Study at UK with an Exclusive Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship

  • Grab the opportunity to study abroad with financial support from the Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship presented by the Boustany Foundation for candidates from any country. Learn more about the details of this scheme in the explanation below.
Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship
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About Boustany Foundation

The Boustany Foundation was established by Nabil Boustany and his son Fadi in 2006, and is currently active in Switzerland and Monaco.

The two entities have a common mission but each has its own board of directors representing a number of various nationalities and backgrounds.

Preceding the Foundation itself, an MBA student at the University of Cambridge won the first Boustany Scholarship in 1997. Since then the Foundation has awarded several scholarships in diverse fields and hopes to build more incentives for excellent students in the coming years.

Today the Boustany Foundation vigorously supports and maintains scholarship and support services; many of which have ambitious aspirations for future growth, regional reach and depth. New scholarships are increasingly being provided for smart and talented individuals. Every year further initiatives are proposed and put to fruition, providing incentives for disadvantaged children.

The Foundation seeks to contribute to the humanity’s growth and health. The Foundation would pursue the following to attain its mission:

  1. Support all subjects that contribute to the growth of human civilizations

Either it be about astronomy, medicine, science & technology, finance, economics, management, law, history, philosophy, etc. This goal is accomplished mainly by granting scholarships to excellent and talented students, though not strictly.

  1. Fostering peace among human populations, by:
  • Improving connectivity, awareness and human tolerance;
  • Cultivating knowledge and recognition of the society of others; and
  • Facilitating the distribution and exchange of information where possible.
  1. Because children are our future and are not independent, the goal of the Foundation is to:
  • Children should lead safe, balanced, successful, fulfilling and meaningful lives.
  • Help children in need.
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The above tasks are to be slowly applied over time.

Reasons to Study at Cambridge MBA

The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s most prominent research destinations. It is ranked world number 5. The reasons for making the prestigious Cambridge University your destination of advanced learning are described below.

  • 50% of the graduates at Cambridge are foreigners. To global students, the university has multiple beneficiary programs that suit their needs and desires.
  • As one of the world’s most elite universities, the graduates obtain Cambridge certificates are highly sought for by employers in all sectors. So, a Cambridge degree has tremendous market value.
  • Apart from standard academic subjects, Cambridge provides language tuitions, computer services and technical instruction to all its students.
  • Every year Cambridge hosts 14 career events to give its graduates more working prospects and placement.
  • The university has a counseling center for disabilities that supports students of various abilities in encouraging their comfort during the course.
  • Whether you want to compete in a sport, follow a hobby, or enter a political party, Cambridge University is offering training services in all of this.
  • Cambridge University offers accommodation facilities of at least 3 years to most students arriving from other countries to study at the university.
  • Cambridge University’s departments are internationally renowned for their quality and originality of study and important contribution to the scientific field. Each student at the departments is provided with an advisor who directs their research plan and tracks their growth.

For all these assets, Cambridge University is understandably among the destinations of many students all over the world for dream study abroad.

Then, what makes the MBA learning experience special in Cambridge?

They mold the MBA students to become some of the best in the world by a combination of their stringent admissions policy, dynamic learning atmosphere and carefully crafted education systems.

The 12 month Cambridge MBA is a general management degree spanning a wide variety of topics in industry and management. This is academically rigorous and has its own unique form of study, fostering discussion and vigorous debate.

Cambridge MBA puts together a diverse community of over 40 nationalities from a large variety of industries. The class size is designed to allow maximum peer and faculty participation during classes.

Focusing on realistic learning and collaborative assignments for actual clients, the Cambridge MBA helps students to fine-tune their leadership abilities, their ability to achieve outcomes under demand, and to succeed in a variety of technical settings.

Cambridge MBA graduates have the benefit of conducting expert ‘concentrations’ throughout the year, allowing for a ‘deep dive’ into one of eight topics.

The Cambridge MBA pays particular attention to the growth of leadership skills, helping students to become experienced in group work with cultural awareness and team management understanding.

Through their training, all Cambridge MBAs are a member of one of Cambridge University’s 31 schools, giving them opportunities to expand their perspective and networks, and appreciate the broader global market sense.

Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship Overview

The Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship recipients become members of Pembroke College, the third oldest and one of the most highly regarded colleges. The Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship is granted once every two years for a one year course at Cambridge University, Judge Business School.

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The Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship offers the following:

  • Financial aid amounting to £23,000 towards tuition fees
  • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship.

The next Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have an outstanding academic record, and they must show great potential. Although the Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship can be awarded to candidates from any country, the candidates of Lebanese descent will receive preference.

Candidates may apply for the Scholarship only after receiving an offer of admission from the Cambridge MBA program. Nevertheless, please note that in view of the fact that you already hold an MBA degree, you are unfortunately not considered for the Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply, please send a copy of your curriculum vitae with a photograph, GMAT scores and acceptance letter from the University to:

If shortlisted, you may be invited to an interview with the Foundation. One candidate will then be awarded the Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship. The grant will be awarded during the month of June 2020.

Prospective Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship recipients may be asked for a phone interview and in some cases to travel for an interview.

Closing Date for Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship Application

Deadline for the submission of candidacy is on 15th May 2020. Applications cannot be accepted after the deadline date.

Contact Information

Boustany Foundation


1 Avenue des Citronniers
98000 Monaco
Fondation autorisée par Ordonnance Souveraine n°413


c/o Lenz & Staehelin
30, Route de Chêne
CH-1211 Geneva 17


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Cambridge MBA Scholarship provided by Boustany Foundation

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