Yunnan Normal University Scholarships 2024 for International Students

In the pursuit of quality education, Yunnan Normal University offers a gateway for exceptional overseas students of Chinese origin. The 2024 Yunnan Provincial Scholarship and Financial Aid cater to ambitious minds eager to embrace academic excellence at this esteemed institution. This comprehensive guide unveils the eligibility criteria, scholarship standards, application procedures, and diverse enrollment opportunities available for prospective students.

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Eligibility and Scholarship Coverage

The Yunnan Provincial Scholarship targets outstanding overseas students of Chinese descent who aspire to enroll at Yunnan Normal University. The scholarship offers two primary coverage options:

  1. Full Tuition-Waiver Financial Aid: This all-encompassing scholarship covers full tuition expenses, exempts students from registration fees, and includes Overseas Students Comprehensive Insurance.
  2. Half Tuition-Waiver Financial Aid + Free On-campus Accommodation: For students opting for this package, it entails a half tuition waiver, exemption from registration fees, and complimentary on-campus accommodation in a triple room, along with Overseas Students Comprehensive Insurance.

Scholarship Standards and Enrollment Types

The scholarship covers varying academic programs and their corresponding tuition fees. For instance:

  • Foundation Programs: A one-year schooling period precedes entry into bachelor’s programs after passing specified tests and achieving HSK Level 4 (180 scores) or above.
  • Undergraduate Programs: These encompass diverse fields such as Chinese Language Education, Economics, and Finance, spanning four years of schooling.
  • Postgraduate Programs: Offered in fields like Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and Regional Economics, spanning two to three years.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Focused on teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages, requiring four years of commitment.
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Qualifications and Required Application Materials

Prospective applicants must fulfill specific criteria based on their chosen program:

General Qualifications:

  • Non-Chinese citizenship.
  • Good health.
  • Age limits correspond to the desired academic level.

Application Materials:

  • Application Form for the Yunnan Provincial Scholarship for Overseas Students of Chinese Origin (generated automatically after online application).
  • Photocopy of the passport photo page.
  • Notarized certificates of highest degree, including graduation certificates and diplomas. If in a language other than Chinese or English, provide a notarized translation in English or Chinese. (For graduating high school students, undergraduates, or postgraduates, the pre-graduation certificate from the school is required; for graduates, secondary diplomas, undergraduate diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and degree certificates are mandatory.)
  • Original or translated transcripts in English or Chinese. (For graduating high school students, undergraduates, or postgraduates, school-issued transcripts are needed; for graduates, transcripts of senior high school, undergraduate, or postgraduate levels are required.)
  • HSK certificate.
  • Study plan, including self-introduction, hobbies, study goals, and career planning after graduation (in Chinese or English).
  • Recommendation letters from two associate professors or above (for postgraduate and Ph.D. applicants, in Chinese or English).
  • Photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form (bring the original copy when coming to China).
  • Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.
  • Certificate of award.

Note: Ensure all certificates and transcripts uploaded are either in Chinese or English, or provide original documents alongside notarized translations in Chinese or English. Use a scanner for document uploads; documents from mobile phones or cameras will not be accepted. No need to mail paper materials.

Application Process and Admission

Applicants are required to undergo an online application process through the designated system. They must vigilantly track their application progress and results through the system and ensure accurate personal details for the receipt of essential documents.

  1. Online Application: Interested applicants should visit this link to register on the system and upload their application materials.
  2. Tracking Progress: Regularly monitor the application status and correspondence through the application system and check emails for important notifications.
  3. Checking Application Results: After a comprehensive evaluation, the university notifies applicants of their admission status via the YNNU Application System.

Visa Application and Registration 

Upon successful application, accepted candidates should proceed to apply for a study visa (X1 visa) and complete the registration process at the university before the stipulated date. The provided contact details, including Ms. Li Xing’s information, are crucial for queries and further assistance.

For aspiring individuals seeking academic growth and opportunities at Yunnan Normal University, this comprehensive guide serves as a roadmap toward a fulfilling educational journey. The Yunnan Provincial Scholarship and Financial Aid offers a pathway for dedicated students to immerse themselves in a diverse academic environment, fostering growth, knowledge, and cultural exchange.

Closing Date

The closing date for applications to the 2024 Yunnan Provincial Scholarship and Financial Aid for overseas students of Chinese origin at Yunnan Normal University is June 30, 2024. Applicants are advised to complete their application procedures and submit all required materials before this deadline to ensure their eligibility for consideration.

Contact Information

For further details and clarifications, prospective students are encouraged to visit the university’s official website and get in touch with the designated contacts.

  • Ms. Li Xing
  • Tel: 86-871-6551-5206; 86-871-6594-1260
  • Email:
  • Official Website: Yunnan Normal University
  • Address: Room 309, School of International Chinese Studies, Mingda Building, Yunnan Normal University, No. 298, 121 Street, Kunming, Yunnan province, People’s Republic of China
  • Postcode: 65009

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