Check Out These 16 Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

In the modern era like today, learning English is considered to be more important than ever. Luckily, you don’t have to pay a fortune to brush up on your English skills. Thanks to these YouTube channels, learning English is free and fun.

YouTube Channels for Learning English
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It’s even better since you can learn from anywhere at any time. As a result, it’s never too late for you to expand your English language skill set. We’ve put together a list of the best YouTube channel for learning English below (in no particular order). Subscribe to the channels that you find best fit your learning styles.

Alright, without further ado, let’s check these out.

1. VOA Learning English

Voice of America, an international news and broadcasting organization, comes up with a brilliant concept. Their VOA Learning English YouTube channel helps you to learn American English by watching captioned TV news stories and reading at a slower pace.

While developing your English skills, you’ll learn about current events and become accustomed to watching English news. In fact, it is one of the best YouTube channels for learning English, especially for intermediate learners.

2. English Addict

Mr. Duncan, a self-described English addict, is devoted to English. He teaches English to the world for free three days a week, live from his home in England.

In fact, you can find him teaching English via his YouTube channel, English Addict, or previously known as Speak English with Mr. Duncan.

His tutorials will benefit you greatly. Particularly, the videos are entertaining and easy to follow. Also, they focus on realistic language and how the language is spoken rather than jumping into the nitty-gritty of grammar.

Throughout the week, his entertaining lessons cover a wide range of subjects. For instance, it includes nature, slang, news, fashion, and even survival instinct. Ultimately, it is not an overstatement to say that Speak English with Mr. Duncan is one of the top 10 YouTube channels for learning English.

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3. Real English

Real English has a huge library of free lessons. Moreover, it is one of the most useful YouTube channels for learning English, especially for beginners. The channel has two kinds of video: one with subtitles and the other without, as well as a few exercises.

Furthermore, it features real people in real-life circumstances. Hence, it will give you a true sense of how English is spoken in the real world.

4. Rachel’s English

Next, Rachel’s English is for you if you’re trying to improve your grammar and speak natural English.

In fact, Rachel is a classically trained opera singer with a strong command of the English language. Also, her passion, she says, is assisting students in gaining maximum conversational trust. Obviously, her classes would be a lot of fun for you!

5. On the GO with EF

The EF YouTube channel takes a unique yet highly enjoyable approach to language learning by taking you on a virtual vacation while you read.

In particular, EF Vloggers travel the globe to show you some of the most beautiful cities while also discussing languages and culture.

When learning the key phrases and vocabulary used in the videos, you’ll discover LA with Angelina, Cape Town with Maria, and Vancouver with Asia.

6. Learn American English

The videos on Learn American English YouTube channel are intended to assist you in learning English quickly. Moreover, they include real American slang, idioms, and phrasal verbs. Of course, this is an excellent primer on typical American words that vary from their English equivalents.

7. JenniferESL

English with Jennifer is a large video library with hundreds of videos organized into easy-to-follow playlists. Specifically, there are lessons for beginners, lessons to better your English writing, grammar lessons, and so on.

In fact, the fresh and clear presentation, as well as the special emphasis on pronunciation, set them apart from the competition. Moreover, there are no scripts or actors; only real people speaking in English.

Ultimately, there is also interactivity, as in the other most popular YouTube channels for learning English.

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8. Fun Kids English

Fun Kids English is a fantastically fun medium for kids of all ages. It’s jam-packed with educational animated English videos and catchy songs. Most importantly, they were produced by talented teachers, musicians, and published children’s book writers.

Every week, the channel adds new videos to help kids learn about the alphabet, phonics, animals, foods, colors, acts, transportation, work, and much more!

9. FluentU English

The FluentU English YouTube channel, like the FluentU language learning software, uses real-world content to teach English.

There are a variety of videos for learners on the FluentU English channel. Most importantly, many of them are asset sets.

Thus, learners can see how to study English by concentrating on a particular thing. This varies from watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, watching the news, to watching classic American films.

10.’s interesting video lessons, designed for rapid English language learning, cover many facets of American and British culture. As a result, you can learn more about the countries when learning their language.

If you like their videos, EnglishClass101 by Innovative Language has a lot more for you to learn. This is what makes it one of the best YouTube channels for learning American English.

Also, it’s more than just a YouTube channel! Basically, it’s a comprehensive English language learning curriculum with over 1,000 video and audio lessons. Besides, on their official website, you can sign up for free and learn more.

11. EF podEnglish

With EF podEnglish, learning English on YouTube is a lot easier. These five-minute English lessons are designed for English language learners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students. Moreover, they’re well-organized, with a three-part lesson plan that includes watching, learning, and trying.

Also, there’s even a wide variety of subjects to choose from. For starters, families, pets, directions, weather, movies, and technology are among them.

Besides, some of the lessons make use of humor to make their points. Obviously, they are thoughtful additions that make learning more enjoyable.

12. Easy English

While it does not have lectures, Easy English remains one of the best YouTube channels for learning English, especially for beginners.

In fact, each video depicts real-life experiences and conversations with English speakers in real-life situations. On the street, people are interviewed and asked basic questions about their day or lives.

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In particular, you’ll learn proper pronunciation and become accustomed to hearing the language spoken by various people.

13. Business English Pod

What if you have to communicate in English at work? Meetings and presentations often use jargon that you wouldn’t hear on the street.

That being said, go to Business English Pod for lessons on topics like economics, law, and the economy. Also, you will learn complicated language circumstances like “How to disagree with proposals” and “How to make a bid.”

14. Britlish

Britlish takes a different approach from many other language learning channels. Fascinatingly, it focuses learning on interesting things you might come across.

For example, there are tutorials on the words you’ll need at an airport, insects, and different types of musical instruments.

Most importantly, the narration is simple, with subtitles and some interesting scenes thrown in for good measure. Also, all of the lessons lead to free follow-up interactive elements on the Britlish website.

15. British Council: Learn English Kids

One of the most fun and powerful ways to learn a foreign language is through songs. Their melodies and rhythms assist in the formation of strong memories. In fact, these are essential for learning new verbs, phrases, and colloquialisms.

Fascinatingly, nursery rhymes (traditional children’s songs) are beneficial to both children and adults learning English as a second language. Truth be told, they help to develop memory and recall skills.

Learn English Kids from the British Council is one of the best YouTube channels for learning English with a lot of nursery rhyme videos. Each video includes amusing cartoons and English subtitles.

16. BBC Learning English

The British Broadcasting Corporation, one of the world’s most well-known broadcasting companies, released a series of free English language lessons. Moreover, they come in various forms, including real-life scenarios, comics, and interviews.

Also, there’s a fantastic video set for terms you’ll hear in the videos by BBC Learning English. Although the videos are brief, they contain a wealth of useful knowledge.

Final note

YouTube is no longer just a platform where you can watch videos of cute animals. There, you can also find some of the best YouTube channels for studying a wide variety of subjects, including learning English.

Also, making use of the wide variety of materials available can promote learning. So, try to absorb at least one video per day from the YouTube channel of your choice. Soon enough, you will notice an improvement in your English. Good luck!

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