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Studying in Japan is our dream come true. With fast growing research and advanced technology, to study in Japanese is the best for most of us. This scholarship program may be your opportunity to achieve it.

Introduction to MEXT Scholarship Japan

MEXT Scholarship Japan has opened its application for 2020. MEXT or Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science, Sport and Education of Japan offers 3 types of grants. They are as follows: 1) research students (non-degree), 2) master degree (degree), 3) doctoral degree. MEXT will start receiving applicant to apply for graduate study in Toyohashi University of Technology starting October 2020.

Toyohashi University of Technology was established in 1974 in Toyohashi city. In its establishment, the name was “Graduate School of Science and Technology”. TUT main aims is at conducting research and education in technological science.

Primarily the university focuses on the field for developing new technologies through scientific research that supports technology. The research and technological theories that form the technical core of this university are exhibited as part of the technological science.

The most prominent aspects of research at the university include mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic information engineering, computer science and engineering, applied chemistry and life sciences and architecture and civil engineering.

MEXT Scholarship Japan prefer candidates who are eager to share mutual understanding between Japan and their home country. MEXT grantees could also seek mutually rewarding participation in schools and communities during their study in Japan.

They could highlight relations between their home country and Japan by creating mutual cooperation with the university like creating surveys and questionnaires. Or they can collaborate in relevant projects and events conducted by Japanese diplomatic missions after returning to grantees home country.

Please notice the following preliminary steps of scholarship. And you should prepare yourself from now. To enroll MEXT scholarship in TUT university, candidates should undergo the following 3 steps:

  1. The candidates must be selected by MEXT as scholarship grantees or research students
  2. The research students then should pass the entrance examination for TUT
  3. After they pass the examination, TUT will recommend candidates at the university’s selection meeting.

MEXT Scholarship Japan Benefits

MEXT Scholarship Japan will be limited in number and will be based on a competitive academic basis. To support grantees, the MEXT scholarship program will offer the following benefits:

Allowance: The following paid amounts listed depends on the course enrolled in particular university. The amount of payment is also subject to change each fiscal year depending on the Japanese Government budget. The scholarship revocation occur if a grantee is absent from the university for an extended period.

  1. Research students: 143,000 JPY per month (around )
  2. Regular students enrolled in a master’s course: 144,000 JPY per month (around )
  3. Regular students enrolled in doctoral courses: 145,000 JPY per month (around )

Travel Expenses: Transportation from home country to Japan, MEXT provides an economy-class airline ticket. The flight from an international airport should be the closest to the grantee’s residence. While for grantee’s returning flight, MEXT will provide an airline ticket after graduation by the end of the final month of the period of scholarship. The flight will be an economy-class airline ticket from Narita International Airport or the international airport used for the normal route to and from the grantee’s university.

Education fee: The educational fees for the entrance examination, matriculation, and tuition will be borne by TUT.

MEXT Scholarship Japan Application Process

MEXT Duration of Study

The duration of the scholarship will differ depending on the program. The grantees should pay attention what they enroll in after coming to Japan. Thus, please read the following notice carefully:

  1. If the grantee enrolls as a research student (non-degree) after coming to Japan, the scholarship will be payable for 18 months. Thus, it should start from October 2020 until March 2022.
  2. If the grantee enrolls directly in a master’s or doctoral program after coming to Japan, the scholarship will be payable for the period necessary for the grantee to complete their regular program (standard period of study).
  3. If the grantee wishes to advance to a regular program in graduate school as a regular student, or to proceed to a doctoral program from a master’s program, he/she may apply for an evaluation screening. This would offer he/she the extension of the scholarship period for advanced study. However, he/she should meet the prescribed standards and has an outstanding academic record.

MEXT Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Please read carefully the following eligibility criteria. And make sure you have all the requirements.

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  1. Applicants must be international students of graduate school level. He/she must demonstrate excellent academic achievement. He/she should have GPA level of average of 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above in their most recent academic degree. He/she is expected to maintain the equivalent level during the scholarship period.
  2. Applicants’ nationality should correspond with diplomatic relations with Japan. In addition, applicants must have nationality of countries designated as priority countries by Japanese Government. The list of the priority countries can be seen in this link.
  3. Age of applicants should have been born on or after April 2, 1985.
  4. Academic background of applicants should correspond one of the qualification requirements to enter a master’s or a doctoral degree program at a Japanese graduate school.
  5. The fields of study of applicants should apply for the field of study they majored in at TUT university
  6. Health of applicants should ensure be free from any physical or mental conditions that would impede their studies in Japan. Judged by TUT
  7. Arrival of applicants in Japan should correspond arrival schedule set by TUT which is normally October 1st
  8. Visa required for applicants is the “Student” visa at the Japanese diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country of nationality
  9. Language ability of applicants comprise either Japanese or English language. They should meet the following condition as well:
  • Those who have passed level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) at the time of entering a regular course.
  • A person who has attained a grade equal to or more than the B2 equivalent of the European Common Language Reference Frame (CEFR) in English at the time of enrollment in a regular course.
  • Only language scores taken within two years from the date of application is considered valid

MEXT Scholarship Application Procedure

The following procedures are quite easy to understand. Please make sure you have read them thoroughly. The procedures cover:

  1. Applicants must confirm their eligibility in part E, including their grade point average.
  2. If they can confirm that meet all the requirements. They should look for a prospective supervisor and contact. They are to consult about their research objectives.
  3. Refer to the List of Faculty Members on TUT’s website. It is very useful to find a prospective supervisor.
  4. After receiving the supervisor’s acceptance, send the following application documents to them before the application deadline
  5. Make sure you follow the following format:

Atten: Prof.***(Your prospective supervisor’s name)

Department of *** (your prospective department) Toyohashi University of Technology, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580, JAPAN

MEXT Application Documents

Read carefully and provide the following documents. The necessary documents to fulfil and send are as follows:

  1. 2020 Application form for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Template format)
  2. Field of Study and Research Plan (Template format)
  3. Official Academic Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  4. Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  5. Publication list for MEXT Scholarship Application (Template format)
  6. Abstract of Thesis (if completed) or a description of your thesis research in progress
  7. Proof of high performance or good achievement record *Such as Certificate of Distinction, rank of academic record among the whole class, Grade Point Average (GAP) etc.
  8. Photograph (4.5×3.5cm, taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, no hats. Write your name and nationality on the reverse side. Photograph in digital format is also acceptable.) It must be pasted onto the application form.
  9. Certificate of language proficiency *Score of language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Japanese Language Proficiency
  10. Photocopy of passport (Pages of the name, nationality and picture of applicant only)
  11. Declaration sheet for MEXT Scholarship Application (Template format)
  12. Check list of documents for Japanese Government Scholarship (Template format)
  13. Academic Performance Entry Sheet (Template format)
  14. Recommendation Letter *Issued by the Dean of the department or by a person in a senior position at the university.

NOTE: Contact details of the writer must be clearly shown on the letter. *The name of the addressee in the letter must be “the President of Toyohashi University of Technology”. We CANNOT accept a letter with “To Whom May It Concern”. *Applicants who are working must also get a letter from their company supervisor.

MEXT Selection Method

  1. Applicants will be screened using the submitted documents.
  2. The prospective supervisors will conduct an online interview, using such services as Skype
  3. Successful candidates will be decided taking into consideration all aspects of the application, including the relationship between the applicant’s university and TUT, their academic performance, the level of their universities and recommendation letters.

MEXT Application Deadline

Please mark your calendar. The closing date for MEXT scholarship will be on Friday, 31 January 2020. Once it closed, then you need to wait for the next period.

MEXT Result Announcement

After the closing date, do notify the following details:

  1. Selection of TUT Recommended Candidates Applicants will be notified of the screening results by email by the end of March, 2020 (tentative).
  2. Selection of Scholarship Grantees Candidates will be notified of the MEXT decision by email by the end of June, 2020 (tentative).

Here are some tips to win MEXT Scholarship.

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Good luck.

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