International Students Scholarship Requirements and Documents

The International Students Scholarship at Boston University is open to first-year international students. You’ll learn more than just academics with this game-changing financial aid, which will help you get the most out of your time in college and beyond.

Before you hit “submit” on your International Students Scholarship application, check out the requirements and materials required. In order to be considered for an International Students Scholarship, you must have the following credentials.

International Students Scholarship
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International Students Scholarship Applicant Checklist

As a first-year international student applicant, you must submit the following credentials:

1. Common Application or Coalition Application

Over 900 schools and institutions, including Boston University, use the Common Application as their online application form. For the sake of saving time, you don’t have to fill out the same general information a dozen times like your GPA and extracurriculars.

Using the Common App dashboard, you can keep track of crucial dates and application papers. While it goes live every year on August 1, your application deadline depends on whether you are applying early decision (typically November 1) or regular decision (typically January 1).

Only colleges with extensive financial aid or low-cost tuition and graduates with little to no debt are included in the Coalition Application’s network of schools. For example, Boston University offers International Students Scholarship to global freshmen.

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In order to make college applications easier for students from underrepresented groups, the Coalition App was launched in 2012. In addition to allowing students to submit applications, MyCoalition offers a resource library and tools for storing documents and collaborating with others.

2. Secondary School Records

As part of your International Students Scholarship application, you’ll need to submit original or certified copies of your country’s credentials. Find the admission requirements for the country or countries where you studied on Boston University’s Secondary School Credentials page.

Any exam results or certifications must also be included in the application process. A notarized English translation is required for all documents written in a foreign language. The original document in your native language and the English translation are both necessary.

To complete your application, you must also provide copies of all qualifying tests you have taken throughout high school. IGCSE Certificates, Class 10 Secondary School Examination Certificates for India, etc. are examples of these documents. Contact the Admissions Office if your country is not on the list and you do not have the appropriate credentials.

3. Senior Year Grades

Early Decision applicants should have their counsellor submit grades from the first marking period as soon as they are available, which may be from the first quarter or the first trimester.

When it comes to semester-based schedules, though, things are a little different. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask your counsellor to provide you your first-quarter or first-marking period grades. The first-semester grades must also be submitted by your counsellor.

However, the first trimester grades should be submitted by your counsellor, if you are on a trimester schedule.

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4. Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form

Ask your counselor to submit the School Report form and the School Counselor Recommendation form found on the Common or Coalition Application.

5. Teacher Evaluation

Just like the previous point for the requirements of this International Students scholarship, please ask a teacher to submit the Teacher Evaluation form found on the Common or Coalition Application.

6. English Proficiency Testing Results

If your first language is not English, you must take the TOEFL, the IELTS, or the Duolingo English Test if you want to study in an English-speaking country. If English is your primary language, but you also speak another language at home, you may want to submit English proficiency results to show fluency.

On unusual instances, you can also submit an English Proficiency Waiver Request. To be considered for an International Students Scholarship, applicants must submit a full application and a request for a waiver of language proficiency requirements by the deadline. The English Proficiency Waiver Request Form must be completed in its entirety to be considered for a waiver.

BU advises scheduling an optional using InitialView or Vericant to demonstrate your English language proficiency. Note that applicants are also asked to submit their TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test scores.

7. Documentation of Financial Support

In order to be considered for an International Students Scholarship, you must provide proof of your financial situation. BU strongly advises that you include the following materials with your application. The Confidential Statement for Financing Studies and Sponsorship Support Confirmation must be filled out completely.

In addition, provide proof of financial resources to cover the annual expenditures of study (such as savings deposits, checking accounts, or a signed bank letter verifying the ability to pay educational expenses). It is required that all documented sources of assistance be current (within 12 months from the start date at BU), written in English, and authenticated by a bank representative.

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These documents can be included in your Common or Coalition Application in the form of PDFs. Your files should not exceed 500 MB in size, if possible. The “Application Status” page on the MyBU Portal allows you to access a complete list of all necessary, received, and uploaded materials for your application.

8. Copy of Data Page of Passport

Supply a photocopy of the photo/data page of your current, valid passport. You can upload this document via the Common or Coalition Application, MyBU Portal, or faxed it to 617-353-5334. PDF is the required file format.

9. Standardized Tests

First-year students applying to BU for the fall or spring semesters are not required to take a test. It’s because BU is one of the test-optional colleges in the U.S that do not require ACT or SAT scores. As a result, it is up to you whether or not to submit your standardized test scores as part of your university application.

Your academic record, your contributions in and out of the classroom, and whether or not you feel sure that the sum of these experiences accurately reflect your academic skill or potential will be taken into account when making these selections.

BU accepts self-reported standardized test scores on your application if you want them to be considered. Alternatively, you can submit your official test scores directly to the testing agency or to the MyBU Portal. BU codes 3087 (SAT) and 1794 (ACT) should be used when delivering official test scores.

Finally, if you have everything you need to apply for the Boston University’s International Students Scholarship, start your application here.

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