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siit scholarship in thailand
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Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) is an educational institution in the field of technology that was first established in 1992 as part of Thammasat University. Located in Thailand, the university proffers courses in engineering and technology education, science, as well as management related programs. The levels of education are segregated into two levels viz. undergraduate and graduate programs (Master’s and Doctoral degrees) which lead to:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) which covers three programs including Master of Engineering Program in Engineering Technology, Master of Engineering Program in Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems and Master of Engineering Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering.
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Engineering and Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering and Technology

In these times, the educational institution has established scholarship programs that frequently open opportunities for international students to study under these programs through the Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund.

Program Overview

Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund is open to exceptional students from prestigious universities from any foreign country to continue their education to higher institutions in a Master’s or a doctoral degree program at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT). These scholarships are available for research interest in the following areas:

  1. Biochemical Engineering/Biochemistry
  2. Chemical Engineering/Chemistry
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Engineering/Science
  5. Digital Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Energy Technology/Management
  8. Engineering Management
  9. Environmental Engineering/Science/Technology/Management
  10. Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems
  11. Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems
  12. Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering
  13. Management Technology
  14. Materials Engineering/Science/Technology
  15. Mechanical Engineering
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Presently, SIIT is providing 15 ongoing scholarships to aspiring candidates in the 2020 academic year semester 2 (starting in January 2021). For the Master’s degree the scholarship will cover up to 2-year curriculum and 3-year curriculum for the doctoral degree.

These scholarships include:

  1. Full tuition fees at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology and education support costs (including Full Thesis Support), but with the following exceptions: a) TU Matriculation Fee of 600 Baht, b) TU Educational Support Fees of 800 Baht for IT Service by TU and 55 Baht for Group Insurance Fee which will be withdrawn every semester. The TU Matriculation Fee will be deducted once from the first payment for living expenses, while the TU Education Support Fees will be subtracted from the payment of living expenses in each first month of each regular semester.
  2. Living expenses of 10,000 Baht per month.
  3. Economic travel expenses for round trips, the most direct route to and from Thailand and the home country of the scholarship recipients (actual charges with a maximum limit of 20,000 Baht per student).
  4. Other expenses such as visa fees, airport taxes, etc. (actual charges which do not exceed 10,000 Baht).
  5. Health and accident insurance for the proceeding scholarship period in Thailand.

Note: Prospective recipients of these scholarships are required to stay in the SIIT dormitory for a period of at least 12 months.


Please prepare the following documents and attach them as digital files during the online registration process with the .jpeg, .jpg, and .PDF file extensions:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or current resume.
  2. A statement of purpose containing at least one page about the motivations and reasons for candidates to take part in the program.
  3. A recent transcript or official transcript released by the university or the latest education unit taken by candidates with the following conditions: GPA of at least 2.75 for Bachelor degree transcripts wishing to apply for a Master’s degree, and at least 3.50 for Bachelor and Master’s degree transcripts wishing to apply for a Doctoral degree.
  4. Certificate from one of the following English proficiency tests: TOEFL (at least 400 for paper based, 97 for computer based and 32 for internet based), IELTS (at least 4.5), TU-GET (at least 400) or TOEIC (at least 400) 500). For participants who do not have any English proficiency test certificates are still allowed to take the online application, but candidates must take an English proficiency test later and submit their scores before the first semester ends.
  5. Passport or citizen ID card.
  6. Research paper, publication or certificates (optional, if any).
  7. Current photography in digital format with a .jpg file extension measuring 1 x 1.5 inches of size.


Candidates who are invited to apply for Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund include the followings:

  • Are international students who do not have Thai citizenship.
  • Excellent academic record, more preferable if ranked among the top 20% of the class.
  • Meet the requirements of the admission of SIIT graduate programs.
  • Able to attach two strong letters of recommendation, one of which must come from an academic advisor/instructor.
  • Have a good health and conduct.
  • Do not become a recipient of other scholarships when applying for Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund
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In addition to the above qualifications, candidates are also required to fulfill the following requirements to maintain the continuation of the scholarships awarded.

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.25 with no F, U, NP or W grades. The recipients must also pass all credits taken in each semester, and are required to complete all degree requirements in time which has been determined by regulations.
  2. Make good progress on their Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation and report their progress every semester.
  3. Assist in institutional work for 30 hours per semester, primarily focused on 24-hour proctoring exams and 6 hours tutor or laboratory supervision courses.

The qualifications of all admissions of the SIIT graduate program that must be followed can be accessed at

How to Apply

The admission process goes as follows:

  1. The applicants collect an online application form via during the registration period by uploading the required files to the online registration system. Please note to limit each document to a maximum of 5MB/each electronic document.
  2. The applications will be considered by all SIIT committees.
  3. Successful candidates will be contacted personally by the admissions staff via e-mail. Candidates can also check the results on the SIIT website which will be announced according to schedule.

Closing Date

Application period is open from February 7 to 30 September, 2020. Candidates who have successfully passed the admission phase will be announced on November 13, 2020.

Contact Person and Link to Official Website

Send your inquiries about Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund directly by contacting Ms. Sirikanya Kaewthep by email at or visit the official SIIT website at

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