Pride of New York Scholarship, an Opportunity to Study at The State University of New York (University at Buffalo)

Pride of New York Scholarship
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University at Buffalo (UB) offers some of the most valuable merit educational aid funds in the SUNY system. The university has administered nearly $400 million in scholarship programs and financial assistance for its students in 2019. Over the past five years, UB students have been awarded more prestigious scholarships and the like than students at the other State University institutions of New York (SUNY).

One of the merit education scholarships offered is the Pride of New York Scholarship. Take note of the following article for more information about the scholarship.

About Pride of New York Scholarship

Freshmen with high levels of achievement from New York State will be considered for receiving the Pride of New York Scholarships. The number of awards will be determined based on the academic merit of each candidate. The funds are exclusively available for non-tuition funds such as fees. No additional applications needed. These scholarships can be renewed either every two or four years for students who fulfill the continuing eligibility requirements.

Accepting a Merit Scholarship

For candidates who receive a letter of merit scholarship offer from Undergraduate Admissions or International Admissions, they have until May 1 to accept the offer. If you pass that date, offers that have not been received will be permanently withdrawn. Presidential Scholars access an online Honors College website to officially receive the scholarship. Presidential Scholarships may be adjusted annually based on an individual student assistance package, because these funds may not exceed the cost of attending candidates in any year of assistance.

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Please note if you receive a new letter from Admissions with an increase in the number of scholarships, the original offer will be withheld by a higher amount not added to it.

Registration Status

Scholarship recipients must register for full-time status each semester with at least 12 credits taken.

Further provisions include:

  • Registration is verified at the end of the university’s drop/add period.
  • Scholarship merit payments will be suspended when a student falls under full-time status, but will be restated in an academic year, if the status is changed to full-time.
  • Successful completion of at least 24 credits each year (from summer to spring) is required. Undergraduate students are expected to graduate in four years, with the recommendation of taking 30 credit hours per year.

Academic Performance (GPA)

Scholarship merit recipients must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.00. Detailed information regarding the provisions in regards to the academic reviews include:

  • Only courses taken at UB will be considered in the review of scholarship eligibility, and vice versa: transfer courses are not considered.
  • Academic performance will be reviewed at the end of each spring semester. Summer course classes will count towards the next GPA review year.
  • Any student who is unable to maintain the full GPA required for the scholarship will receive notification of scholarship ineligibility through the UB email account.
  • If a recipient becomes ineligible for the scholarship based on his/her academic performance, the Pride of New York Scholarship will be terminated permanently and can be re-registered through a Merit Scholarship Appeal form (access the form at
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Undergraduate Admissions also make scholarship decisions based on the candidates’ high school academic records and their performance on standardization tests, both of which are primary selection criteria. Annual availability of scholarship funds and the timing of the application for admission are other key determinants.


If the recipients’ residency status changes when their scholarship is active, the amount received may be readjusted, since most of the merit scholarships are determined based on whether or not the recipient lives in New York State at the time of the offer. Candidates can send questions to before changing their residency to determine the current number of their scholarships.

Some cases that are applied include:

  • International or out-of-state scholarship recipients who become official New York State residents.
  • Students who are U.S. veterans, a spouse or a dependent of a veteran affected by the 2015 SUNY policy (which can be checked out here).

Maximum Eligibility/Undergraduate Study

Scholarships are awarded to students with a maximum of either four semesters or eight semesters of undergraduate study.

Students in approved combined degree programs will continue to receive their scholarships for the maximum number of allowable semesters (dan diharapkan sanggup untuk tidak melebihi delapan semester). Students who take an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) from the university are eligible to have their scholarship reinstated upon their return (they must have an overall UB GPA of at least 3.00, or 3.5 for Presidential Scholars, and must have completed at least 12 credits in the semester previous to the LOA). The semester(s) students are on an Official Leave will not count against total scholarship eligibility.

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Scholarships are awarded to students with a maximum of either four semesters or eight semesters of undergraduate education.

Admission Requirements

Before applying for a scholarship, please pay attention to the admission criteria from the University at Buffalo. UB expects students to be academically savvy and who will succeed in their rigorous and demanding academic environment.

UB provides two types of admissions based on the prospective students’ English abilities. The following are different tests that candidates can take to demonstrate their English language fluency and the minimum scores needed to be considered for admission.

  • TOEFL: 70 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)
  • TOEFL (paper based): 523 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)
  • IELTS: 6.0 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)
  • PTE: 50 (Freshman University Admission), 55 (Transfer University Admission)
  • ACT – English and Reading: 18 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)
  • SAT I – Critical Reading: 450 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)
  • SAT I – ERWS: 500 (Freshman University Admission & Transfer University Admission)

Application and Financial Forms

Complete the online form for the UB International Application for Undergraduate Degree Programs at the following link. Use this form to enroll to the University at Buffalo as an undergraduate student for a bachelor degree study. If you have been accepted at UB in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 and will need an I-20 to register for a student visa, fill out the financial form here.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact the Office of International Admissions for further inquiry at:

115 Capen Hall, Buffalo, New York 14260-1604
+1 (716) 645-6121

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