King Fahd University Scholarship Spring Semester

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) is a leading educational organization for science and technology. Among Saudi universities, its science, engineering, and business / management programs are the most highly regarded in the country as well as in the whole region. Established in 1963, the University was ranked 4th among top 100 worldwide universities granted US Utility Patents in 2018. In the academic year 2018-2019, KFUPM was awarded the 200th position in the QS World University Rankings.

KFUPM degree offerings include Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy. The University also offers a load of financial support to the students enrolled in a KFUPM program. Read on to see the sorts of scholarships, grants and awards offered by the University!

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Graduate Scholarships

With 32 Master programs and 11 Doctorate programs offered in 27 different disciplines at KFUPM, King Fahd University welcomes outstanding and talented prospective graduate students from around the world, including the nation itself, to apply for graduate studies. Besides national students, King Fahd University currently enrolls international graduate students from 28 different countries. This adds to the richness and diversity of the academic and research environment at the University.

Master and Doctoral programs at King Fahd University are offered in a full range of traditional disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary programs that anticipate market trends and respond to national needs. In addition, King Fahd University also offers full scholarships for distinguished graduate applicants enrolled in an MS or PhD program at the University, who demonstrate high potential for conducting original research in the fields of Engineering, Sciences and Business. There are two types of scholarships offered to enrolled Master and PhD students at King Fahd University, as shown below.

  • Assistantships for enrolled Master students:
    • Graduate Assistantship: Financial aid is available as assistantships for exceptional Saudi Graduate Assistants continuing MS degrees at King Fahd University. Candidates of this graduate assistantship must demonstrate outstanding performance in their Bachelor education.
    • Research Assistantship: Financial aid is available as assistantships for national and international Master students who show an exceptional performance in their Bachelor education.
  • Lectureships for enrolled PhD students:
  • Lecturer: Financial aid is available as lectureships and is open to exceptional Saudi Lecturers continuing PhD degrees at King Fahd University. Candidates of this lectureship must demonstrate an excellent performance in both their previous Bachelor and Master education.
  • Lecturer-B: Financial aid as lectureships for national and international PhD students who shows exceptionally outstanding performance in both their previous Bachelor and Master education.

Online applications for prospective students are open twice a year for the two semesters: the Fall semester which usually starts in September, and the Spring semester which usually starts in February. All interested and eligible, local and international candidates are invited to apply for Graduate Studies at King Fahd University according to the deadlines shown below.

Action/Deadline Fall Semester (Sep. 2020) Spring Semester(Jan. 2021)
Opening Online Application Jan. 27, 2020 Sep. 07, 2020
Last Day for submitting Online Application and Uploading Documents. Feb. 12, 2020 Sep. 22, 2020
Last Day for submitting Online Recommendations Feb. 19, 2020 Sep. 29, 2020
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Questions regarding graduate programs and scholarships can be sent the Deanship of Graduate Studies via email to or feel free to call +966-3-860-2809. Visit the Graduate Programs web page to learn more.

KFUPM Student Exchange Program (SEP)

For more than a decade, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals has been actively engaged in major collaborative projects from all over the world. The Office of International Cooperation (OIC) at King Fahd University is the first contact for international relations at the university level. OIC is committed to facilitating the cooperation and exchange between the University and other overseas universities, companies, research institutions / centers and renown scholars to develop international education, collaborative research, and disciplines and to enhance the University’s global standing.

As a reflection of King Fahd University’s commitment to global education, OIC established the Student Exchange Program (SEP) in 2007 / 2008 to support King Fahd University students to spend one or two semesters at a partner university abroad, earning credits towards their study at a King Fahd University program. The list of partners includes top universities from around the world.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA – Energy Research
  • University of Cambridge, UK – Oil and Gas research
  • KAUST, KSA – Various research disciplines in Engineering and Sciences
  • Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM), Germany – Refining and Petrochemicals research
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea
  • Georgia Institute of Science & Technology (GT), USA – Geo-Signal Processing
  • Leland Stanford Junior University, USA – Oil and Gas research
  • University of Arizona (UA), USA
  • Texas A&M University (TA&M), USA
  • University of Illinois, USA
  • Lehigh University (LU), USA
  • University of North Texas (UNT), USA
  • University of Florida (UF), USA
  • Cornell University, USA
  • Colorado School of Mine (CSM), USA
  • University of Houston (UH), USA
  • Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
  • Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), UK
  • Japan Cooperation Center (JCCP), Japan
  • BASF FZE, Dubai, UAE

The SEP offers King Fahd University students an opportunity to experience student life in a foreign country, pick up a new language, be exposed to new cultures, make new friends and learn to be a global citizen.

The Program has recently been expanded to international students interested in visiting King Fahd University. Such student can also get partial support from King Fahd University.

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The SEP is an optional activity in which the King Fahd University students may participate provided that:

  • The participating student satisfies the program criteria, and
  • The program does not cause delay in graduation of the participating student

The participating students should note that King Fahd University will allocate all resources to facilitate the SEP to students but admission in host universities for SEP is not guaranteed.

To be eligible for the SEP, King Fahd University students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.75 out of 4.00, and must be maintained while participating in the program
  • A TOEFL score of at least 70 on Internet Based Test (iBT)
  • Completion of at least 30 Credit Hours but not exceeding 80 Credit Hours during the time of application
  • No schedule conflict with the coop or summer training programs
  • No previous participation in international activities supported financially by King Fahd University such as summer training, coop or international trips
  • Exhibiting a clear King Fahd University record with no academic and non-academic violations during his / her affiliation with King Fahd University

In addition to the learning experience and the cultural benefits derived from the Program, participating King Fahd University students will receive a number of other benefits:

  • The student is eligible for all awards like any regular King Fahd University student
  • The distinguished students are eligible to receive the distinguished student award similar to the regular King Fahd University students

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, students who are sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Saudi Arabia will also receive the following benefits:

  • The student receives a monthly monetary compensation reward through the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in the host country
  • The student receives a return economy plane ticket to the host city
  • The student receives health insurance during the SEP
  • The university pays all registration fees, and any visa related expenditure
  • The student can receive a loan to the amount of up to 7,000 Saudi Riyals upon receiving the SEP final acceptance letter. Upon return, the loan will be deducted as monthly installments from the monthly student scholarship

The SEP application deadline for the Academic Year 2021-2022 is  estimated on November 2020.

For inquiries, feel free to contact the OIC office via email to or call ext. 7703/8067. Visit the SEP web page to learn more.

Deanship of Research Grants and Awards

Originally established as part of the Deanship of Graduate Studies, the Deanship of Research at King Fahd University is responsible for the planning, management, promotion and support of research activities that are carried out by the academic departments through internal and external funding. The functional responsibilities of the deanship include research activities such as funded projects, professional conference attendance, sabbatical leaves, release time, research scholarship programs and research awards.

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DSR provides support grants for research in all areas of science, engineering, environmental design and management with the aim of promoting productive research and creative scholarship. this support includes:

  • Monthly compensation for faculty members, students and technicians contributing towards the project
  • Per diem support to attend internationally recognized conferences to present papers
  • Purchasing of equipment
  • Reimbursement of costs related to stationery and miscellaneous items
  • Sabbatical and summer scholar program support

There is a number of various support grants provided by DSR. These are:

  • Direct Funded Research Grant: For specific research areas of interest to KFUPM faculty. Available to faculty and researchers, for a duration not exceeding 36 months.
  • Small / Basic Research Grant: A maximum budget of SR 100,000 and duration not exceeding 18 months, available to faculty and researchers in all areas of research relevant to KFUPM.
  • Book-Writing & Translation Grants: Moral and financial support for the authoring and translation of books.
  • Research Group Grants: Devised to encourage the formation of teams of researchers that will focus on a specific field.
  • Startup Research Grant: Facilitates a smooth transition for new faculty from their previous research activities to the more vigorous research environment at KFUPM.
  • Undergraduate Students Research Grant: Research support for undergraduate students with outstanding credentials who are interested in pursuing quality research work.
  • Societal Studies Grant: Designed to support research in fields other than science, engineering and business. It is designed to support research related to topics of relevance to the Saudi society, and to enhance the interaction of KFUPM with the society.
  • Bridge Fund Grant: Granted based on the performance of a faculty member or a researcher in a previously completed project or currently ending project.
  • International Summer Scholarly Program (ISSP): Available to all professional ranks of faculty members.
  • International Research Collaboration (IRC) Grant: Supports the development of existing international collaborations within the well-established research priorities of the University’s Strategic Research Plan.
  • Dhahran Techno-Valley (DTV) Research Collaboration Grant: A joint grant whose goal is to foster research collaboration with tenants of the DTV.
  • Major Research Equipment Grant: Supports major research equipment submissions from faculty and established researchers involved in active research programs.
  • Proof of Concept Grant: Supports KFUPM researchers and inventors in advancing the development of their research outcome for commercialization opportunities.

The Deanship of Research awards include, but not limited to, the following awards:

  • Excellence in Research Award: 8 annual awards for distinguished faculty members in their field of specialty. Offered to encourage faculty members to be involved in quality research activities.
  • Best Research Project Award: A monetary sum awarded every year to the best 3 completed research projects.
  • Distinguished Professorship Award: Awarded to an outstanding faculty member who has demonstrated highly productive and outstanding achievements in research, teaching and community service at the University.

Look for more grants and awards with further details on the Deanship of Research web page.

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