The FEWS Scholarship Application Form and Closing Date

When serving their nation, members of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) often make extraordinary sacrifices. However, the sacrifices made by their loved ones, especially their children, are frequently disregarded.

FEWS Scholarship
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Although the sacrifices made by PAF members and their families on behalf of our nation will never be repaid in full, the PAF does all it can to help military families with mounting college expenses by awarding FEWS Scholarships to deserving military children.

As a tiny token of appreciation, the PAF offers FEWS Scholarships to the children of PAF personnel. The children of current and former members of the PAF are eligible for financial aid under this programme.

Scholarship amounts are based on both academic performance and demonstrated financial need. Please read on for further information on the FEWS Scholarship.

About the FEWS Scholarship

The health and safety of its personnel is a top priority for the PAF. It makes unrelenting efforts to look out for its employees’ interests, both during and after their time with the company.

PAF still places a premium on supporting the academic pursuits of its personnel’s offspring. In PAF’s view, the best way to guarantee the long-term well-being of PAF personnel is to provide them the tools they need to succeed academically.

Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme (FEWS) was established for this same purpose.

The Fazaia Educational Scholarships, the Support Fund for Higher Education, and the Adopt a Student Scheme have all been rolled into a single FEWS to simplify the application process and streamline the distribution of educational loans, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid.

Scholarships are now available for students at all levels, from elementary school through graduate school. For the first several years, 1640 students would each get a scholarship. The annual number of beneficiaries is expected to reach 2080 in the long run.

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The Fazaia Educational Scholarships programme is one of three programmes that make up FEWS. This programme, which is also known as the FEWS Scholarship, is meant to help the children of current and former PAF officers, airmen, and civilians who have died financially.

As previously mentioned, the policy makes provision for financial support at all levels of studies, starting from Prep to Master’s. Students are broadly divided into four categories:

  • Category-I: Higher Education (Master’s or Bachelor’s level)
  • Category-II: Class X or HSSC or Equivalent or Post-Matric Diploma
  • Category-III: Class Prep to IX or Equivalent Level
  • Category-IV: Students of UMSs, FG Fazaia and Model School for Girls (MSG) Islamabad studying in Class Prep to XII.

However, the following explanation will solely concentrate on the FEWS Scholarship for students in Category I since it is the primary topic of the current discussion.

Program Benefits

Need-based and merit-based scholarships are also available via FEWS Scholarship. If they continue their studies or do well in the course, students who get scholarships under the programme will receive them every six months or a year.

Those in Category A will get 80,000, or 75% of the yearly fee, while those in Category B will receive 40,000, or 50% of the yearly fee.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Category-I students are eligible for the FEWS Merit-Based Scholarships. In order to be considered for these grants, please review the following qualifying requirements:

  • Adopted children of PAF officers, airmen, and civilians who have resigned due to reaching their service limit or for medical reasons, as well as children of those who have died while serving.
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree programmes in any field are acceptable, as long as the student attends a school in Pakistan that has been accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • Master’s level students are expected to have a GPA of at least 3.5 in their undergraduate studies or the equivalent.
  • An average of at least 85 on the High School Leaving Certificate (HSSC) or its international equivalent is required for admission to Bachelor’s level study.
  • At the time of admission, students at the Master’s and Bachelor’s level must be no older than 28 and 25 years old, respectively. In contrast, there is no upper age restriction for the spouses of fallen PAF members.
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On the other hand, the FEWS Need-Based Scholarship will be awarded to wards of PAF officers, airmen and civilians in the following order of priority:

  • Shuhada and deceased PAF officers, airmen and civilians.
  • Retired officers, airmen, and civilians from the PAF who are unable to work because of a physical handicap (e.g., loss of a leg) are eligible for this benefit.
  • Senior PAF officers, airmen, and civilians who have disabled or “special” children.
  • Retired officers, airmen, and civilians of the PAF who are shouldering the additional financial burden of caring for a disabled or terminally ill family member.
  • All of the former officers, pilots, and civilian employees of the Pakistan Air Force who have retired due to reaching the mandatory retirement age or for health reasons.
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree programmes in any field are acceptable, as long as the student attends a school in Pakistan that has been accredited by the HEC.
  • Maximum enrollment age for Master’s programmes is 28, while for Bachelor’s programmes it is 25.

The FEWS Scholarship Application

Each year in either November or December, the Directorate of Education posts an online application for FEWS Scholarships. In addition, it will provide ads in the most widely read newspapers in the nation. There will also be ads placed on the FEWS and PAF websites.

Public notifications will be posted on the Notice Boards of all schools and colleges located on PAF bases and formations, and the directorate will also publish notices in BROs, UROs, and FROs.

Candidates may either submit an electronic application via the FEWS website or mail in a paper application. The completed FEWS Scholarship form must be sent to the Directorate of Education (FEWS Section) at AHQ Peshawar.

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Application forms for both merit- and need-based scholarships must be accompanied by the following materials in addition to the proof specified on the application itself:

  • Attested photocopies of all educational certificates. The students of O and A level must attach Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC Islamabad.
  • Attested photocopies of CNIC or Form B of parent and applicant.
  • Wards of PAF retired personnel must attach photocopy of discharge or pension book or pen-I of father or mother.
  • Certificate of admission from the institution, indicating date of admission and duration of course or class.
  • Breakdown of fee structure duly signed by the concerned competent authority.
  • Undertaking certificate duly signed by the student and countersigned by the parents.
  • Medical certificate by the nearest service hospital in case of disability of the applicant or his father or mother or if the applicant is a special child.

Closing Date

The annual schedule for the acceptance of applications on the FEWS Scholarship for Master’s or Bachelor’s level takes place from 01 to 30 November. Make sure you have completed the form and prepared all the required documents before the closing date.

Contact Details

Need some help troubleshooting any technical issues? Or, do you simply have additional questions regarding the scholarship that we have not covered here? In that case, please call the FEWS Scholarship contact number at 091-9210777 (Ext. 7253) during work hours.

The FEWS Scholarship Official Website

To start your application, visit FEWS official website at Feel free to bookmark this page to keep yourself updated with more scholarship opportunities for college students.

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