Andy Grove Scholarship: A Complete Guide (2023)

If you are a dependent of an Intel employee and are dreaming of attending university without breaking the bank, there is a great opportunity for you. Intel’s Andy Grove Scholarship is currently accepting applications for both U.S. and international students.

In fact, this scholarship honors students from 27 countries across the globe. There will be up to $1,360,000 in scholarships for eligible applicants, which they can apply towards their undergraduate education.

Interested in this program? Read on to find out what it takes to win your very own prize.

Andy Grove Scholarship
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What is Andy Grove Scholarship?

The Andy Grove Scholarship is a one-time financial aid awarded by Intel to the children of their employees. It is presented in partnership with Scholarship America, the largest scholarship organization in the United States.

This competitive program aims to defray the cost of attending post-secondary schools of its recipients.

The name comes from Andrew “Andy” Grove, former Chairman of the Intel Board for the period 1997 to 2005. Grove was a pivotal figure in Intel’s history. His leadership led to a reset of the company’s business goals and ushered Intel into the beloved brand it is today.

In the visionary spirit of Grove, Intel expects this scholarship to create a goal-driven future generation. Intel believes that education is an integral means of fulfilling these ideals. Therefore, providing opportunities for high school graduates to go to reputable institutions has been the focus of the company’s philanthropy for years.

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How Do You Know If You Are Eligible?

As mentioned earlier, both U.S. and international students are allowed to apply to this program. However, this guide will discuss the details of this scholarship for non-American applicants. If you are a domestic student, please refer to the official instructions on Intel’s website.

First off, it is important to note that Intel only accepts applications from the following countries:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Brazil
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Egypt
  9. Germany
  10. Hong Kong
  11. India
  12. Indonesia
  13. Ireland
  14. Israel
  15. Japan
  16. Malaysia
  17. Mexico
  18. Pakistan
  19. The Philippines
  20. Poland
  21. Singapore
  22. South Korea
  23. Sri Lanka
  24. Taiwan
  25. Thailand
  26. United Kingdom
  27. Vietnam

After confirming that you come from one of the eligible countries, the next step is to fulfill these Andy Grove Scholarship requirements:

  • A dependent of an active Intel employee working full- or part-time for the company
  • Have never received this scholarship before
  • Be 26 years old or younger
  • Be in your final year of secondary school and plan to attend or are already attending an accredited college, university, polytechnic, vocational, or trade school studies full-time
  • Be enrolled at least 9 credits per term
  • Be otherwise eligible to receive financing as defined by the Office of Foreign Assets Control

You do not necessarily have to be the biological child of an Intel employee to apply for this scholarship. In fact, the program is also open to those who hold the following relationship statuses:

  • Adopted children
  • Children of a same sex domestic partner
  • Stepchildren who live with an eligible employee
  • Children who live permanently with an eligible employee, depend solely on that employee for support, and for whom the employee or his/her spouse is the permanent legal guardian
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Now, if you believe you are an eligible applicant, go on to learn what it means to be a winner and how this award will impact your academic studies.

How Much Money Can You Get from This Scholarship?

Prize amounts vary based on several factors: country of origin and type of post-secondary institution attended. All factors will be considered and rewards will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

For the first factor, there are two groups: Group A and Group. Group A consists of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. On the other hand, Group B includes Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The winners of the countries in Group A will receive:

  • Up to $1,500 USD for enrollment in a 2-year or vocational-technical postsecondary school, or
  • Up to $4,000 USD for enrollment in a 4-year undergraduate program

The prizes for the winners of Group B are:

  • Up to $1,050 USD for enrollment in a polytechnic or vocational-technical postsecondary school, or
  • Up to $2,800 USD for enrollment in a 4-year undergraduate program

These amounts will later be adjusted so as not to exceed the winners’ education-related costs or expenses. Andy Grove Scholarship recipients can use the money for tuition, books, and school-related supplies. Winners are strictly prohibited from using their awards for room, board, and living expenses.

For winners outside the United States, India, and Canada, they can expect their prizes to be mailed to their home addresses sometime in August.

What Information Do You Need to Apply?

Applicants who have applied or previously applied to the college should submit the following essential documents in addition to the application form:

  1. Academic record (transcript of grades) for all university course work completed, and
  2. Secondary school credential/diploma/certificate.
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Those who are high school or secondary school students and who have completed less than one year of post-secondary education must submit these documents:

  1. Academic record (transcript of grades) for all higher education course work completed, and
  2. Results of academic examinations (if available).

In addition, you will also need the following information to navigate your application process:

  • Information about the eligible Intel employee parent/guardian, including WWID #, work location and email address
  • List of your work experience and involvement in school and community activities
  • Copy of your complete transcript of grades/academic record
  • Intel employee parent/guardian’s financial information

All non-English documents must be translated into English and scanned before submission with the application. Be sure to write your name in the top left corner on all scanned documents. Your name must be exactly as it appears on your application form.

How to Apply to the Andy Grove Scholarship?

Andy Grove Scholarship applications can only be made online; no paper-based applications will be considered. Applicants must create an account using their email address and password through Scholarship America before completing the application form on the portal.

Fill out the form using correct and accurate information. Then, upload all the pre-scanned supporting documents to the system. You can log out in the middle of the process by clicking on the “Log Out” button; Scholarship America will automatically save your progress.

Click here to enter.

When is This Scholarship Due?

The Andy Grove Scholarship deadline is on January 30, 2023 at 1pm Pacific Time (PT). Complete and submit your application before the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified.

What’s Next?

Intel is not the only giant that regularly gives back to the community. You can also try your luck by applying to these scholarships by other leading U.S. companies: Walmart ScholarshipBurger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship, and Dell Scholarship.

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