Kick-Start Your Career Now through These 10 Internship with Google

The tech-giant Google offers resources for young budding students around the world. You will have a huge expanse of its resources at your fingertips through internship with Google. Throughout your career, you’ll have a lifetime opportunity to learn and develop.

Internship with Google
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Furthermore, once you are eager to register, it will also boost your CV and employment standing. With that said, internship with Google are an unforgettable opportunity that can not only pave the way for an excellent career but also structure the professional development.

Find out more about internship with Google on the explanations below. This can may be for you!

1. Infrastructure Technology Apprenticeship

  • Field of expertise: Digital Marketing, Infrastructure Technology, and Software Development
  • Target applicant: International students with a focus on subjects that are relevant to the apprenticeship, at any level of education
  • Duration: 15 – 24 months
  • Location: London

As an Apprentice Infrastructure Technician (IT) at Google, you will be part of a program that provides the skills you need to become an Infrastructure Technician.

Additionally, you will learn how to apply problem solving skills to tackle real life challenges, pick up new technical skills such as troubleshooting multiple computing platforms and data gathering and analysis, automating repetitive tasks, learn about remote infrastructure and fleet management, IT security and policies, and other industry practices.

2. Information Technology Intern

  • Field of expertise: Security, Networking and Infrastructure
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Location: Dublin, Zürich, Munich

As a member of the Information Technology team, you’ll be the go-to person for Googlers’ computer hardware and software needs, providing front-line user support for all of Google’s internal tools and technologies. You’ll troubleshoot, respond to enquiries, and find solutions to technical challenges.

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Beyond the day-to-day, you’ll improve user experience for Googlers by contributing to longer term projects and documentation efforts.

3. STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) Internship with Google

  • Field of expertise: Programming Language
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related technical field of study
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Haiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP) offers students the opportunity to work on a software project alongside another STEP intern, with the support of full-time Googlers and a mentor. You will also attend weekly trainings to enhance your technical and professional skills.

4. Software Engineering Internship

  • Field of expertise: Programming Language
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Location: Dublin, Zürich, Munich

Google’s Software Engineers develop the next-generation technologies that change how billions of users connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. As a Software Engineer, you will work on a specific project critical to Google’s needs.

Google needs their engineers to be versatile and enthusiastic in taking on new problems as the company continues to push technology forward. As a key member of a versatile team, you will design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions.

5. Legal Internship with Google

  • Field of expertise: Legal Analysis, Copyright and Media Law
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently pursuing legal qualifications, who are returning to studies after the completion of the program
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Hamburg

As a Legal Trainee (Rechtsreferendar/in), and part of the Google regional Legal team, you will play an important part in helping to respond to some of the biggest legal challenges of the information age. You will get an insight into a variety of legal challenges at Google and YouTube, learning to expect the unexpected while actively promoting the development of internet law in an unconventional environment.

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Based in Hamburg, the German legal department of Google (Google Rechtsabteilung Hamburg) offers an optional training period as part of your compulsory legal training (Wahlstation/Anwaltsstation während des Referendariats).

In this role, you will enhance your organizational skills, attention to detail, versatility and composure, while also getting the opportunity to demonstrate that you have sound legal judgment, can learn quickly in a fast-paced environment, and can communicate confidently at all levels.

6. Business Intern, Veteran

  • Field of expertise: Technology and Business
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in a full time Bachelor’s or Master’s program
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Location: Seoul

Eligibility as vocation support candidate with a certificate issued by the Korean Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

7. Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

  • Field of expertise: Sales and Marketing
  • Target applicant: Students who possess good analytical skills, and is comfortable in a data-driven environment
  • Duration: 15 to 18 months
  • Location: London

As a Digital Marketing apprentice at Google, you will be part of the first cohort of a new program launched this year that aims to provide the skills you need to become a Digital Marketer.

You will help define, design, build and implement campaigns across a variety of platforms. Be it supporting the complete marketing experience of a product, shaping its voice and growing a loyal consumer base, or designing, building and executing digital marketing campaigns for the biggest brand marketers in the world, you will get exposure to different Google products, including consumer (like Gmail, Search, Maps, Chrome, Android) and business products (AdWords, AdSense, Google Analytics).

You will also leverage the power of Google data to help companies solve their business challenges. You will do this in collaboration with a cross functional team, including Sales, Marketing, Product, Engineering, Legal, PR, Policy and more.

8. BOLD Internship

  • Field of expertise: Sales and Marketing, Management
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in a related technical field
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Location: Mountain View (California)
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To inspire students who identify with communities that have little or no representation in the technology industry, Google has come up with an internship program by name BOLD (Build Opportunity for Leadership and Development).

The aim of this internship with Google is to expose graduates who are majors in technology-related fields how to be relevant in those fields of study.

This opportunity is not limited to gaining experience and connection. Also, it offers you the opportunity to be retained permanently after you have completed the program.

9. Business Internship with Google

  • Field of expertise:Sales, Advertising, Consulting, Analysis, Customer Service, and Marketing
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program and returning to a full-time Bachelor’s or Masters degree after the internship
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Location: Dubai, Nairobi, Istanbul, Kyiv, Johannesburg

Business internship with Google include multiple teams and roles within the business world at Goole. Available outside of the United States, the internship program is for undergraduate and graduate students, with qualifications varying by location.

10. MBA Internship

  • Field of expertise: Business Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Product Management, and Sales & Account Management
  • Target applicant: Students who are currently enrolled in an MBA program
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Seoul

MBA internship with Google is a paid internship that will immerse you in the tech industry on a high-impact team. You’ll enhance your skill set, be challenged with rigorous work, grow your network and drive meaningful change in our business.

Outside of your core work, you will participate in a high-touch program that exposes you to Google’s business operations, connects you with interns and Googlers, and invests in your personal and professional development.

Final thoughts

Google internships allow you to solve problems, manage your time efficiently, and show that you can work in a seminar presentation-like team. In addition to that, by applying for an internship with Google it will give you valuable job experience that employers search for when recruiting graduates. This displays proactivity and dedication to enhancing your career opportunities, which will also give you valuable on-the-job experience.

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