in energy storage will be given preference. Additionally advantageous are a solid academic knowledge of technical subjects and an interest in operations, finance, and strategy.

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Tesla Product Management Internship 2023 Application

Students must fill out and submit an online application here before the internship window in order to apply. They will be required to provide a current resume in addition to their personal and academic information.

To verify that international applicants have the proper authorization to work in the United States, Tesla participates in E-Verify and will give the federal government their Form I-9 information.

Before taking any action against interns, Tesla will provide them with written instructions and the chance to contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or Social Security Administration (SSA) in order to start resolving the issue if E-Verify cannot confirm that they are permitted to work.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further interviews.

Contact Details

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please fill out a contact form or read Tesla’s Blog and Support pages for frequently asked questions.

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