9 FSU Scholarships to Kick-start Your Studies

If you’re looking for a university in Florida with a great academic reputation, award-winning faculty, and abundant student support, look no further than Florida State University (FSU). FSU is ranked in U.S. News’ top 20 best national universities 2022-2023, making it worth your money. But even if you’re strapped for cash, fret not; FSU scholarships are there to the rescue.

There are a wide range of FSU scholarships for students from varying backgrounds, so it’s very likely you can find one that you are eligible for. While not all of them may qualify for internal scholarships, FSU encourages its students to consider external financial aid made possible through the partnership of the university and third parties.

Here, the sky is the limit, so money problems shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your degree! Without further ado, check out this list of FSU scholarships that we’ve curated for you.

FSU Scholarships
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List of FSU Scholarships for Incoming Students

1. Athletic Scholarships

Being a college athlete comes with many cool perks beyond just the opportunities to compete in higher-level games or garner hundreds of fans. You may also be eligible for FSU athletic scholarships if you represent the university in intercollegiate athletic events. Not only do these scholarships help you financially but they also provide you with further opportunities to shine.

Start communicating with your high school coach to express your interest in the program. Your coach will help you to outreach to the FSU Athletics Department and discuss the scholarship offers they can extend to you.

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2. Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC Scholarships

Did you know that the military has financial aid packages for its active-duty personnel to attend college? With these scholarships, you can get into FSU and advance your military career or get ready to improve your employment opportunities after you leave the service. There are many educational benefits that you can apply to for financial support for your tuition and living expenses.

To start, visit each military service’s website for available scholarships and eligibility requirements.

3. Florida State Service Scholar Program

FSU, through its Center for Leadership and Social Change, awards Service Scholar Programs to students with outstanding records of leadership and service. They specifically target first-year students who have demonstrated excellence in planning and promoting community engagement among their peers.

In a nutshell, this is a great opportunity for you if you’re the type of person who spends your free time helping others in your community through volunteer work. The program includes four scholarship funds that you can apply to for renewable awards throughout your four-year course.

If you’re designated as a Service Scholar, you’ll need to meet a series of requirements to keep your scholarship, including participating in group or individual service projects, maintaining a 2.75 grade point average (GPA), and completing at least 75 hours of service per semester.

4. Mores Scholarship

Inspired by the Latin word Mores which symbolizes character, this scholarship honors FSU students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance especially in addressing significant socio-economic challenges. The best thing about the Mores Scholarship is that all incoming students will automatically be considered for an award, so no need to prepare a separate application.

However, this scholarship only recognizes Florida residents enrolling to FSU, so out-of-state students may be looking for other opportunities. If you’re interested in this program, apply for admission on an early action basis as funding is limited. This scholarship can cover any college-related expenses such as tuition fees, books, food, and more.

5. National Merit Scholarship

Are you a college-bound high school student with a strong academic record? If so, you may be eligible for this prestigious merit-based scholarship. To be considered, scoring high on the PSAT is a must. The program will identify the juniors with the best scores on the PSAT and select semifinalists from that group in each state.

However, FSU only recognizes those who advance to the final round, whether they’re Florida residents or out-of-state students. All finalists will be guaranteed admission to the FSU Honors Program and a renewable, generous scholarship throughout the four years.

6. Partner Promise Scholarship

Through partner high schools across Florida, FSU awards the Partner Promise Scholarship to graduates of these schools. The partner schools are spread across five counties across the state, including Duval County, Gadsden County, Leon County, Liberty County, and Orange County.

As this is a renewable scholarship, recipients can expect to benefit from it throughout all eight semesters of their studies. Renewal requirements include maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher and completing courses successfully. Visit the FSU Admissions webpage to find out if your school is an affiliate for the Partner Promise Scholarship.

7. Presidential Scholars Program and Scholarship

If you’re successfully accepted into FSU’s Honors Program, you can apply to the Presidential Scholars Program and stand a chance of winning a scholarship. For out-of-state students, this financial aid also includes a tuition waiver spread across all eight semesters of study.

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You don’t need to submit a separate application as all students who apply to the Honors Program will automatically be considered for this scholarship. Recipients can keep their scholarship until graduation as long as they fulfill the renewal requirements.

8. QUEST Scholars Program

Another FSU scholarship specifically established for Florida residents is the QUEST Scholars Program. Notably, it’s offered by FCU’s Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement which aims to help new students thrive and transition well at FSU. Besides receiving financial aid, QUEST Scholars also have access to health services, financial advice, tutors, and workshops in various fields.

Due to limited funding, students are urged to apply on an early action basis. More information about the program is available on the QUEST Scholars Program website.

9. Vires Scholarship

This is a twin scholarship to the Mores Scholarship which is also awarded to Florida residents who demonstrate resilience throughout their college years. The good part about this opportunity is that all Florida residents applying to FSU will be automatically considered for the Vires Scholarship.

It also requires early application due to limited funds. To maintain their award, there are a few rules that recipients must abide by.

What’s Next?

Now that you may have found your scholarship, it’s time to get your application ready. While FSU’s admission process is anything but rigorous, be sure to learn the system by clicking here to increase your chances of being accepted.

Then, if you’re thinking of applying for a loan to cover the shortfall from your scholarship and work-study, check out our guide to student loans before you rush into the idea.

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