HEC Indigenous Scholarship for MS / MPhil and PhD

hec indigenous scholarshipIntroducing the HEC Indigenous Scholarship

HEC Indigenous Scholarship is a scholarship scheme established by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to provide scholarships for the citizens of Pakistan to pursue higher education. The scholarships are available for MS with thesis, MS leading to PhD, and PhD fellowships. Its objective is to create a critical mass of highly qualified human resources in all fields of studies taught at the advanced level in local universities. These locally qualified academics and researchers will improve the R&D potential of public as well as private universities and it will also strengthen the local industrial sector.

With the launching of the 5000 HEC Indigenous Scholarship Scheme, research culture in public and private sector universities has been developed in accordance with international norms / standards. This project is focused at diversified disciplines belonging to all fields of Science and Technology as well as Social Sciences, Humanities and Life Sciences. To enhance the research facilities in these fields, the Higher Education Commission has funded many departments and universities toe establish research labs. This has brought tremendous change in research culture of the Pakistani universities.

HEC has kept great emphasis on indigenous scholarship schemes because locally rained researchers work on local problems of great national significance. Their research, therefore, is expected to have direct relevance to the growth and socio-economic development of Pakistan.

In addition, this scheme also provides funds to the universities for upgrading their research facilities particularly small laboratory equipment, chemicals, IT equipment, etc. which not only facilitates research of the HEC scholar but also serves as an asset for the department to establish up to date research laboratories.

Eligibility Criteria

The HEC Indigenous Scholarship Scheme has a list of eligibility criteria for applicants wishing to apply for the scholarship. Applicants must meet the following requirements::

  • Pakistani / AJK National
  • For MS / MPhil, the applicants must have a minimum of 16 years of education with no third division or Grade D in the degree / certificate in the entire academic career.
  • Those applying for direct PhD scholarships must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the semester system) or first division (in the annual system) in MS / MPhil or equivalent degree. It is required along with the previously mentioned condition on the second point.
  • Maximum age at the closing date of application:
    • 40 years for full-time regular faculty members of public sector university / DAIs and regular employee of the public sector / R&D organizations
    • 35 years for all other applicants
  • Applicants who are already availing any other HEC or government scholarship are not eligible to apply.
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How to Apply for an HEC Indigenous Scholarship

Applicants are required to submit application online through eportal.hec.gov.pk. HEC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scholarship process at any stage, without assigning any reason.

Applicants are advised to check their emails as well as HEC website regularly for any updates and are required to apply well before the closing date to get assistance in case of any inconvenience.

Benefits of the HEC Indigenous Scholarship for MS / MPhil and PhD

Successful applicants of the HEC Indigenous Scholarship will receive the following financial support:

  • Scholar’s Stipend:
    • 10,000 per month in MS / MPhil
    • 13,000 per month in PhD
  • Support to university for tuition fee, reference books, back volumes, chemical abstracts, stationery, software, internet, etc.: Rs. 75,000 per year
  • Support to university for laboratory / workshop equipment, material, consumables and supplies, etc.: Rs. 75,000 per year
  • Book allowance for scholar: Rs. 5,000 per year – only in PhD Sciences subjects
  • Thesis evaluation from abroad charges completion: Rs. 18,000 – one-time award during the award period
  • Thesis charges to scholar in his / her last year of study: Rs. 5,000 – one-time award at the time of completion of his / her study
  • Honorarium for Supervisor:
    • On approval of PhD Synopsis from Board of Advancement Studies and Research: Rs. 50,000 – one-time payment
    • On publication with co-authorship of HEC supervisee in ISI Journal at Rs. 30,000 – to be paid to supervisor once in a year for three years (maximum Rs. 70,000), OR on publication with co-authorship of HEC supervisor in HEC approved Journal at Rs. 15,000 – paid twice every year for three years.
    • On completion of PhD Thesis writing and sending for evaluation abroad: Rs. 50,000 – one-time payment
    • On successful evaluation from Foreign Reviewers: Rs. 20,000 – one-time payment
    • On PhD Completion / degree notification: Rs. 50,000 – one-time payment
  • Scholar’s Benefits:
    • Stipends:
      • Stipend to scholars for first and second years during MS period: Rs. 12,000 per month with Rs. 1,000 increment per year.
      • Stipend to scholars for last three years during PhD period: Rs. 18,000 per month with Rs. 1,500 increment per year.
    • Book allowance: Rs. 5,000 per year
    • Thesis charges: Rs. 10,000 – one-time award at the completion of study
    • Laptop for scholars: Rs. 60,000 – one-time award
  • Support to University:
    • Tuition fee, reference books, back volumes, chemical abstracts, stationery, software, internet, etc.: Rs. 100,000 per year
    • Support to university during PhD duration (3 years) for lab / workshop equipment, consumables and supplies, etc.: Rs. 60,000 per year
    • Thesis evaluation charges to university from abroad on completion: Rs. 20,000 – one-time payment
    • Grant / research incentives to supervisor (BASR approval, PhD completion, thesis submission, etc.): maximum of Rs. 150,000
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Terms and Conditions

The following points are the terms and conditions for the HEC Indigenous Scholarship Scheme. Furthermore, the acceptance of the scholarship is an acknowledgement of these obligations:

  • An awardee cannot change the course of study specified by the awardee on the application form or in the letter of scholarship without obtaining prior approval of the Higher Education Commission.
  • In case, NOC for job is required, HEC will continue the scholarship award. Only scholar stipend and book allowance will be put on freeze. This condition is applicable only for those scholars whose scholarship period has been more than 2 years, PhD coursework completed, PhD comprehensive passed or PhD synopsis approved from BASAR, subject to approval of HEC authority.
  • An awardee is not to hold any other scholarship / stipend during the scholarship period of his or her study.
  • Fresh awardees must take get admission in the department / universities mentioned in the list of HEC recognized universities / DAIs.
  • Already enrolled scholars in PhD program must be a full-time PhD student in a department / institute which has a minimum of 3 PhD faculty members out f which at least 2 are HEC Approved Supervisors.
  • The enrolled PhD scholar must be under the supervision of HEC Approved Supervisor and the number of PhD students enrolled with that supervisor is below the maximum as specified by the HEC.
  • The number of PhD scholars must not be more than 5 under the supervision of one HEC Approved Supervisor.
  • Change of university / institute at any stage of study is not allowed but due to unavoidable circumstances will only be admissible only with prior approval of the Higher Education Commission.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the awardee to check the status of the program / discipline in which he or she is going to be enrolled in MS / PhD that it is approved by HEC and the respective department has obtained necessary NOC from HEC Quality Assurance Department as well as the respective council (such as PEC, PMDC, business council, etc.) recognizes / registers the mentioned degree of the relevant university / institute. Indigenous Scholarship Phase-II section will take no responsibility in this respect what so ever may be.
  • An awardee is required to obtain study leave from his or her employer to join the institution of his or her study on a full-time basis.
  • An awardee has to execute a bond with the HEC / Government of Pakistan to serve in the country for 5 years after the completion of his or her study, preferably at an institution of higher education.
  • An awardee shall sign an agreement with the HEC on non-judicial paper (stamp paper) to the effect that in case the awardee fails to complete the study, he or she will refund HEC the total amount provided on his or her studies by the HEC.
  • A personal guarantee of a person of means on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect of ensuring the recovery in case of default would need to be furnished.
  • HEC will monitor the academic progress / performance of every awardee on quarterly basis and the financial utilization every 6 months.
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Call for Applications

Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) for the applicants of Indigenous 5000 Phase-II Batch-VI is scheduled on 17th October 2020 (tentatively).

HEC Contacts for Indigenous Scholarship

For inquiries, contact the HEC contact number for Indigenous Scholarship, to HEC Call Center UAN: 111-119-432 (HEC) or 0334-1119432 (9HEC).

For further details and apply online information, visit the Indigenous PhD Scholarship Program web page.

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