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About the Radboud University

The Radboud University Nijmegen, formerly established as the Catholic University Nijmegen, was founded in 1923 by Dutch Catholics in the Netherlands. Decades later, the university became a hub of emancipation for a variety of groups in the nation. Radboud University has been highly regarded as the prime leading university that is built on traditions. In addition, the university has been receiving plenty of prestigious awards for the programmes the they have offered. These include a Top Programme designation for five of their programmes, and a Top Programme statues for eight of their Master’s degree programmes.

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About the Radboud Scholarship Programme

The Radboud Scholarship Programme is a popular scholarship that is offered by the Radboud University. This programme is given out non-EEA students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at Radboud University. Since this is targeted at international students, the Master’s degree programme of their choice will be fully taught in English. Selected candidates of this programme are expected to display outstanding academic talent through their study results and show a strong sense of motivation. There are only 30 scholarships awarded on a yearly basis. As it is a competitive scholarship programme, the slows get filled up quick – so if you’re interested in this scholarship, you better get yourselves prepared from now on.

Future candidates of the Radboud Scholarship Programme may enroll into one of these Master’s degree programmes provided by the Radboud University. The programmes are as mentioned below:

Program Value

The Radboud Scholarship provides partial funding for all of its selected candidates. It does not provide stipends or allowance of any sorts, but uses a reduction system to help you reduce the amount of money that you will have to pay for your university education. All tuition fees will be reduced all the way down to € 2,143. As as an example, if your college tuition fees escalate to a total amount of €11,471 for this period, the scholarship will the reduce it all the way down to  € 2,143. Therefore, you will only be required to pay € 2,143.

In addition, the scholarship will cover your Visa and insurance, residence permit, and liability insurance expenses throughout your entire academic period in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the scholarship will not be covering the candidate’s living costs. To get a clearer picture of your future expenses in the Netherlands, you can check out on the Radboud website here. You will still be eligible for these scholarship grant’s during the second year of your degree, provided that you are able to maintain your academic track record during the first year of university.

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Willing to try out for the Radboud Scholarship Programme? First things first, you will have to make sure that you are eligible for the programme itself. All candidates are strictly required to follow these set of criteria in order to proceed with the applications. Not being able to meet one of these criteria means that unfortunately, you are unable to register for the programme. Therefore, take a look at the criteria and double check whether you’re able to register for the programme or not:

  1. Must own a non-EU/EEA passport.
  2. Does not qualify for a lower EEA tuition due to other aforementioned reasons.
  3. Must have earned or will earn the previous Bacherlor’s degree outside of the country of the Netherlands.
  4. Has not received or pursued a degree in the Netherlands.
  5. Must not have attained any form of formal education in the Netherlands.
  6. Proven fluency in both written and spoken English. Your fluency must be according to the language requirements that have been set up by your chosen Master’s programme.
  7. Has proof that the candidate has been fully enrolled and will be available to study at their English-based Master’s degree programme from September 1, 2020. The rest of the details will be explained in the formal letter of admission that will be sent to all selected candidates.
  8. Will be able to follow the terms and conditions while applying for a Visa, as well as be able to earn a Visa before their period of study in the Netherlands.
  9. Will be admitted to the Radboud University throughout the entire academic year as a full-time student. The student will be enrolled during the academic year where he or she will be awarded with the Radboud Scholarship.
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After checking off the eligibility criteria, you will then be requested to have these set of qualifications as per required by the Radboud Scholarship Programme. All of these aforementioned criteria are key to making sure that you land a spot within the scholarship programme. Though not being able to meet all of these requirements will not result you in getting immediately dismissed from applications, these qualifications will indeed strengthen your chance of earning yourself the Radboud Scholarship. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Must have an impressive academic talent by displaying an extraordinary academic track records with high study results within your area of specialization.
  2. Selected candidates must show promising potential as a future student of Radboud University.
  3. Able to display outstanding academic quality and results during your previous education or degree through report books, scores, journal publications, and the likes.
  4. Two reference letters that are legitimate and explain what you are capable of as a future student at Radboud University.
  5. A motivation letter explaining why you deserve a place for the Master’s programme of Radboud University.

Unfortunately, should you be selected for the Radboud Scholarship Programme, you will not be allowed to take part in any other scholarship programmes. This includes the Orange Tulip Scholarship and the Holland Scholarship – other examples of the Netherland’s most highly sought after scholarships. While you are still allowed to apply for more than one scholarship, you will only have the chance to be granted by one applied scholarship.

Please be noted that administrative documents such as reference letters and motivation letters must be attached on your application forms. If your application forms is incomplete, your forms will not be regarded for a valid application.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the Radboud Scholarship Programme, there are several application procedures that you will be required to know and understand. First off, both the university admission application and the scholarship application is fully integrated into one process. There will not be a separate application process for the Radboud Scholarship Programme. However, once you enroll for a Master’s degree programme, you will need to take note that the selection differs from the selection for RSP as both of them requires two separate procedures.

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If you wish to apply for a Radboud Scholarship Programme, you can do this by indicating that you would like to apply for the programme when you apply for admissions through the OSIRIS Application system. Just mention that you would like to sign up for a Radboud Scholarship. Once you have mentioned that, the system will then ask you to attach three extra documents, which include two reference letters, and a fully-written, well-detailed Curriculum Vitae.

Important Dates

Scholars who are keen of the Radboud Scholarship Programme must take note of some of these important dates. All candidates are expected to adhere to the dates that have already been established by the programme – failure to meet the deadlines will result in auto-dismissal from the scholarship applications. Here are important dates of the scholarship programme:

  • Before 1 March 2020: All candidates must be done with their application through the online OSIRIS Application system
  • Before mid-April 2020 (date subject to change): The official announcement of the Radboud Scholarship Programme (all selected candidates will be notified by the International Office staff.)

Regarding the application deadlines, the Radboud Scholarship Programme highly encourages all applicants to send in their application forms and necessary documents earlier than 1 March 2020. This is to ensure that  the Admissions Office will have enough time to check through your applications just in case there are any incomplete documents. By sending in your applications way before 1 March, you will still be able to find all the missing documents that are incomplete from your application forms.

Official Contact

Already interested in signing up for the Radboud Scholarship Programme? Then go for it! However, if you need more information about the scholarship programme, we’ve got you covered. You can refer to one of these available contact information. Make sure you have all of your questions answered and you get the answers that you need. So what are you waiting for? We wish you all of the best of luck in for this upcoming scholarship programme. Happy applying, future scholars of the world!

Address: Radboud University, Houtlaan 4, 6525 XZ  Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Phone Number: +31 24 361 61 61
International Office Email: scholarships@ru.nl
Website: https://www.ru.nl/english/education/masters/international-and-european-law/vm/scholarships-and-grants/scholarships/rsprogramme/

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