The Ultimate Guideline to Win the Stars Scholarship Fund

Getting a decent education in the Lone Star State does not always mean breaking the bank. The Stars Scholarship Fund can help make college more accessible for you. College students of all levels can benefit from this program, including community college students, undergraduates, and postgraduates. Read on for more information.

Stars Scholarship Fund
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About Stars Scholarship Fund

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Stars Scholarship Fund is dedicated to making higher education more affordable and easier to get into for the people in the community it serves. Based in McAllen, Texas, the Stars Foundation provides financial aid to deserving high school seniors in south and west Texas. They must plan to pursue post-secondary education at a recognized institution.

The Stars Scholarship Fund’s goal is to help students from the area achieve their dreams. Stars Scholarship Fund was created to allow students to continue their studies in higher education. Scholarships enable eligible individuals to attend the college or institution of their choice and succeed academically.

When the foundation contributes to the Stars Scholarship Fund, it ensures that all sponsorship and donation money goes directly to student scholarships. L&F Distributors covers the majority of the non-profit’s running costs, allowing it to put the donations it gets from the community to good use.

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In addition, the Stars Scholarship Fund’s affiliations with Texas colleges and universities enable it to have 90%+ of contributed resources matched dollar for dollar, allowing the funds to make a more significant effect in the community.

Stars Scholarship Fund Programs Available

These are the initiatives that are currently supported by Stars Scholarship:

1. Stars Scholarship Fund for Community College Students

Students who plan to attend a community college for the upcoming academic year and be enrolled part-time or full-time are encouraged to submit an application.

2. Stars Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Students

Any undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) student who plans to enroll full-time at a university for the next academic year is eligible for this program.

3. Stars Scholarship Fund for Full-Time Graduate Students

You have a chance to receive this scholarship if you plan to enroll full-time in a graduate (Master’s, Law, or Doctoral) program at a university for the upcoming academic year.

Application Requirements

Before applying for the Starts Scholarship Fund, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Hold an I-551 stamp in your passport or be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Have been a permanent resident in South or West Texas for at least five years and have a permanent address in one of the 30 counties (check the list of counties eligible for consideration here).
  • Have completed at least 12 credits of undergraduate coursework at a recognized U.S. institution (both Dual and Advanced Placement credits are acceptable).
  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent at the start of a new school year.
  • Be presently taking classes at a U.S. accredited two-year community college (enrolled part- or full-time) in a degree-seeking program, or a four-year university undergraduate program (enrolled full-time) seeking a Bachelor’s degree, or a university graduate program (enrolled full-time) pursuing a Master’s, Law or Doctorate degree.
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Required Documents

Make sure you have everything you need to win the scholarship. First, all applicants are required to provide:

  • Completed application
  • Certification & release form
  • Official college transcript
  • Student aid report
  • Personal statement

Additionally, here are examples of supplemental documents required by some:

  • Letter from advisor
  • Permanent resident card
  • College Board AP Score Report

Stars Scholarship Fund Application

There are two ways to apply to the Stars Scholarship Fund: online or by sending documents by post/email/fax.

Online Application

Your Stars account will allow you to upload most of your supporting documentation if you apply online. Submissions will stay in the “Received – Pending Review” state until the Review Period is over. If your documents are uploaded by the deadline, you do not have to worry about a “pending” status.

Mail/Email/Fax Application

Documents received before March 1 will have their status changed to “Received – Pending Review” as soon as possible. Considering that the committee gets dozens of documents and emails every day, this may take two weeks. However, your papers will be processed even if they cannot be reviewed until beyond the Review Period.

The papers’ status will be updated until the Review Period if you transmit them after March 1. The committee has probably received the forms you have provided. Still, it will not be able to confirm this until after the Review Period because of the volume of documents coming in. Once your transcripts have been downloaded and printed, your school will send you an email to let you know they have been successfully sent.

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An Application Update Request Form must be completed and sent once your online or physical application has been submitted. You may get a copy of the form by clicking here.

Important Dates

Take note of the important dates surrounding the application for this scholarship below:

  • January 1 – March 31: Application Period
  • April 1 – April 30: Processing Period
  • May 1 – June 30: Review Period
  • July 1 – July 31: Selection & Awarding Period
  • Closing Date

The application period usually begins on January 1 and ends on March 31. During this time, the Stars begin to read its incoming mails. It is essential to send your application as soon as possible, as the volume of mail grows as the deadline approaches. Nevertheless, you must submit your documentation before the 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) deadline.

Contact Details

Have trouble with your application? Or, is there anything else you would want to know about the Stars Scholarship Fund? Kindly contact Mandy Gutierrez or Laura A. Escamilla, MPA, at with any inquiries. Alternatively, you may contact the staff by telephone at 956 627 1718 or 1 866 939 7827.

The Official Website of Stars Scholarship Fund

Apply to or learn more information about this program at We’ve got some recommendations for you if you are looking for more scholarships like the Stars Scholarship Fund, including Presidential Merit Scholarship Texas Tech and 40 Acres Scholarship.

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