Top 6 Online Degree in Computer Science and Engineering Programs

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An online degree in Computer Science and Engineering can unlock many new opportunities for you. The U.S. Labor Statistics Bureau reports computer and information technology occupations are rising at 12%, much faster than the average. According to, computer science majors also make 40% more than the average college graduate.

online degree in computer science and engineering
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Whether you are trying to get a bachelor’s degree or to advance your career with a master’s degree, these online degree in Computer Science and Engineering programs provide opportunities for all levels of expertise. These versatile, affordable degrees make that opportunity possible more than ever before.

1. Goldsmiths Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • Host university/institution: University of London
  • Time to complete: 3 – 6 years
  • Cost: £10,592 – £15,889 (depending upon geographic location)
  • Required courses: 23
  • Ranking: #3 in the UK in effective teaching, Guardian University League Tables (2017)
  • Official website: Goldsmiths Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Open the door to sought-after careers in technology with the University of London’s world-class Bachelor of Science (BSc) online degree in computer science and engineering. You can master programming skills on launch, solve complex problems and fine tune your innovation and creativity. The hands-on project-based approach will help develop the technical and transferable skills required in your field for a fulfilling career.

The curriculum for the course varies from subjects at the entry level to advanced topics. If you already hold a degree outside of computer science, the program will educate you on the new developments and trends in the industry.

BSc Computer Science helps you to apply for a variety of computational and mathematical jobs in the artistic, business, finance, education, medicine, engineering, and science industries. Typical work titles include application manager, software designer, creative coder, system analyst and video game developer.

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Each year there are two open application times, corresponding to the two study sessions. If you do not meet the academic criteria for direct entry, apply through direct entry, or performance-based admission.

2. Maestría en Ingeniería de Software

  • Host university/institution: Universidad de los Andes
  • Time to complete: 24 months
  • Cost: N/A
  • Required courses: 16
  • Ranking: #8 Times Higher Education Latin America (2018)
  • Official website: Maestría en Ingeniería de Software

The future online program in Software Engineering (MISO) will prepare students who speak Spanish to lead high-performance software development teams capable of creating high-quality, user-centric software products.

This curriculum goes further, because software engineering is not just about programming: it combines theory and practice. It will be designed for practitioners with basic expertise of programming, not necessarily engineers, who aim to help organizations’ digital transformation by incorporating industry 4.0 technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, multi-device applications, cloud and micro services.

These can also include techniques and approaches such as user interface design, product lines, automation of process creation activities (such as coding and testing), artificial intelligence, continuous delivery, and DevOps (development and operations).

The program’s structure will help students achieve different levels of professional maturity. There will be 3 initial trajectories and one versatile for this. Each would consist of 4 courses, each dictated by 2 subjects per module, lasting eight weeks each.

3. Penn Engineering Master of Computer and Information Technology

The online Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT Online) is an online computer science master’s degree tailored to non-computer science majors. A latest initiative, offered by the University of Pennsylvania, brings the long-running, proven MCIT degree on-campus online.

The MCIT Online program empowers students without backgrounds in computer science to succeed in the fields of computing and technology. Students from MCIT Online come from a range of academic backgrounds, from business and history to chemistry and medicine.

This initiative fosters a affluent and inclusive student population, offering access to key university resources that promote their well-being and future career objectives. Combined with a strong alumni network and career services, this support prepares students to succeed even when they’re new to the tech industry.

Upon graduation, on-campus MCIT alumni have continued to earn competitive wage-earning jobs at leading technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Bloomberg.

4. ASU Master of Computer Science

  • Host university/institution: Arizona State University
  • Time to complete: 18 – 36 months
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Required courses: 10
  • Ranking: #1 most innovative university in the U.S., U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • Official website: ASU Master of Computer Science

According to professional recruiters and rankings services around the world, ASU’s nationally rated programs attract high-qualified students and have positioned the university as a “top-tier” recruitment and hiring organization by over 50 of the high companies in the country. Annually, ASU graduates over 20,000 thinkers, innovators, and master learners.

Arizona State University’s Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree program offers high quality training through practical initiatives paired with real-world experience. You will gain a deep understanding of topics such as AI, encryption, blockchain and big data.

This online degree in Computer Science and Engineering is offered 100% online, providing you with the versatility to train on your own time. Upon graduation, you can receive the same diploma as students studying on campus.

5. Online Master of Computer Science (MCS)

  • Host university/institution: University of Illinois
  • Time to complete: 12 – 36 months
  • Cost: $21,440
  • Required courses: 32
  • Ranking: #5 ranked CS program in the U.S., U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • Official website: Online Master of Computer Science (MCS)

The online degree in computer science and engineering program is built to be versatile and quick — you can earn your Master’s in as little as 12 months with 100% online classes, while applying your learning to your job immediately.

The online MCS program needs 32 credit hours of graduate training, completed across eight courses at the graduate level. The MCS requires that four of these eight courses be selected from four different core computer science areas, and that three of these eight courses be at advanced graduate (500-level) level.

In the key fields of artificial intelligence, databases, collaborative computing, software engineering, scientific computing, and high-performance computing, the Online MCS currently offers coursework.

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Applicants must hold a 4 year (or equivalent) bachelor’s degree. Students with a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than CS are encouraged to apply, but they must have prerequisites in object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, linear algebra, and statistics if they are to excel in graduate-level CS courses.

6. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

  • Host university/institution: University of Colorado Boulder
  • Time to complete: 24 months
  • Cost: $20,010 USD
  • Required courses: 30
  • Ranking: #38 University in the World, Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU 2018)
  • Official website: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Begin your educational journey today by taking electrical engineering classes, a graduate diploma, or a University of Colorado Boulder Master’s online degree in Computer Science and Engineering. There’s no application process for performance-based admission — just show you can do the job. You’ll also benefit from short stackable courses, and pay-as-you-go tuition.

If you are interested in earning a full Master’s online degree in Computer Science and Engineering, complete a series of “Pathway Learning” for-credit courses maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better to be accepted into the degree program. Combine Pathway Specialization credits gained with additional for-credit courses totalling 30 credit hours.

Upon completion of these courses with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, you can earn an official Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Certificate from the University of Colorado Boulder. There will be no official transcript or diploma designations which indicate that this is an online program.

Graduates of the Electrical Engineering programs of the department have gone on to become engineers at Intel, Lockheed Martin, Tesla and Google.

Final thoughts

An online degree in Computer Science and Engineering is a graduate degree focused on advanced computer science, typically to prepare the student for a range of technical professional challenges. A Computer Science Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are a perfect choice for those with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or a solid computer science background looking to formalize their knowledge.

These online degree in Computer Science and Engineering courses provide you with the ability to schedule study time for the rest of the day, rather than the other way around. You will study at your own convenience and work there. Courses are still available online, making special trips to the library unnecessary.

If you have been taking face-to-face classes all your life, it’s natural to be a little apprehensive at the beginning, even if you’re tech-savvy. Unlike a face-to-face class, however, taking an online course definitely has its perks.

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