How to Win the US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes

The rising cost of college education has led to increased financial stress on students and their families. As a result, students are actively seeking financial aid opportunities, and sweepstakes scholarships like the US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes provide a potentially accessible source of funding.

In addition, sweepstakes scholarships have low barriers to entry, which makes them attractive to a wide range of students. Typically, entering these sweepstakes only requires filling out a form or providing contact information, which is relatively easy compared to traditional scholarship applications.

If you’re looking for a scholarship that’s easy to apply for, consider entering this one. Below, we’ll give you a few details about the US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes. We’ll make sure you know what you need to do to increase your chances of winning. Without further ado, let’s get started.

US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes: An Overview

US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes
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US Bank, also known as US Bancorp, is one of the largest and most prominent banking institutions in the United States. It is a financial services company that provides a full range of banking and financial products and services to individuals, businesses, institutions and government entities.

US Bank has a long history. It was founded in 1863 as the First National Bank of Cincinnati. Over the years, it has gone through various mergers and acquisitions to become the institution it is today.

In 2023, the bank launches its first-ever contest. Called the “US Bank Student Scholarship Program,” it targets those interested in learning about financing higher education, building a strong financial education and developing healthy habits while earning scholarships to help fund their studies.

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Upon completion of modules (in-app lessons) on these topics, individuals can have a chance to win free money without being a US Bank customer.

This sweepstakes is perfect for students facing financial challenges, such as high tuition, textbook and living expenses, who don’t like the complex application process of traditional scholarships.

Although the sweepstakes is open to non-customers of US Bank, eligibility isn’t guaranteed for everyone. To determine if you meet the criteria to enter, please proceed to the next section for more information.

Program Benefits

If a participant completes 35 modules during Entry Period 1 and Entry Period 2, they have the opportunity to potentially receive a scholarship prize of up to $2,000.

Participants who complete 100 modules during the same entry periods have the chance to enter the sweepstakes for a larger scholarship prize. In this case, they can potentially win up to $10,000 in scholarship funds.

For Entry Period 2, participants who complete a higher number of modules, specifically 200 modules, are eligible to enter the sweepstakes. By completing these modules, they have the opportunity to potentially win a more substantial scholarship prize of up to $20,000.

These award amounts represent the maximum scholarship funds that participants have the chance to win based on their level of engagement with the Zogo app.

Eligibility and Requirements

The requirements for the 2023 US Bank Student Scholarship Sweepstakes specify the following criteria for applicants:

  • Entrants must be a resident of one of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia to be eligible.
  • By the entry date, you must have reached your 17th
  • You should plan to be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours per semester as of September 1, 2024.
  • You must be attending, or plan to attend, an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the United States. This includes physical institutions as well as accredited online colleges or universities. Trade and vocational schools are specifically excluded from eligibility.
  • If you are under the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction (generally 18 in most U.S. states), you must obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian to enter the sweepstakes. In addition, your parent or guardian must complete all necessary documentation on your behalf.
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It’s important that you carefully review and understand these eligibility requirements to determine if you meet them before entering the sweepstakes. If you meet the criteria, you may proceed with your entry; otherwise, you may be ineligible.

How to Apply

To enter the sweepstakes, you must register during the entry period by visiting the designated website and following the online registration instructions. This means that you must create an account or register on the sweepstakes website.

After registering, you will be required to access links and complete various learning activities within the Zogo app during the entry period. These activities will be offered within the app and may cover a variety of topics or subject areas. You have the choice of which modules to do within the app.

The number of modules required to be completed for each raffle will be specified and completion of these required modules will earn you one entry into the relevant raffle. By completing the required modules, you can earn up to a maximum of six entries.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to complete the modules in the Zogo app, you may enter the sweepstakes by mail.

To do so, you must hand-print your full name, address, contact phone number, email address (the one you used to register on the website), and the eligible U.S. college or university where you are currently enrolled or will be enrolled on a 3″ x 5″ card.

Then mail this information separately in a U.S. postage-paid, first-class envelope. You must clearly mark the specific drawing you wish to enter on each stamped envelope:

  • Grand Prize Scholarship Drawing
  • First Prize Scholarship Drawing
  • Second Prize Scholarship Drawing
  • eMentor Program Drawing
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There is a limit of one entry per person, and you may submit up to six entries in total.

Closing Dates

Although Entry Period 1 has ended, you still have the opportunity to participate in this Entry Period if you complete the required modules before the Entry Period 2 deadline of October 30, 2023.

You still have some time to enter during this period, so be sure to submit your entry on or before October 30, 2023 to be eligible for potential scholarship prizes.

Contact Details

Do you have a question or a technical problem? Contact US Bank at for more information about the sweepstakes. Their team will be happy to help you navigate the application.

Official Website

Go to the official US Bank website ( to find more detailed information about the US Bank Students Scholarship Sweepstakes, including official rules, eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and any additional terms and conditions.

Remember to thoroughly read and understand the official rules and requirements before entering!

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