A Beginner’s Guide to ACE Scholarships: Everything You Need to Know

ACE Scholarships is a well-known scholarship program that provides financial aid to families seeking to send their children to K-12 private schools. The program operates in several states across the country. It provides scholarships to families who might not otherwise be able to afford a private education for their children.

The goal of ACE Scholarships is to improve educational outcomes for children and give families more options when choosing a school for their children. Whether you are a parent or an educator, you may be curious to learn more about these scholarships that are currently trending in the USA and how they can help families access a quality education.

This guide provides an overview of the program and everything you need to know about these opportunities.

ACE Scholarships
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ACE Scholarships: A Brief Overview

It is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 to provide low-income families with access to private K-12 education through scholarships. The organization was founded on the belief that all children deserve access to a quality education, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

The scholarships provided by this nonprofit organization enable children from disadvantaged families to receive a quality education that might not otherwise be possible. Since its inception, this nonprofit organization has helped thousands of families access private education for their children.

States Where ACE Scholarships Are Offered

While the goal of this program is to provide families with access to private K-12 education, it is important to note that these scholarships are not currently available nationwide. Here is a list of states where students may have access to these opportunities.

1. Louisiana

ACE Scholarships Louisiana is a proud participant in the Louisiana Tuition Donation Credit (TDC) program, which provides generous tax benefits to donors who contribute to approved School Tuition Organizations (STOs).

As an STO, this organization is eligible to receive these donations, and as a result, Louisiana families who receive these scholarships can benefit from a 95% state income tax credit.

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To be eligible for a scholarship, your family income must be less than $49,300 for a household size of two. Each additional person in the household increases the maximum income limit by $12,850.

2. Wyoming

If you live in Wyoming and are interested in exploring these opportunities, it is important to understand the financial guidelines for the program.

To be eligible for a scholarship, your family’s household income must not exceed $69,020 for a family of two. For each additional member of your household, the income limit increases by $17,990.

3. Arkansas

ACE Scholarships Arkansas is dedicated to supporting the education of children from low-income families, many of whom are eligible for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

The program sets a maximum income limit for eligibility, which is currently $69,020 for a household of two. In fact, this is higher than the 2023 Federal Poverty Guideline of $19,720. If your household has more than two members, the maximum income limit increases by $17,990 for each additional person.

However, it is important to note that this increase is still well below the 2023 Federal Poverty Guideline, which sets the additional limit at $5,140 per person.

4. Texas

In 2017, this organization expanded its reach by launching its efforts in Texas. The maximum qualifying income for ACE Scholarships Texas is $69,020 for a household of two, which is the same as the guidelines in Wyoming and Arkansas.

This program provides a unique opportunity for low-income families in Texas to receive support for their children’s education, opening the door to a brighter future for students and their families.

5. Colorado

ACE has had a tremendous impact in Colorado, providing more than 3,300 scholarships to deserving students.

The maximum qualifying income for the program in Colorado is $69,020 for a household of two, which is the same as most other eligible states. By providing this assistance, the program helps bridge the gap for families who might otherwise struggle to provide their children with the education they need to succeed.

6. New Mexico

ACE is committed to reaching more families in New Mexico by providing educational opportunities to low-income students. While the number of scholarships currently available is only about 170, ACE is committed to helping hundreds more students in the future.

The maximum qualifying income for a two-person household in New Mexico, like most other states participating in the program, is $69,020. This means that for each additional person in the household, the maximum qualifying income increases by $17,990.

Thus, for a household of eight, the maximum qualifying income would be $176,960.

7. Delaware/Maryland

For 22 years, ACE has made a tremendous impact on the lives of families in Delaware and Maryland. The program has provided quality educational opportunities to those in need, and the results have been remarkable.

With over 90% of ACE Scholars from these states graduating from high school and nearly twice the college graduation rate of their peers from low-income high schools, it is clear that the program is making a positive difference.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a two-person household must have a maximum qualifying income of $49,300 (250%) or $25,636 (130%).

8. Mississippi

Although Mississippi only recently joined the ACE Scholarships program in 2023, the state is making a concerted effort to provide educational opportunities to as many low-income families as possible.

Like many other states participating in the ACE Scholarships program, Mississippi’s maximum qualifying income for a two-person household is set at $69,020.

With this assistance, Mississippi families who might otherwise struggle to afford a quality education for their children will now have a greater chance of getting them into the schools of their choice.

9. Montana

Since 2012, ACE Scholarships has been working hard to provide educational opportunities for Montana families. The organization has awarded nearly $17 million in scholarships to students in the state, and the results have been incredible.

100% of students from low-income families with ACE Scholarships Montana have graduated from high school! If you are a Montana resident with a household size of two, you may be eligible to apply if your family income is less than $69,020.

10. Utah

In 2022, ACE expanded its reach to Utah, providing access to quality education for families in need. After just one year in the state, ACE has already awarded more than 150 scholarships.

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Similar to other states in the program, Utah’s maximum qualifying income for a two-person household is $69,020. The program continues to strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to receive a quality education.

11. Kansas

Kansas has been a part of the ACE initiative for over five years and has provided assistance to over 2,000 families in need. The eligibility criteria for families in Kansas is consistent with most other states, with the maximum qualifying income set at $69,020 for a household of two.

As household size increases, the maximum qualifying income increases by $17,990 for each additional person. This allows ACE Scholarships to provide assistance to a wide range of families in need.

12. Missouri

Missouri has been part of the ACE Scholarship program since 2017, and the state has partnered with ACE to provide more than $1 billion in scholarships to families in need of financial assistance for their children’s education.

The maximum qualifying income for a two-person household in Missouri is set at $69,020. For each additional member of the household, this income limit increases by $17,990, providing additional assistance to larger families in need.

How to Become an ACE Scholar

If you are interested in becoming an ACE Scholar, the first step is to confirm that you meet the ACE Scholarship income guidelines listed on the ACE website. This includes a maximum qualifying income limit for your household size.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can search for partner schools in your area that work with ACE. Next, complete the application and enrollment process for the school of your choice. If the school partners with ACE, you can then complete the scholarship application.

To apply, you will need to gather required documents such as your 2022 taxes, proof of unemployment, child support, and SNAP benefits. Applications for ACE scholarships open on the first Monday in February and close on Tax Day in April.

Submitting an ACE Scholarship application gives you access to log in and check the status of your application. The ACE Scholarship Application Status feature will tell you if your application is being reviewed, if any documents are missing, if you are eligible, or if you do not meet the qualifications.

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