Top 13 Company Provided Scholarships for College

Company provided scholarships are a form of the company’s dedication to giving back to the community. Usually, large corporations set aside a number of funds to finance various scholarship programs. This is because these companies recognize the importance of education for the creation of a well-educated workforce in the future.

Company Provided Scholarships
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Company provided scholarships are available to many people, including employees of the company, their families, as well as the general public. In addition, these programs may be need-based or merit-based scholarships. Also, it often targets specific fields of study.

So, which top companies in the United States provide scholarships for free?

Below, you can find a list of the best company provided scholarships provided by noteworthy corporations across the country. Make a note of which one fits your educational background, and be prepared to apply as soon as possible.

1. Dell

As part of the computer revolution, Dell became well known for its innovative line of home computers. Furthermore, through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, they provide annual scholarships for deserving students who may not otherwise be able to afford a college education.

One of its well-known educational assistance programs is the Dell Scholars Program.

Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program provides financial assistance to college-bound students who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Particularly, the annual award of $20,000 is available to students who have been enrolled in an approved college readiness program for at least two years.

In fact, we have discussed this program thoroughly in the past. You can find a complete guide to the Dell Scholars Program in our Dell Scholarship FAQs.

2. The Coca-Cola Company

This company supports a large number of philanthropic initiatives, including a variety of scholarships. In fact, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation supports the following annual scholarships for college-bound students.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program

This program awards 250 four-year scholarships a year to graduating high school seniors. Particularly, scholarship awards are determined by academic achievement. Then, applicants must undergo an interview process with Coca-Cola’s National Selection Committee.

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50 students per year receive a National Scholars Award of $20,000, while 200 students receive a Regional Scholars Award of $10,000.

The Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Scholarship

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society administers this program. Fascinatingly, it awards 150 scholarships annually to students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement.

Specifically, 50 Gold Scholar Award winners receive $1,500 scholarships, 50 Silver Scholars receive awards of $1,250 and 50 Bronze Scholars receive $1,000.

The Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship

This Coca-Cola Scholarship is also offered in conjunction with the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In particular, it awards 180 scholarships of $1,000 to community college students who take part in the society’s leadership development programs.

3. Google

Google remains at the forefront of the internet revolution. As one of the most recognized computer software and service organizations around the world, their name has become nearly synonymous with internet use.

Google sponsors a number of worldwide educational initiatives. Besides, it supports a variety of lucrative scholarship programs dedicated to the encouragement and support of women and minorities who are pursuing degrees in science, mathematics, and technology.

Below are some of the most prominent company provided scholarships that Google offers bright students.

The AISES Google Scholarship

Google sponsors this scholarship in partnership with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

In order to apply, applicants must be able to demonstrate their Native American, Native Alaskan, or Native Hawaiian heritage. Also, they must be enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited college or university.

Besides, applicants must also maintain a 3.0 GPA and must be majoring in computer science or computer engineering.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

The multinational technology company dedicates this scholarship to female college students pursuing a degree in computer sciences.

To be eligible for it, applicants must be in their senior year of an undergraduate program or enrolled in a graduate studies program. Also, they must have maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA on a standard 4.0 scale.

Google Lime Scholarship

Google Lime Scholarship is available to students with a disability who are enrolled in degree programs in computer science or computer engineering. Generally, Google determines the awards by academic accomplishment. The annual award is $10,000.

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4. Pepsi

PepsiCo is a global leader in the food and beverage industry. As a corporate world leader, PepsiCo understands the value of investing in the future.

That’s why, Pepsi Corporation regularly supports a wide range of grant and scholarship programs that help make college more accessible to students across the country, and around the world.

The following is a summary of Pepsi scholarships and grants for needy college-bound students.

Pepsi Service Scholarship

This PepsiCo Foundation scholarship is available to freshmen enrolled at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Basically, applicants must be resident students with a minimum 3.0 GPA to apply for the program. Besides, they must be able to demonstrate a history of leadership and community service while in high school. Furthermore, students will have to submit an informal personal statement in essay form.

Ultimately, a single scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually.

The Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship

The Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship is available to students currently attending Missouri State University. To be eligible for the award, students must:

  • Have completed a minimum of 45 credit hours with a maintained minimum GPA of 3.25,
  • Demonstrate a commitment to leadership and public service,
  • Provide a letter of recommendation, and
  • Submit an essay on public affairs.

Since these company provided scholarships are very limited, students are encouraged to check with their college’s financial aid department for information on deadlines other application requirements.

5. Adobe

Adobe was founded in 1982 by two engineers from the famous Palo Alto Research Center owned by Xerox. In fact, Adobe’s scholarship opportunities help the company develop both a new generation of Adobe users and a pool of qualified new employees.

At one point, Adobe focused its financial aid on needy students seeking degrees in fields like engineering and education. Today, Adobe redirects its funding to students interested in creative pursuits. Adobe now uses scholarships as an extension of a philanthropic program called Adobe Youth Voices.

The Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices offers free educational curricula to teachers who want to disseminate knowledge of how to use digital media to their students.

While it’s true the program is partly available to produce more young users who know and love Adobe software, the benefit to the students of this type of training is undeniable.

In fact, students will learn how to produce original creative work in the following six categories:

  • Video,
  • Graphic and web design,
  • Animation,
  • Photography,
  • Audio, and
  • Print
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6. Microsoft

Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates are venerable presences in the history of personal computing. And today, through its foundation, Microsoft continues to leave its legacy by granting some valuable company provided scholarships to bright individuals all around the world.

Some of the scholarships which are worth mentioning include:

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

Microsoft awards the Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) scholarships only to seniors in high school, and are renewable for as many as four years. Each award is fixed at $5,000.

Additionally, your plans must include obtaining a bachelor’s degree, but you may apply for a BAM Scholarship if you are beginning at a two-year institution like a community college.

Also, please note that BAM Scholarships are available only in the United States. Automatically, all recipients have the chance to join the internships.

Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship

Each Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship is for $15,000. Then, successful candidates can use the grant to pay for the second year of study (which must be full-time) toward a Ph.D. Also, they will receive $2,000 to cover conference and travel expenses.

However, their universities, which must be located in either the United States or in Canada, and must nominate them for the award. Besides, their courses of study must fall under one of three departments: computer science, electrical engineering, or mathematics.

7. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corporation is a global enterprise that relies on tens of thousands of employees to maintain its international reputation.

As a by-product of its enduring growth and commitment to helping others, the company has become notable in charitable and socially responsible undertakings – including educational philanthropy.

Thus, to train the future workforce and create opportunities for promising academics, the parent company underwrites education through several distinct scholarship funds.

One of its most famous programs is Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

RMHC Scholarships

Ronald McDonald House Charities relies on local chapters to administer the company’s college scholarships. There are several distinct awards available, but they share these general eligibility requirements. Furthermore, qualified applicants must be:

  • Graduating High School senior,
  • Younger than age 21,
  • Eligible for enrollment at a 2 or 4-year university or technical college, and
  • A resident of the geographical area represented by a local RMHC Chapter.

Final note

Making use of all available resources is a way that all students should at least try especially if they want to go further. And, one of the sources that they can make the best use of is the company provided scholarships.

These scholarships are a way for large corporations to contribute to society. But, besides that, it is also their commitment to creating a brighter future for the next generations.

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