Romanian Government Scholarships: Details of Program

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Before you apply for a scholarship to study overseas.  It is a good idea to make sure the country that is providing the program, is one you would like to be a part of. You could also want to consider regional comparables. So that you can better compare your options before committing to apply for international scholarship.

Romania could be your prospective country to study. Diverse people from around the world study in Romania for its academic flexibility, rich cultural history, and affordable cost of living. So be prepared to meet international students with various interests.

Romania have some of the best universities in the world. In the heart of Romania, The University of Bucharest is the second-oldest higher education institution. University of Bucharest was established in 1864. It was also ranked as the highest in the global tables in 2017. It is currently ranked 32nd in the EECA ranking and 701+ in the world. 

Another best Romanian university is Babes-Bolyai University. It currently enrolls 41,000 students. It is also the largest Romanian higher education institution. Established in 1919, it also features among the world’s top 800 universities and 36th in EECA. You can check other great Romanian universities and faculties offered in Romanian Government scholarship 2020-2021 in the APPENDIX 4.

Currently, Romanian Government offers 85 scholarships for international candidates for 2020-2021 study. They grant undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This scholarship schema is organized by Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Education and Research (MER). The following are detailed eligibility criteria for the applicants:

  1. Foreign citizens coming from all the states of the world, except for EU member states 
  2. The applicant for the scholarship must NOT hold Romanian citizenship and is NOT a stateless person residing in Romanian territory
  3. The applicant should present satisfactory study papers issued by accredited / recognized educational institutions
  4. The applicant  should NOT be more 35 years old for master studies and 45 years old for doctoral studies on December 31 of this year

Applicants should demonstrate a passion for the following fields of studies: architecture,  visual arts, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, political and administrative sciences, education sciences, social and human sciences, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine. However, scholarships are NOT awarded in the fields of medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy.

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Please take note the scholarships details below. The Romanian scholarships are awarded for 3 study cycles:

  1. The first cycle (undergraduate): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of high schools or of equivalent pre-university studies, as well as continuing studies in Romania. The complete cycle of university studies lasts for 3 to 6 years.
  2. The second cycle (master): This scheme is dedicated to postgraduate degree for 1,5 to 2 years of study.
  3. The third cycle (doctorate): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of postgraduate degree for 3-4 years of study. Admission to a PhD course is conditioned by an entrance examination.

Learning a new language is easy when you are in the native country of the language. So does learning Romanian. For this scholarship, the language of study is Romanian. It aims at promoting the Romanian language and culture among foreign citizens. 

The beneficiaries of scholarships granted by the Romanian state should study only in the Romanian language. The candidates who do not know Romanian are offered one supplementary preparatory year to study the language.

The Romanian Government scholarship also have some benefits. These benefits to ensure study excellence and students well-being. Please see the following list.

  1. Free-of-charge university tuition
  2. Free-of-charge accommodation (depending on availability, accommodation will be offered free-of-charge in students halls of residence)
  3. These scholarships do not offer expense for food, international and local transport. The candidates must be prepared to personally support any other additional expenses.
  4. Financial support – a monthly amount equivalent in Romanian currency; 
  • 65 EURO for under-graduate students, 
  • 75 EURO for postgraduate students (master degrees and specialization)
  • 85 EURO for doctorate degree

 Mark your calendar. These are important dates you should know and remember in applying th Romanian Government scholarships:

  1. The registration period begins on 16 December 2019. The candidate is advised to contact the diplomatic mission or embassy where he intends to submit the application file
  2. The deadline for submitting the complete application files is established by each diplomatic mission, but NOT later than 16 March 2020.
  3. The scholarship selection results will be announced by 15 June 2020, to each diplomatic mission that has submitted application files to the MFA. 

To support your application, do check and prepare the following necessary documents. Make sure you follow the steps and procedures in the section below too. The application file must comprise the following necessary documents:

  1. Official letter issued by the embassy of the country of origin accredited to Bucharest or the diplomatic mission of Romania in the applicants’ country of origin or residence;
  2. The MFA application form (APPENDIX 1) for a scholarship in Romania, filled in correctly;
  3. The MER application form (APPENDIX 2) for the issue of the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to study in Romania;
  4. Legalized copies of the obtained study diplomas (baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent and bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees, if any) and their legalized translation into one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian, if required;
  5. Legalized copies of matriculation sheets or diploma supplements related to graduate studies and  their legalized translation, if applicable;
  6. Legalized copy of the birth certificate and certified translation in one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian;
  7. Copy of the first 3 pages of the passport;
  8. The medical certificate attesting to the fact that the person enrolling in the study does not have contagious diseases or other conditions incompatible with the required studies;
  9. Updated curriculum vitae of the applicant;
  10. Recent photos – 2 pieces, passport format.

For your information, candidates application files must be submitted through diplomatic missions. Application files submitted by post or directly to the MFA or to the MER, as well as application files received after the announced deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.

The following procedures are not as complicated as you think. Please the steps carefully. You can find the complete procedure also in METHODOLOGY document.

  1. Application files must be submitted through diplomatic missions. 
  2. Application files submitted by post or directly to the MFA or to the MER, as well as application files received after the announced deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.
  3. MER will issue a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to study in Romania for the successful candidates. This LoA will also mention the supplementary preparatory year, compulsory for learning the Romanian language (if applicable) and the academic institution/ institutions where the courses will take place.
  4. In case the candidate does not specify two options in the application form (APPENDIX 1) and the chosen university cannot offer a place, the MER may make another offer of university (same faculty), according to the availabilities of the Romanian higher education institutions. If the letter of acceptance to study in Romania contains another equivalent offer, the candidate is free to reject it. 
  5. The candidate will receive the original LoA to study in Romania as soon as possible from the diplomatic mission that submitted the file to the MFA.
  6. After receiving the LoA, the candidate will contact the Romanian embassy in his/her country of origin or of residence to officially accept the scholarship and apply for a long stay student visa. 
  7. The applications must be submitted until 26 June 2020.
  8. The candidate has to complete by 14 August 2020 the dossier with all the necessary documents: the copy of the diploma and the authorized translation of the diploma or certificate attesting that the applicant has graduated high school, university or an equivalent institution, issued after the submission of the application file, mentioning the date when the diploma is issued.
  9. Between 1-15 October 2020, the successful candidates must come personally to register at the International Relations Department/the Rectorate of the University where they were accepted.
  10. They will have to present a file containing:
  11.  all original documents contained in the initial application file,
  12.  the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to study,
  13.  Passport containing a valid study long stay SD visa.
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Another thing to note, applications files should contain documents in the English or French languages. If the application files contain documents in foreign languages other than English or French, they must be accompanied by authorized translations in one of the following languages: Romanian, English or French.

Basically, Romanian universities require that all enrolment documents should be accompanied by authorized copies and authorized translations in Romanian.

And remember, incomplete or non-compliant dossiers with the fields of study and methodology are considered disqualified and will not be evaluated by the MFA panels of committee. The files of the rejected candidates following the evaluation of the MFA and MER committees are NOT to be returned to candidates.

The procedure for visa application for candidates applying for Romanian Government scholarship 2020-2021 and who have obtained the LoA could refer to the following link: 

And finally good luck for your application.

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