7 Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students to Study Abroad

Ukraine is the second-largest country in the European continent situated in Eastern Europe with its capital city being Kyiv which is also the largest city. Quality education at an affordable cost has put Ukraine at the top of the list of popular student destinations. And with these scholarships in Ukraine become accessible for nearly all students, you’ll certainly get the best bang for your bucks if you choose to study in Ukraine.

Scholarships in Ukraine
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But why Ukraine? First of all, Ukrainian universities have high standards for education. A lot of universities have courses in English or preparatory faculties for studying Russian or Ukrainian languages. Not only that, the Ukrainian universities’ program is acknowledged by a number of countries (the UK, the USA) and regions (Europe, Asia, Africa) alike. Before graduation, all students will have gained essential knowledge and skills required for a profession of one’s choice.

Also, in Ukraine, medical courses are the most popular among foreign students, and for a good reason. For instance, getting MBBS in Ukraine is rather easy for those who would like to devote their lives to medicine. Not to mention, a received degree will be recognized in most countries.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance and apply for one of these amazing scholarships in Ukraine.

1. The Gilman Scholarship Program

Gilman Scholarship Program produces a more diverse range of American students representing the country abroad by distributing additional scholarships in Ukraine to those who receive Pell Grants (indicating financial need). Other groups that receive preference include students from two-year schools, students with disabilities, and students from ethnic minorities.

You must plan to study in one country for at least four weeks, and may also study elsewhere. The Gilmans do heed the State Department’s travel warnings (see note at bottom of page), so bear that in mind. The average Gilman award is $4,000, and the maximum is $5,000, but if you study a language on the Critical Need list you are also eligible for an extra $8,000. 24% of Ukraine’s population speaks Russian, and Russian is considered a critical need language (that is, one useful in national security work).

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2. School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarships and Grants

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) is both a provider and a unique resource on funds for studying abroad in Eurasia. SRAS offers translation internships, grants, and research awards to offset some of the costs of its study-abroad programs, as these examples show:

  • The Home and Abroad: Report journalism internship combines reporting work at home and travel to Kyiv (also spelled Kyiv), Ukraine for the purpose of studying the Russian language and foreign policy. You will report for journals like Kyiv Weekly and receive two $5,000 scholarships to pay for the courses.
  • A nominal award of $750 accompanies a chance to work for NGOs and cultural institutions like museums and theaters in Ukraine.

3. The Boren Awards

The Boren Awards include scholarships for undergraduates and fellowships for graduate students who want to study abroad in countries designated as vital to national security but less often chosen by students. The Boren requires you to study a language, and both Ukrainian and Russian, which are Ukraine’s two principal languages, appear on the preferred list. Ukraine itself is also listed as a preferred country, and those qualifications will strengthen your application.

The Borens are especially competitive because of the money involved. Scholarships bring as much as $20,000 and fellowships, up to $30,000, but you will be expected to complete government service in exchange for the opportunity. The NSEP Service Requirement specifies work in national security, and that may take you to agencies like the Departments of State, Defense, or Homeland Security. NSEP stands for the National Security Education Program, which is that part of the federal government that funds the Borens.

4. IREX Scholarships

IREX is a nonprofit organization that uses funding from the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research to underwrite the Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program (IARO). Advanced students conduct original research projects in Eastern Europe and Eurasia with the goal of contributing to American foreign policy. Ukraine is an eligible country, and your research can be funded for periods between two and nine months in length.

As you can see, the most recent group of IARO fellows included a scholar traveling to Ukraine to complete a project called “Former Collective Farmers’ Practical Navigation of Agricultural Land Reforms in Ukraine.”

5. Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships and Grants

The Ukrainian government provides scholarships for foreign students to ensure their studies at national universities. Though the list of countries whose citizens can claim for such scholarship is limited: Ukraine must have an appropriate intergovernmental agreement with the student’s homeland. Moreover, the student must be directed to study in Ukraine by the government of his home country.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian International Education Сouncil has initiated its own scholarship and grant programs for foreign students, in order to help them to get an education in Ukraine.

Such programs are aimed at two categories of students. The first category is gifted young people, prospective university students, who are capable of becoming outstanding specialists in different fields of knowledge. The second category includes school leavers from poor countries, who have a complicated financial situation, but are highly motivated to study, and are diligent and hardworking.

Scholarships in Ukraine and grants are meant to fully or partially reimburse the student’s education fees for the chosen university and specialty. The decision of providing a scholarship or grant is taken by the UIEC, after considering the applicant’s documents. Also, a scholarship or grant can be provided to a student, who has successfully completed one or more semesters, who has shown diligence and good behavior proved to be an active participant in the student’s life, and who is facing some financial difficulties with the paying for the further studies.

6. Education Future International Scholarship

The Education Future International Scholarship is a unique scholarship fund that has been created by the scholarship winners worldwide facilitated through WeMakeScholars. All the like-minded winners have come to a decision to fund the next batch of students with whatever they can contribute. This is a concept of giving back to society for the cause of education with a focus on building a brighter and smarter future.

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The value of each scholarship ranges between 2 lacs to 10 lacs Indian rupees. The number of scholarships varies each year and depends on the quality of applications received.

The applicant should be going to pursue any UG/ PG course overseas to a recognized university/ college outside India. This scholarship cannot be availed for studying in India. This scholarship is open to all subjects of study.

The Education Future International Scholarship is only offered to the meritorious Indian students for studying overseas at any of the top universities globally.

  • Applicant should be an Indian national with a valid Indian passport
  • The applicant should have a minimum scored of 60% in the 10th and 12th.
  • Applicants should reflect that they lack means of self-funding their education abroad. Hence, the applicant should be planning to fund himself at least 50% through an education loan.

7. International Visegrad Fund

The International Visegrad Fund is an international donor organization, established in 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group countries—Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia to promote regional cooperation in the Visegrad region (V4) as well as between the V4 region and other countries, especially in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership regions.

The fund does so by awarding €8 million through grants, scholarships, and artist residencies provided annually by equal contributions of all the V4 countries. Other donor countries (Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States) have provided another €10 million through various grant schemes run by the fund since 2012.

The Visegrad Scholarship for Master and post-Master students from Visegrad countries (citizens of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) are available for students to study abroad at any accredited university/institute in other Visegrad country and in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Final thoughts

Ukraine has become one of the best and most affordable countries to study abroad in Europe. With all the goodness that comes with its education system, it’s almost unfortunate to not sign up for any of these scholarships in Ukraine. We hope the expansive list of the generous scholarships in Ukraine above will inspire you to get a degree at one of Ukraine’s top universities and colleges. Good luck!

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