20+ Life-Changing Scholarships for Nigerian Students

In this sophisticated and modern age, you are required to have an excellent education background. The higher, the better. The people in the past might have an expensive fee as their hurdle to get a better education, but that does not apply for you anymore. Instead, you are faced with a lot of scholarship options that even make you confused.

On this page, we have provided you with information about currently ongoing scholarship in Nigeria and overseas, so that it can help you to make the best possible application. Please read through all the sections to find out the right one for you.

PTDF Scholarship

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), a government agency under the Department of Petroleum, was established with a responsibility of training and educating Nigerians to become professionals and experts in the petroleum industry. To actualize its responsibility, the agency announces overseas and local PTDF Scholarship program for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • The Local Scholarship Scheme (LSS)

The LSS has partnered up with 25 Nigerian universities and 4 centers of excellence. The beneficiaries of this program are students enrolled in oil and gas-related courses.

    • Bachelor’s Degree
      • Be a full-time student in any of the Federal Universities.
      • In their second year of study.
      • The course of study should be related to the oil and gas industry.
      • Possess 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO including English and Mathematics.
      • Possess a minimum CGPA of 3.5 on a scale of 5.0 or 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
    • Master’s and Ph.D. Degree
      • Possess a full-time admission letter into any of the Federal Universities.
      • Possess a minimum of Second Class Upper (2.1) in an oil and gas related field or a 2.2 with a minimum working experience of 2 years in the oil and gas industry.
      • Possess at least 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO results.
      • Provide an NYSC certificate or a letter of exemption.
      • Provide an academic transcript.
      • Provide evidence of the state of origin and local government.
  • The Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS)

Selected applicants will get to continue their studies at universities in the UK, China, Germany, France, and the US. The scholarship will cover flight tickets, health insurance, tuition fees, accommodation cost, and living expenses. The OSS will also include language classes to aid scholars to settle into their new environments. In addition, you can only choose one country for the scholarship. For example, if you choose the US as your first choice, then you can only choose the US for your second and third choice.

    • Master’s Degree
      • Has completed the NYSC program.
      • Possess a minimum of Second Class Upper (2.1) qualification in their first degree or a Second Class Lower (2.2) with relevant industry experience.
      • Posses 5 O’ level credits, including English.
      • The sponsorship duration is between twelve and twenty-four months.
    • Ph.D. Degree
      • Has completed the NYSC program.
      • Possess a minimum of Second Class Lower (2.2) in their first degree and a good second-degree certificate.
      • Must include a Master’s Degree project.
      • The sponsorship duration is between twelve and thirty-six months.

The application usually starts around late November to early December. For more information, as well as the scholarship portal, please visit their website.

Federal Government Scholarship

The Federal Ministry of Education has a department called the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB). The FSB itself has divisions which are Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA), Nigerian Awards (NA), Commonwealth and Multilateral, and General Duties. The first three divisions are responsible for scholarships and awards.

1. BEA Scholarship

The division of Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) is responsible to administer scholarship awards between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the governments of countries that have a bilateral education agreement with Nigeria. Thus, this scholarship, called BEA Scholarship, provides an opportunity for applicants pursuing an undergraduate and postgraduate degree to study abroad in these following countries:

  • Algeria
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Hungary
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Romania
  • Russia

with this option of the field of studies:

  • Natural sciences
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Social Science
  • Law
  • International Relations
  • Languages
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Petroleum related courses
  • Medicine related courses

The number of students receiving the scholarship is increasing each year. For the statistic report of the number of students based on countries they were going to, please click this link.

The value of awards covers these things:

  • From Federal Government:
    • Supplementation allowance worth of $6,000 each year
    • Warm clothing allowance worth of $250 each year
    • Health insurance fee worth of $200 each year
    • Take off grant once before departure
      • Postgraduates       : ₦100,000
      • Undergraduates   : ₦60,000
    • Postgraduates’ research fee worth of $1,000 each year
    • Medical allowance for scholars of General Medicine worth of $500 each year
    • A round-trip ticket
  • From donor countries:
    • Tuition fee
    • Accommodation

If you are interested in the BEA Scholarship, you can apply starting from the end of December or early January. The deadline will be six weeks after the opening. Selected winners will be decided based on CBT and oral interview result. For more detailed information, please visit this page.

2. Nigerian Award Scholarship

The Nigerian Award Scholarship scheme is tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. This program is dedicated to applicants that meet one of these following:

  • is an undergraduate student or has a Higher National Diploma (HND) or has a National Certificate in Education (NCE)
    • registered as a full-time student at any Federal or State universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, or College of Education.
    • at least in their second year of study.
  • is a postgraduate student
    • possesses a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with the Second Class Honours Upper Division.
    • registered as a full-time student at any Federal or State university.
  • is physically challenged
    • to have at least a CGPA of 4.0 on a 5.0 scale or its equivalent.

The awards will be assisting the scholar in the payment of:

  • Institutional fees
  • Personal maintenance

For better information, please visit this page.

3. Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) was formed in 1959 by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), London, United Kingdom (UK). The program intends to contribute to the UK’s international development aims, support a greater education system in the UK, and sustain the principles of the commonwealth. Nigeria, as one of the country partner, has been organizing the eligible Nigerian candidates for the scholarship under the Commonwealth and Multilateral Division of FSB. You are welcomed to apply if you are pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate’s degree.

For better information, please visit this page or click this link.

If you are interested in the above three scholarships, you can apply through this web portal. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact them via e-mail.

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NLNG Scholarship

The Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas company, or better known as Nigerian LNG, has been supporting education in Nigeria since 1998 as their CSR programs to enhance human capacity development for citizens of Nigeria. One of the programs is a scholarship for post-primary, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.

  • Post-Primary Program
    • an average of 20 awardees each year
    • be an indigene of NLNG host communities
      • provide an indigene confirmation letter signed by the chairman of the communities
    • be a basic 5 or 6 pupils
      • provide the basic 5 or 6 result
    • provide a letter of identification from Local Government Council
    • provide an attestation letter stamped and signed by the Head Teacher of the school
  • Undergraduate Program
    • the amount range from ₦100,000 to ₦300,000
    • applicants must be in their first year
    • have an excellent WASC or NECO result
    • have a top score at JAMB examination
    • be a certified full-time first-year students
  • Postgraduate Program (Study Abroad)
      • an average of 15 awardees each year
      • the amount range from ₦9 million to ₦11 million, depends on the area of study and its duration
      • has completed the NYSC program
      • scored not less than 8.0 on IELTS
      • no more than 30 years old
      • provide a letter of identification from Local Government Council
      • get the benefit of study overseas, specifically in certain universities in the UK
      • area of studies option:
        • Environmental Studies
        • Engineering
        • Management
        • Accountancy
        • Economics
        • Information Technology
        • Geology
        • Banking
        • Medicine
        • Law
      • posses a minimum of a second class in a relevant field of study
      • posses international passport valid for travel

All three application portals can be accessed here and close in middle May (the specific date can change each year).

For better information, please read this handbook or visit their website.

NNPC-Total Scholarship

To demonstrate its commitment to the educational development of Nigerian students, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria (TUCN), together with their venture partners, provide the NNPC-Total scholarship award to deserving undergraduate students from any field of majors.

The winners will be awarded strictly based on merit and fully funded up-to ₦150,000 for tuition fees, accommodation, book allowance, etc. There were more than 400 students who got the scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year. You can see the winners list here.

To qualify for consideration, applicants have to meet all of these criteria:

  • registered as a full-time student in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
  • a 100l or 200l student at the time of application
  • show proof of SSCE or equivalent certificate
  • show proof of admission letter from the University and Matriculation Number
  • show proof of A-level or equivalent certificate

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, you can access the application portal here. This year’s application will end in late October, so grab your chance! Noted that there also will be a selection test for the eligible applicants. If you are awarded, you must confirm about accepting their offer by returning a scanned copy of their completed and signed Acceptance Form by e-mail within 3 weeks since the winners’ announcement.

For more detailed information, kindly visit this page.

Agbami Scholarship

Has been an operator of Agbami Oil Field for years, Star Deep Petroleum Limited, a Chevron company, shows its support for Nigeria capacity building in the health and engineering sectors by creating Agbami Scholarship. The scholarship is designated for full time, undergraduate students from any state of the Federation in their 100 and 200 level (first year and second year). The students must be enrolled in Nigerian universities and majored in Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, or Engineering. For engineering students, the scholarship offers ₦100,000, and for medical students, the scholarship is worth ₦200,000.

The applications period has closed for now, but you can check on their website around early November to see whether the registration has been opened or not. If you are interested in applying, you can register by making a Scholastica account here and follow the instructions. Beforehand, you need to prepare scanned copies of these original documents:

  • a passport photograph, no more than 3 months old
  • a school ID card
  • an admission letter
  • O’ level result
  • JAMB result certificate
  • LGA Letter of Identification

Noted that multiple applications will only cause you a penalty of disqualification and you are ineligible to apply for any other scholarship program sponsored by “STAR” or any of its Parties while you are applying for this scholarship. Selected students will be invited for a CBT (includes verbal reasoning and comprehension, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, IQ test, and in some cases, current affairs) in certain examination centers nationwide. The winners of the scholarship will be notified via e-mail or SMS, so, ensure that you fill in the right contact address.

For more detailed information, please visit their website or e-mail them.

NDDC Scholarship

Just like its name, NDDC, or Niger Delta Development Commission, is a federal government agency with the responsibility of developing the oil-rich Niger Delta region.  With the initiative of the agency’s Human Resource Development, NDDC is embarking on a postgraduate overseas scholarship program to equip Niger Deltans with professionals and experts from various fields in developing and advancing oil production.

This scholarship is designated for students pursuing a higher postgraduate degree abroad with relevant Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in the following professional disciplines:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Geoscience
  • ICT
  • Management Science
  • Law
  • Education
  • Humanities





To be eligible for applying, pay attention to these criteria:

  • No evidence of cult membership or criminal record.
  • Have not enrolled in any university abroad.
  • Have completed the mandatory NYSC program.
  • Have gained valid admission letter for a postgraduate program in any of the listed disciplines above, in a foreign university.
  • For applicants who wish to take:
    • Master’s Degree    : first degree with a minimum of 2nd Class, Lower Division.
    • Doctorate Degree : a good Master’s Degree from a recognized university.
  • Provide guarantor’s written consent of good conduct of the applicant from one of the following persons:
    • Member of National Assembly/State House of Assembly
    • Chairman of LGA
    • First-class traditional ruler
    • High court judge

This year’s application has ended, but if you are interested in applying, you can access their registration portal here around June next year. Don’t forget to prepare yourself and practice as well, since there will be a CBT and oral interview for the eligible applicants. Preference would be given to applicants with a background of oil-producing, bearing communities, or LGAs as long as the candidates meet the basic criteria. Selected winners can not delay the period of study, otherwise, the scholarship becomes null. Change of institution and course are not allowed too, so please think and decide carefully.

For further enquiring, please mail to here, and for the latest information, kindly visit their website page.

Seplat Scholarship

Seplat Petroleum Development Company (SEPLAT), formed by the partnership of Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum Limited, is a Nigerian independent indigenous oil and gas company. To promote educational development, this company has created The Seplat Joint Venture Scholarship as one of its CSR programs. The scholarship is open for deserving undergraduate students majoring in a certain area of studies in Nigerian universities. The scholarship grants ₦150,000 per student annually and can be renewed each year. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • come from one of these following fields:
    • Accountancy
    • Agriculture
    • Architecture
    • Business Administration
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
    • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    • Geology
    • Geophysics
    • Medicine
    • Law
    • Mass Communication
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Petroleum Engineering
  • be in their 200l or above
  • have at least 5 O’ level credit passes (including English and Mathematics) in one try
  • not receive any other scholarship

The application has ended for this year, but you can stay around early July next year so that you will not miss the chance of winning the scholarship. The deadline for application usually ends two weeks after publication, so prepare any things needed long before. For your information, based on previous years, there will be an exam for the eligible candidates. The exam comprises of verbal and quantitative reasoning, English grammar, general knowledge, industrial learning, and current affairs and the date will be notified via e-mail, so keep on checking your email after the deadline.

The application portal, as well as any other information, can be accessed here.

NITDA Scholarship

In the age of sophisticated technology, The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), an agency to develop and regulate Information Technology (IT) in Nigeria, has committed to transform the country into a knowledge-based and IT-driven economy. Since 2010, NITDA has established a scholarship scheme for applicants pursuing a Master’s (MSc) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree program in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to realize their goal. The scholarship is only obtainable in Nigerian (either government or private) universities.

To be eligible for the Ph.D. scholarship, you have to be a university/polytechnic lecturer with MSc in any IT related field. Meanwhile, if you are applying for the MSc scholarship, you have to be graduated from a Bachelor’s degree program in IT related field and Law. The award will be determined strictly based on merit and is evenly distributed between the six geo-political zones for Ph.D. and the 36 states and FCT for MSc. If you are qualified, you have six weeks since the opening (for an exact date please periodically check on their website) to register yourself at this web portal.

There will be an invitation via SMS and e-mail to do the aptitude test for the qualifying applicants. After that, applicants who passed the test will have to do an interview as a final step before finally decided as winners. The scholarship for the Master’s program will be available for one year, as for the Doctorate program, it will be three years.

For up-to-date information, please visit their website or contact them by e-mail.

Nigerian Agip Scholarship

Nigerian Agip is an oil-based company that has two sub-companies. They are Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC), which operates in the land and swamp areas of the Niger Delta, and Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE), which focuses to manage Nigerian deep offshore exploration and production assets. Committed to contributing to the development of Nigerian manpower as one of their CSR programs, the company provides scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • NAOC – Scholarship for Undergraduates
    • there are two categories of awards:
      • Host Communities Merit Award
        • for applicants strictly from NAOC host communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, and Imo States.
      • National Merit Award: for applicants from non-host communities
        • for applicants studying Engineering, Geology, Geosciences and Agricultural Science.
    • to be an eligible applicant, you have to be:
      • registered as a full-time student in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
      • a 100l student at the time of application
    • the registration period will be around August each year
  • NAE – Scholarship for Postgraduates
    • there are two options of scholarship:
      • to study overseas
      • to study domestic
      • but you can apply for both options
    • to be an eligible applicant, you must meet all of these requirements:
      • graduated with a minimum of Second Class Upper Bachelor’s degree
      • have secured admission into a Nigerian or overseas university for a one year Master’s Degree program in any of these areas of studies:
        • Geosciences
        • Engineering (petroleum, mechanical, civil, subsea, electrical/electronics, marine, chemical)
        • Petroleum Economics
        • Law (oil and gas/petroleum)
      • has completed the NYSC program
      • possess an international passport valid for travel
      • no more than 28 years old
      • the registration period will be around May each year

To apply for the scholarship, you have to register by making an account at this portal. After verifying your account via e-mail, ensure you click NAOC Scholarship to apply for the NAE scholarship or NNPC/NAOC/OANDO JV Tertiary Scholarship to apply for the NAOC scholarship. Then, fill in all the required data and documents.

For better information, please visit the NAE Scholarship website or the NAOC Scholarship website.

Jim Ovia Scholarship

Jim Ovia Scholarship was created in 1998 and is fully funded by Mr. Jim Ovia until now. The program aims to provide financial aid for undergraduate Nigerian students who will contribute to the social and economic progress of Nigeria in the future. There was also a scholarship for graduate students, but unfortunately, it is currently closed for new applicants.

The renewable scholarship worth of ₦150,000 will award an average of 100 students each year. The award covers tuition and maintenance allowance. Noted that the scholarship is not renewed automatically, so, previously awarded students should submit the renewal application and continue to meet the criteria required. The selection process will be evaluating personal intellectual ability, leadership capability, and desire to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by applying their disciplines. Since there will be an exam for the selected applicants (includes verbal reasoning and numerical aptitude), prepare yourself well.

You can apply for this scholarship online through this portal starting from late October until early December. For applications, you need to provide the following documents (scan the original documents, not copies):

  • valid government ID (e.g. international passport or national ID)
  • valid student ID of your institution
  • original secondary school certificate (WAEC or NECO)
  • original JAMB result certificate
  • an official letter from your school/Head of Department stating the following:
    • your full-name
    • course title
    • department of study
    • CGPA
    • gender
    • matriculation number
  • a passport photograph
  • the most recent CGPA result slip (for renewing applicants)

Should there be any inquiries, you can contact them by e-mail or visit their website.

TETFund Scholarship

TETFund, stands for Tertiary Education Trust Fund, is a scheme established by the Federal Government of Nigeria with a responsibility to impose, manage, and disburse the tax to public tertiary institutions in Nigeria. One of the scheme programs is the TETFund Scholarship for teaching staff at eligible Nigerian universities to study for the Master’s or Doctorate’s program. The main objective of this scholarship is to break the unhealthy culture of in-breeding of academic staff by exposing them to other intellectual traditions within or outside Nigeria.

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Each benefitting university will get an allocation of more than ₦700 million annually, while polytechnics and colleges of education will get over ₦500 million. The money can be used to fund teaching training and workshop overseas or something related to the degree program. Some of the benefitting institutions are listed below.

  • University
    • Air Force Institue of Technology
    • First Technical University
    • Nigerian Army University
    • Ogun State Institute of Technology
    • Ondo State University of Science and Technology
    • University of Medical Sciences, Ondo
    • University of Nigeria
  • College of Education of:
    • Billiri, Gombe State
    • Lanlate, Oyo State
  • Polytechnics
    • Binyaminu Usman Polytechnics
    • Federal Polytechnics
    • Gateway Polytechnics








To keep up with the latest update, please regularly visit their official website.

Kaduna State, Nasarawa State, and Kano State Scholarship

The scholarships are administered by each state government and just like the name, they are dedicated to students residing in their state. Basic eligibility for all three scholarship:

  • Applicants must be residing in the state.
  • Preferably applicants from an indigent family of the state.
  • Applicants have to be registered as full-time students of any recognized and accredited institution.

1. Kaduna State

  • There are two scholarship options:
    • Local
      • Form 1 – Need Base Scholarship
        = For any kind of student that comes from an indigent family.
      • Form 2 – Merit Base Scholarship
        = For any kind of student with a minimum of 3.5 CGPA for the current year of study.
      • Form 3 – Disability Scholarship
        = For students with any form of disability.
      • Form 4 – Athlete Scholarship
        = For athlete students that have represented Kaduna state in either local or international competition.
      • Form 5 – Health-Related Course Scholarship
        = For students studying in health-related courses such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc.
    • Overseas
      • Only available for students pursuing MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), B.Sc Nursing, and Health Technology related degree program.
      • Applicants have to possess a minimum qualification of six Distinctions (As and Bs) in the SSCE, WACE, or NECO in a science subject (i.e. physics, chemistry, and biology) including English, Maths, and any other science subject.
      • The certificate should not be older than two years old.
      • Applicants should be 17 to 20 years old.
  • Application portal
  • For more information, please visit their official website or e-mail to sir_oracle_dba@yahoo.com.

2. Nasarawa State

  • Dedicated to students pursuing undergraduate, A’level, and O’level program.
    • For the undergraduate program, the applicant must be a full-time student in his/her first year at one of these institutions:
      • College of Education Akwanga
      • Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa
      • Federal University Lafia
      • Nasarawa State Polytechnic
      • Nasarawa State University Keffi
  • Applicants should have five credits in WASC/GCE/SSCE including Maths, English, and three other relevant subjects obtained in one try.
  • For more information, please visit their official website.

3. Kano State

  • The scholarship is for any students from any areas of study as long as they are studying at the levels of postgraduate, undergraduate, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, and University Remedia.
  • The award is renewable each year.
  • For better information, please visit their official website or e-mail to schbkano@yahoo.com.

Scholarships for Nigerian to Study Abroad

Many Nigerians dream to study abroad, but the cost of living abroad often blocks our way. Nowadays there are already tons of scholarship overseas offers. Just like a saying “Where there is a will, there is a way” goes, given the way is already provided for you, now it is up to you to decide. By studying abroad, you get a chance to learn a different perspective and also gain a new environment that you will not ever get in your country.

Here are some famous and fully-funded scholarships for you.

1. MEXT Scholarship

The Japanese Government, under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, through their embassy in Nigeria is gladly inviting all Nigerian students to study in Japan funded by the Japanese government. This scholarship offers four programs:

  • Research Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • College of Technology Students (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Machine Engineering)
  • Specialized Training College Students (e.g. Fashion, Culture)

If you are awarded, you have to take a preparatory education (i.e. matriculation, Japanese language) for a year there before you start the actual education program. The scholarship awards cover tickets to Japan, daily living costs, tuition fees, and book costs. For a specific number, each month, they usually give:

  • ¥143,000 for students receiving preparatory education and non-regular students.
  • ¥144,000 for regular students enrolled in master’s or professional degree courses.
  •  ¥145,000 for regular students enrolled in doctoral courses.

Registration usually begins around May. You can apply for the scholarship by taking and sending back the form to the Embassy. For up-to-date information, please check on their website.

2. British Chevening Scholarship

The UK Government has made a global program called British Chevening Scholarship that offers excellent students from all over the world to pursue a one-year Master’s degree in any subject at any UK university. The candidates’ selection will be preferred for those who have ambition, leadership potential, and a strong academic background. To be eligible, the program requires you to:

  • return to your home country for a maximum of two years after your award has ended.
  • have completed all components of an undergraduate degree, typically equivalent to an upper second-class 2.1 honours degree in the UK.
  • have at least two years of work experience in one of these:
    • full-time or part-time employment.
    • voluntary work.
    • internship.
  • apply to three different eligible UK university courses and have received an unconditional offer from one of those choices by 16 July.
  • meet the Chevening English language requirement (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) by 16 July.

The scholarship will cover:

  • university tuition fees
  • a monthly stipend
  • travel costs to and from the UK
  • an arrival allowance
  • a homeward departure allowance
  • the cost of one visa application
  • a travel cost to attend Chevening events in the UK

The registration still opens until November 5th this year. For better information, please visit their website.

3. Vanier Canadian Government Scholarships

The Canadian Government, under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, through their embassy in Nigeria is gladly inviting all Nigerian students to study in Japan funded by the Japanese government. Since the program is designated for social sciences, natural sciences, and health graduate students, this scholarship is distributed between the:

Keep in mind that you can not apply directly for this scholarship. Candidates have to be nominated by a Canadian Institution. It is either you inform the institution about your intention to apply for the scholarship or the institution initiates to nominate you first. Each winner will be awarded $50,000 per year. The program will award up to 166 students each year.

For more detailed information, please visit their website.


You may find some unusual words or abbreviations in the article, so here we go.

  • 100 level/100l = first year in college
  • CBT = Computer Based Test
  • CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility
  • FCT = Federal Capital Territory
  • GCE = General Certificate of Education
  • HND = Higher National Diploma
  • IJMB = Interim Joint Matriculation Board
  • IQ = Intelligent Quotient
  • JAMB = Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
  • LGA = Local Government Area
  • NCE = Nigeria Certificate in Education
  • ND = National Diploma
  • NECO = National Examinations Council
  • NYSC = National Youth Service Corps
  • SSCE = Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
  • WAEC = West African Examinations Council
  • WASC = West African School Certificate

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